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'Two and a Half Men'

The FAMOUS Funeral Guests

8/5/2011 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


It's gonna be a Full House at Charlie Harper's funeral service on "Two and a Half Men" ... because one of the stars in attendance will be none other than Uncle Jesse himself ... John Stamos!

Sources connected to the production tell TMZ ... Stamos -- who was once rumored to be Charlie Sheen's replacement on the show -- will say a couple of words at the service ... raunchy words.

We're told Stamos' character will reveal he and Harper were CLOSE friends ... the kind of friends who once three-way'd a chick together.

Sources tell us Jenny McCarthy will also be at the funeral -- she famously played one of Harper's ex-girlfriends who broke up with Charlie after she got tired of having sex with him.

Melanie Lynskey will also return as "Rose" -- who was last seen going to Paris with Harper in the very last episode featuring Charlie Sheen.



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I wonder if Lorre and Harvey are friends perchance lol! All this hype, this p.r, is just so Lorre can spend months sticking his finger up to Charlie with little leaks like these! He wants to taunt and bait, so anyone involved with the series is just as bad really, they're enjoying sticking up a finger to Charlie too!!
It's a show that is dead without Charlie, Jon Cryer bounced off of Charlie's character well, his character can't keep the show afloat, neither can the kid who's now grown up and certainly Ashton couldn't carry anything, not even a purse lol!!
Of course someone mentioned the mother and housekeeper character's are being written out and someone whether jokingly or not mentioned Demi and daughter Rumer are going to have parts lol!! So, you figure it's going to be about the Internet Billionaire meeting an older woman with grown up kids and falling for her - per chance lololol! hat part he CAN play!

1175 days ago


Who really cares. These so called actors are making obscene amounts of money for playing make believe (as in kindergarten). There are people losing their jobs and homes. These people are fueling the salaries of crazies whose personal and professional lives are a mess. It's disgusting. There are people dying for our country. Boycott these stupid shows, or maybe they should take a share of their huge salaries and help some families or persons in need.

1175 days ago


Still using charlie to get ratings. Sad and pathetic

1175 days ago


Who cares?

1174 days ago


Obviously Chuck Lorre is trying to make a point... but give it s rest... let it go Chuck. you want to kill off a character. think about this Chuck... if this new cast doesnt do well in the ratings, you arent going to be able to call Charlie and try to work things out with him. i really think Chuck screwed things up. if you go too far with making fun of Charlie, don't be surprised if there is a character on Anger Management that may be Charlies dog, who happens to be a gay dog named Chuck. Now that will be funny !

1174 days ago


Let's say we Did care, now you guys tell us every plot line... so why watch?!? Next, why don't you just tell us the end the of Part II...Then how about after the End Credits while your at it. It's like your parents leaving your presents out in the open before the "Holidays" while you later act surprised. Any surprise is gone, thanks.... (I know though, first to report rules)

1174 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

It's funny that even after all this time people are going back & forth with similar comments about the fate of the show. I have watched it since the first episode and it seemed strange that Charlie (regardless of what you think of him in real life) wasn't going to be on anymore. You get used to your characters, but I like so many of the other characters, I will watch & see so they can get their paychecks. As far as all the previous girlfriends that Charlie has had on the show, there have been a lot of the same actresses over the years, with different character names. Chelsea was in the very first episode in the market and then she was one of the women that he went to apologize to when Rose put up that website about him sucking and Chelsea's name was Tina. Geez, it could be his real life???

1174 days ago


Who really cares. It's obscene the amount of money these actors make and all the drama surrounding their personal and professional lives. The people losing their jobs and homes are the people who watch this show and are fueling their salaries. It's disgusting. I hope the show tanks.

1174 days ago


i hope you guys who fired sheen and hate him all get run over by a car u dumb F%$KS

1174 days ago


What amazes me is that what with Charlie living in beachfront property all these years, the producers / writers didn't use this gigantic prop as a sort of running gag on how Charlie is off'd. It would be perfect "turnabout is fair play" to see that his big house and ocean were the two things that did him in." He did almost drown once in one episode and perhaps now, he was drawn back to continue the vision of his father - only this time, he really doesn't make it back to shore...alive."

1174 days ago


Wasn't it Jerry Ryan who got tired of sex with Charlie, while Jenny McCarthy played Robert Wagner's daughter who was both Charlie's lover and Wagner's Lover/con man partner....and didn't she go to jail?

1174 days ago


1174 days ago


Jenny McCarthy played the role of his potential step sister who was in actuality a grifter, Geeez, get it right TMZ.

1174 days ago


Ashton Kutcher is a SCAB.

1174 days ago


I really hate that he is getting killed off.. He is the show and it sucks that you are bringing in Ashton.. It will never be the same and I will no*****ch the show. Good Luck!!

1174 days ago
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