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Matt Damon RIPS Reporter


8/2/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Damon Teachers
Matt Damon channeled the spirit of Will Hunting this weekend at an education rally in DC -- unapologetically OWNING a hapless reporter, who implied teachers are ONLY motivated by fear of losing their jobs. 

How do you like them apples?



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Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Finally something intelligent comes out of a Hollywood star´s mouth!

1142 days ago


Matt ripped into that camera guy LOL!

1142 days ago


I love you Matt Damon!

1142 days ago


Matt Damon is now on the list of my favorite actors! Only a few actors as privlidged as he stands up for the little person.

Well played Matt Damon.....Well played

I will now pay to see your next movie in the theater. *Not a teacher* :)

1142 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Insult them all you want I say, only because I from First grade on had nothing but BAD teachers. If I can look back on my teachers an education and see NO good, and I mean NONE, than we have had a problem for a LONG time with these so called teachers!

1142 days ago


Not all teachers are bad, but they are by no means all great either. I've known plenty who couldn't care less about kids or whether or not they leave with a good education. I've known some who refused to give any sort of extra help/after school help. I've also known a few who were great, who actually took the time and effort to teach kids and not just read over 3 pages in class then send home an hours worth of homework that I have to try and explain to my child. Like any profession, there are good one's but don't think there are no bad teachers out there.. they ARE out there and the damage they can do to a child's future is amazing.

1142 days ago

Abraham lincoln     

That camera guy must feel sore after Matt ripped him a new hole to **** from.

1142 days ago


Please Matt, don't go down the slippery slope that Sean Penn did, getting way in over his head with political issues. Especially since you probably only have a 9th grade education yourself.

1142 days ago


75K and 9am to 3pm with 2 months vacation pay considered ****ty salary and long hours?

1142 days ago

Renee Higgins    

Further, tenured professor's care much less about teaching as time passes. They are on to next thing they think they can supplement their income with. To suggest otherwise is pretty ignorant on your part Matt. And by the way, I LOVE me the Matt Damon which tells you how wrong you are on many levels to pontificate about education the way you have here.

1142 days ago

Renee Higgins    

Come to San Antonio Matt. Teachers here are well-paid for the cost of living here. Don't catagorically say "****ty salary" when you don't know that to be true. Teachers are often complacent.

1142 days ago


Hes a typcial Limo Liberal who is completly out of touch with reality giving an opionion he knows nothing about.

1142 days ago


Have you ever noticed how good students usually like teachers and bad students usually hate teachers? I'm just sayin'-- Izzy.
Besides, it's obvious you didn't pay attention in your English classes.

1142 days ago


That was epic! Cameraman down

1142 days ago


Apparently Matt Damon didn't take basic economics. The reporter was right when it comes to incentives. I know people like the way he tried to diss her, but he really didn't. He just showed the typical ignorance of Hollywood types who enjoy waxing poetic without supporting FACTS. They are basically speaking on behalf of most anti-intellectual Americans. OH JOY???

Teachers and unions for that matter don't encourage incentives. Love of a profession is a lame incentive and most people don't love their jobs, regardless of the profession. Next time someone should ask him if he would take $25/hour for his next movie to PROVE his love of acting. Better yet, return all the money he made and replace it with a teacher's salary for all the years he has been an actor. He wouldn't have an answer for that because he doesn't understand basic economics.

Incentives are a good thing. When you don't have incentives, you get skewed market performance and results. Teachers should not be exempt from market forces. if you want better teachers, provide incentives. Michelle Rhee was correct in her assessment of educational problems.

But alas, the uneducated actor who played a genius in a movie is now your hero?


1142 days ago
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