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Casey Anthony



8/4/2011 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


You don't have to be Inspector Dax to know Casey Anthony looks different -- but is it her hair color, her new clothes, or ... ?? Okay, fine ... we're talking about her huge BOOBS.

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My jugs are bigger ;-D

1147 days ago


Can someone tell me what in hell this fool was in jail for,First it was lying to Law Enforcement,judge imposed a year for each lie Second,it was check fraud,third,she was doing probation,If she did a years probation she DID have contact with known crimminals,We have a crook,liar,and the saint gets out of jail in three years,with probation already served,WHAT GIVES

1147 days ago

two cents    

She's getting FAT. No mystery there. Every woman knows one of the first places we gain weight is in our boobs. It's also one of the first places to lose it. lol

She's packing on the pounds doing nothing but drinking starbucks while shopping all day. What a nice life for a baby killer, n'est pas?

1147 days ago


Now that TMZ has her boobs covered.
How bout doing a cover segment on her sweet ass.
That is some prime booty

1147 days ago


hey... TMZ staff... Everyone's avoiding the OBVIOUS.... between two people.... Anthony with Juggs... and MAX who LOVES JUGGS... and Like MAX said, if he could CLEAR the Baby Killing (not my words) from his mind... Well, just sayin'.. Max is over one hill... He BELIEVES NG is a rhinoceros.... that's a good start Max... :) Just sayin' :)

1147 days ago


Huge boobs? What a sick world out there. That lady that walks around looking at the cams always following her now will have to live with this guilt and dishonesty for the rest of her life you could see it on her face. She will have to answer to a higher power, and her day will come. Casey is one selfish, and a dishonest individual and all you guys could think of is her boobs rather her little girl gone to soon?? Sick.

1147 days ago


So tired of coming on this site and seeing her. Tmz I get it she is making you money, however I can't be a part it. I will miss you TMZ! Get rid of all the crap with this *itch and I will come back and visit this site again!

1147 days ago


I'm sorry, that photo is NOT Casey Anthony.
The jaw, mouth and nose are nothing like the skank that
killed her child

1147 days ago


She has always been well endowed, but she's put on some weight, obviously some fell to her boobs.

1147 days ago


I'm taking a break from TMZ too. BLACKLIST THIS BITCH. I'll go to PopEater to get my gossip because I can't stand that woman she is a disgrace.

1147 days ago


A local radio station in Columbus offered her 10,000 to take of the Ohio State gear off and put Michigan on....

1147 days ago


TMZ loves giving her attention. I won't be coming bac*****il she's off these pages. i'd rather check for my daily celeb gossip now.

1147 days ago


Maybe she's pregnant for Baez. LOL. ROFL. 3 years in the pokey and the Hunch Back of Notre Dame looks f-ckable. Besides, what a little piece of azz between s****?

1147 days ago

Laura j cocorochio    

Only here in America will a baby or killer make national tv...she should be paying tortured....for the disturbing crime she commited,she'll have to meet her maker one day~did anyone stop and think why so much horrific crimes happen every second.Look she'll be a movie star maybe...justice system???yup okay..

1147 days ago

crazy people    

Our society is so messed up, and it's people have lost all morals. Who gives a **** how big her boobs are the bitch freaken looked her toddler, who loved her, in the eye and freaken murdered her! How could someone be capable of that? And, still be hot? WTF is wrong with you aholes.

1147 days ago
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