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Lauryn Hill

Accused of Being a NIGHTMARE

Behind the Scenes

8/7/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauryn Hill
would constantly verbally abuse members of her band behind the scenes of her European tour in 2007 ... so says an ex-band member who filed a new lawsuit against the former Fugees singer.

Professional guitar player Jay Gore has filed new legal docs in his war with Hill -- in which he claims she stiffed him out of thousands of dollars after playing Hill's tour. 

In the docs, Gore says Hill was a total monster backstage -- claiming she "exhibited the type of behavior for which she had gained public notoriety which contributed to a hostile work environment."

Gore says, "After shows, Hill would demand that the musicians and road support personnel attend meetings where she would engage in a person-by-person critique and berating."

He continues, "At one point, Hill made a statement in front of the tour personnel to the effect that 'I can't believe I am paying you fools, you should be paying me.'"

Gore says he now wants more than $20k for his troubles. His lawyer, Nicholas Andrea, tells us, "We believe there are other musicians who have been mistreated by Ms. Hill in a similar manner who are reluctant to stand up for their rights and this lawsuit gives them a voice as well.”

Calls to Hill's rep have not been returned.


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Reahh Yo    

Lauren has GREAT talent, with beautiful music. Sucks that she comes off as a horrible person

1171 days ago


I soooo believe it as I saw it first hand in Miami at The Miami Gardens music festival. We were sitting up front and you CLEARLY saw her yelling at her band and making gestures with her hands and faces because she felt the music was too low and other things. She was wack anyway!

1171 days ago

get a life ho    

A: 4 hours ago

Perfection does come with criticism...however, you don't have to be a biotch to be perfect.
BUT. why is it that these lawsuits always happen years later? it's 2011.....a 2007 tour? was this person so distraught that it took so long? That always makes it hard to believe.
Did it ever occur to you that some people don't just sue at the drop of a hat and patiently wait to get paid ?
I happen to know Jay Gore and he was promised to be paid and then put off for months at a time . The lawsuit if you read it isn't about abuse , it's about NOT BEING PAID !!!, but TMZ likes to twist the headlines to be more dramatic . The mistreatment of band members is 100% true and nothing new , but that's just background info . It's fine to critique people but belittling them and berating them no matter who you are is uncalled for and plain wrong. Anyone who knows a former bandmember over the years will know these facts to be 100% true & correct .

Lauryn Hill will lose this case because you can't refuse to pay people that did work for you . This is NOT an isolated incident as shes done this to many others .

1171 days ago


Yo yo - yo - yo yo yo - YO

1171 days ago


why do racist find tmz the only place to comment on black people, I'm sure you wouldn't do it on the streets instead you would smile in there faces so you won't get a good ass kicking, for some reason I don't see black people on this site going to every caucasian photo's and making racist remarks, either do something about it or suck it up losers.

1171 days ago


Behind the scene? She's a nightmare in front of th scene.

1171 days ago


This is your brain on Drugs. "Coo Koo"

1171 days ago


Lauryn Hill beautiful and very talent.

1171 days ago


No different than everyday businesses that Supervisors belittle people beneath them to get production that's needed. Jump off a bridge, this is the norm.

1171 days ago

Shady's Lady    

What a Diva wench!

1171 days ago

chris riggins    

I could care less about what she does to her band. truth is those guys get paid a **** load of money to basically play for 20 minutes a day. but please white folks let that Lauren Hill rumor go. she did not and has never said she would have not made the album if she knew white people were gonna buy it. she has not said she wants all white babies to die in their mothers wombs. 1st off white peopele by 90% of all hip hop albums. so that would be ******* stupid of her. 2nd these rumors have been proven false http://www­­m/quotes/l­auryn.asp please white people stop looking for any excuse to call somebody of color a racist!! remember white people started racism and even if she did say that it wouldnt even make us even cuz yall have done waaaaaay more racist **** than that. you people are supposed to be so smart then do your ******* research! stop hiding behind keyboards like bitches!

1170 days ago

Lauryn's Angel    

Ms. Hill is a very nice woman. anyone who's met her will tell you the same. she's normal, down to earth, intelligent, free-minded. she *really* aint crazy, and she's actually a VERY sweet lady, FARR from mean. She's assertive in professional matters, which for men is okay? but when a woman is assertive, then alla sudden she's called a b*tch. but a man with the same traits when handling his business is a boss?? hmm sexist society maybe??

Also, in the legal profession it is standard procedure to denigrate somebody's character in order to paint them in the worst light, to strengthen your case. that's all that's happening here. this disgruntled band member was probably ejected for not cutting it, and is bitter. I hope nobody ever hires that dude again, out of respect for Lauryn. Or at least for their own career image. If he’d bash Ms. Hill, he’ll bash your image too. Beware of the ghoul Jay Gore, who’s plotting against you on your own tour muahahaha

And ENUFF with the racist rumor. Lauryn Hill went to school with mainly white kids and was one of the most sociable people in her school. she came into music at a time when Black America needed positive role models; so she repped that positive Blackness, as her calling. She was the antidote to shoot-em-up Rap songs & slut-identity female role models. Since no good deed goes unpunished; people took offense that she’d affirm positivity in being Black and called her racist. But she’s far from that.

I’m white and have had in-depth conversations with Ms. Hill, and she’s way beyond race. Listen to her song "I Get Out." She plainly states on her Unplugged album, "I aint in no box; don't try to put me in one." Race is a box. She aint in no box. There are complex people and simple people, and she’s one of the complex people.

Black people are the Americans who’ve been consistently made aware of their race throughout history; so to tell her to forget she’s Black in a country that only a few years before her first Fugees album (recorded 1991) required a song called “Erase Racism” (by Kool G Rap 1990) is preposterous. Of course she’s aware of her race; white America has never let Black people just blend in. It’s not exactly easy to forget you’re a Black woman in a nation where the lightest-skin blond is to this day consistently propped up as the most beautiful. But that doesn’t mean she don’t love every other race.

Words were LITERALLY put into her mouth. And considering she’s a positive, intelligent, amazingly attractive woman, it’s suspicious that somebody of her socio-political potential at that time would be defamed so immediately into her promising career. Had that rumor not been spread, many more whites would have gravitated to her message of freedom from deception. Lauryn Hill’s image, imo was sabotaged from the start, by those who feared black/white positive unity rallying around her beautiful intelligence.

I wasn’t fooled by that rumor tho; I still rock with that awesome woman’s music and message and people with discernment recognize the love Ms. Hill has tried to reinstate into this negative death culture. For every one of you hater*****ing, there’s millions of people around the GLOBE listening to and loving her great music in the background right now.

Fluck Jay Ghoul Edgar Hoover Gore

1170 days ago


she was beautiful, but the lack of inner beauty cancels it out...some of her views are really racist and if the same comments were made, in reverse, by white people, they wouldn't be tolerated.

1170 days ago


....go figure....

1169 days ago


It's My expert opinion that women with crooked eyes are all crazy, take my word for it. It's like a mild form of retardation or schizophrenia.

1169 days ago
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