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8/2/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna REALLY got into the Kadooment Day spirit this weekend ... by crotch-grinding the bejesus out of another half-naked lady in Barbados yesterday ... and fortunately for all mankind, it was captured on tape.



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Listen if you not bajan you wouldn't understand, thenn and for the persons not here oh well. But she has nothing wrong TMZ has shown clips of what they want you to see. you have to take in the carnival as a whole ..... Cause I was there and I had a ball. Stupse you all that stuff to say know nothing. To Rhianna girl enjoy your life to the fullest come back next year and party again.

1157 days ago


She's out of control and has NO CLASS!

1157 days ago

Andrea M    

You really are shallow individuals...this is a carnival and about having fun...its not in USA were everyone is so far up there own size 0 other countries we dont focus on peoples weight and what they are wearing its more on living life having fun..there is nothing wrong with her figure....what are you people on at all

1157 days ago


She just proved how a skank she is.

1157 days ago


I didn'*****ch the video, but all you people saying that Rihanna's body isn't that great, are out of your freaking minds! Her body is in tip top shape..she looks AMAZING! Jealous much?

1157 days ago

nikki 88    

its no different then what she does on stage every night.

1157 days ago


Why did they star out "didn'*****ch" in my last comment?

1157 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

My eyes! My eyes! That is so disgusting I just want to rip out my eyes and run screaming into traffic.

1157 days ago


disturbing AND disgusting.
Can you imagine the stink between the humidity and the sweat from the minimally exposed parts and pits?
TMZ please please please stop posting these disgusting rihanna pics in Barbados, chick is just nasty.

1157 days ago

Delaware D    

OMG, forget the debt ceiling. THIS should be the top story on CNN!!

1157 days ago

Love Me Some TMZ!    

No class!

1157 days ago


I'd rather watch my parents bang my grandparents than this ass-baggetry.

1157 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

Disgusting & with this I have lost respect for her. What an example for kids who read this site, what were you guys thinking by posting this? I love this site but its fast becoming raunch not entertaining, informative stuff and with so many ads, I can barely read any of the articles on here!

Ever since the incident where she threw the first punch in the car incident with Chris Brown, (yes, SHE threw the first punch) she's gone off the deep end dressing disheveled, hair sprung like a wild animal's and her erratic behavior. Is it supposed to be an improvement, a way to attract an audience or a downward spiral display on how to make a complete fool of herself in an effort to win "fans"?

TMZ, not everyone has sex or related on the brain every moment of the day. Don't distance your audience for the sake of ratings and remember your audience includes people other than teens.

1157 days ago


Although I don't agree with the behavior nor with what she's wearing. I have to say this is a cultural thing and we all have to respect it . This is the way many Caribbeans and South Americans celebrate their heritage.. i.e Brazil's Carnival .. No different. What bugs me is that Rhianna forgets that she is a public figure and lives in the US and according to her she's trying to be a role model?

1157 days ago


uh oh! Better get Maaco

1157 days ago
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