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Casey Anthony



8/3/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony Ohio
Casey Anthony was hanging out in Ohio this past weekend ... and now new photos -- the first since her release from jail -- have surfaced showing the 25-year-old hiding in plain sight during a mid-day shopping trip.

Casey was photographed on Sunday -- trying to blend in by wearing an Ohio State University baseball cap, a tight-fitting top and glasses as she walked around town ... stopping at an Old Navy to check out some dresses.
Anthony has several relatives who live in Ohio -- but it's unclear if she has spent time them. Sources extremely close to Anthony tell us she has been bouncing around the country ever since her release from jail after being acquitted of murdering her daughter.

Next stop -- no one seems to know.

However, TMZ broke the story ... Casey intends to seek treatment for mental issues. No word on where and when that will happen.



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man i wanna go down on that wow

991 days ago


Casey Anthony got a dog.....hope it bites the face!

991 days ago


You better read this Casey, you are a murderer, even though you were not convicted, you are a murderer, I have known a few personalities like yours and one of them is a murderer just like you. You are hopelessly lost soul, no redemption is due you. Murderers have no place in heaven. No it's not my answer to you, It's Gods answer. All murderers who are guilty of murder will pay, some pay on this earth setting in prison and when they die, they go to hell....there is no freedom Casey, and your are finding that out.

991 days ago


UNBELIEVABLE PERSON!she is so blazzen(means out there, nuts)
To go on U Tube and then think that no one will find/see it.
She talks rambles, tries to be sad, soft spoken, but when it all boils down to the real reason for this is, "She is fake", she is not free! she thought because she was not convicted she would be free, wellll she is in "Hell" and she knows it, this will not blow over until she is 100(maybe). She has no life and will have no friends, and as for this "DOG",well, she did have something of her own, "She had a beautiful child, who was selfishly murdered because of a selfish murderer, so enjoy your life Casey, because you really won't have one for eternity.

991 days ago


they will get her kill.....dumb!!!

986 days ago

Cri Cri Frank    

I do not have any problem with Ms.Anthony,in fact,she can email me any time and I will respond. To me she has been proven innocent of her serious charges so that is good enough for me.It is time for people to just leave her alone and let her live her life as she sees fit. She is not doing anything wrong!!! Hi Casey and God Bless You!!! Pet the dog for me cause I LOVE puppies!!!

985 days ago

Linda Hetrick    

Noooooooooooooo..we dont want her here in OHIO!!!! We midwest homespond..farmer / factory workers..not baby killers..get her out of here!

985 days ago


This girl is really sick and troubled. She exhibits these behaviors because she wants attention and the sick world keeps feeding into it.

915 days ago

terence lee    

american sensationalism assists o. j. n casey. my girl wants to kill her but I say let the system work, rehab IS possible!

915 days ago

Darlene M. Younkin    

STAY the Hell out of Ohio, "You Baby Killer". No one will ever except you. Your a Monster, in all sense of the word!!!!!

915 days ago


Investigative reporters/photographers creep me out...

915 days ago

alfonso rodriguez    

Cartman is right. that's how you create stars and Idols. Just forget her, and in a few years? she'll be a nobody.

915 days ago


Everyday she lives in the solitary confinement of her own actions and freedom is an illusion. The real tragedy is the coruption of the system and the society that produces it.

915 days ago


by showing all of these pics of this horrible beast you're feeding into her need to be in the spot light. so unless this monster is dead or in jail i don't want to hear it

915 days ago


It seems to me all, or most of the articles are about Casey Anthony and NOT about sweet little Calley! This is one disgusting mother, who, appeared to care more about herself, than her missing and dead young beautiful child. This girl, is evil personified! Disgusting behavior throughout the search, and then trial..what were those jurors thinking...and still we hear about this person, who knows how to get and create publicity for herself! And the behavior of her attorneyss, who partied and gave little thought to this child, found dead and tossed like a piece of garbage among things that were garbage. I find this situation, still shocking!

915 days ago
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