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Kate Gosselin

I Can Still Stomach My Ex

8/1/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

A fresh-faced and makeup free Kate Gosselin showed off her taut mother of eight abs as her ex-husband Jon Gosselin picked up their kids in Pennsylvania this weekend.

In Kate's case, divorce really does the body good.


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Just My Thoughts    

A doctor's scalpel can only do so much. She eats right and exercises like crazy.

1143 days ago


divorce does a body good? So does all that plastic surgery, lipo and skin removal.

(And fake nails, and free trips to exotic locations, and hair extensions)

everything other than NOT exploiting her kids on TV does a body good.

1143 days ago

northern gypsy    

ok...i get what people are saying re:her surgery and i agree !!! disdain for her is HOW she got the "tune-up"...
in other words...shameless manipulation of anyone who got in her way...

1143 days ago


Yeah, she had surgery. But you still have to work to keep up the results. And obviously she does.

1143 days ago


For someone that just spent a day in NY having her hair done it sure looks like crap. Those shorts are anything but sexy. She has no shape, other than a box with boobs purchased by her children.

1143 days ago


Looks like a he/she to me. He/she is the Winner of the Worst Mom of the Century award.

1143 days ago


Why is her bellybutton parallel to her ribcage? You had some bad surgery Kate, but at least you're toned.

1143 days ago


I'm not a fan but I have to admit that she must have worked hard to get that body. I don't care if she has had a tummy tuck and I don't know if she has. But I sure do recognise the results of hard work. Look at her biceps for example.
Good for her.

1143 days ago


Don't give her credit for her body, it's all manmade! I have not problem with woman looking good with surgery but giving "her" credit for it is another thing.

1143 days ago

The Real Voice    

Oh listen to all the hate from the ladies eating donuts while they surf the web, she's got it, you don't, why bitch about it???

1143 days ago


Thanks for ruining my day, TMZ... You couldn't let well enough alone, could you?

1143 days ago


Of course... it pays you well to have an army of nannies taking care of your 8 brats, while you are all day hanging around the gym and SPA with a personal trainer... al expenses paid THANKS to the exploitation of your kids.

1143 days ago


yeah, but remember she got a free tummy tuck? she obviously works out, but that flatness is not 100% natural.

1143 days ago


yeah..anyone with money can have a body like that..all you need is a plastic surg. and a wallet full of cash!!

1143 days ago


Granted, the whole show thing and exploiting the kids was a horrible idea. Granted, too, neither one of them would win a popularity contest. But I give them credit for the good stuff. Jon is involved with his children. He may not be making full support but they do have his time - and that's more important. And Kate has been doing what she does to support the kids. However much she may spend on herself, you never hear of her children going without medical treatment, food or healthy housing. And it's pretty obvious she's been working out to keep the muscle.

Compared to Casey Anthony and Nadya Suleman, Kate looks pretty good. In more ways than one.

1142 days ago
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