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"Two and a Half Men"

'Charlie' is Dead

and NEVER Coming Back

8/6/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The season premiere of "Two and a Half Men" will leave NO DOUBT -- Charlie Sheen's character is dead and gone ... for good.

TMZ has spoken with sources on set for last night's taping of the premiere. Now, we don't want to be douche bags and give it all away -- so we'll just say that in one brilliantly written scene, the producers make sure there's absolutely no way for 'Charlie Harper' to return to the show in the future. 

Although ... he definitely leaves his mark on the episode.

As for Ashton Kutcher's debut -- we're told he and Jon Cryer had good chemistry ... and he went out of his way to interact with the audience.  At one point Ashton even snuck into the crowd and surprised a woman with a back rub.

At least one audience member said Ashton seemed dry and didn't quite own the character. Can't please 'em all.

Oh, and our spies didn't spot Demi Moore or Chuck Lorre -- but it's a good bet Chuck was there to finally say sayonara to Charlie Sheen Charlie Harper.


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He is a horrible actor. What has he been in? Played himself in That 70's show and Punkd. This show has NO Chance!

1173 days ago


Say what you want about Kutcher, but he kicked ass in "The Butterfly Effect" and other movies, which means he's good for more than playing Kelso.

1173 days ago


I always liked the show and would have watched just to follow all the characters. I have never like Ashton Kutcher and his I'm so cute look at me and my stupid faces little kid mentality.Just can't stand him. Won't be watching.

1173 days ago

The Real Voice    

To bad he could not just repreise the role of Kelso on this show... hell as long as it is good enough to help me relax for a half hour, that is what TV is all about, it is not rocket science, hell if they cancelled all the shows that suck, there would be no Reality TV, News shows or chick flicks (both tv and movies), so just sit back , relax and enjoy some down time with the family.

1173 days ago


Don't plan on watching it. I'll stick to the syndicated reruns with Sheen. Big mistake Lorre :(

1173 days ago


I'll watch and give him a chance. I always preferred Jon Cryer's character to Chuckle's any way.

1173 days ago

two cents    

Damn it TMZ!! STOP it with the spoilers!! Why the hell would I watch the show if you're going to keep posting a play by play. Good god, we know you have someone on the inside, give it a rest. Those of us fans that love 2.5 men don't want to see spoilers when we come to this page. JFC!

1173 days ago

There's a problem here    

AIDS would be my guess.

1173 days ago


Well, I can see that Ashton Kutcher is even further along than I had anticipated with his lifelong quest to physically transform himself from male model to JACK BLACK. Congratulations on that one.

1173 days ago


Berta is the funniest one on the show.

Charlie Sheen is a toothless junkie.

1173 days ago


Yeah, baby!! A whole new show. You go Ash - we'll be watching. Best of luck 2 U baby doll! I'm going to watch Men for the 1st time when the show with Ashton airs in September. Can't wait.

1173 days ago


Where is Holland Taylor!? I don't hear anything about her! I mean when you are going to Charlie's funeral where is his mother?

1173 days ago


$20 that he drives his car off a cliff while chasing rose to the airport.... any takers????

1173 days ago


I will not be watching with "Assface Kutchie", a no talent, thinks he is cute wanna be! Two and a Half Men used to be one of my favorite shows with Charlie Sheen. The show seemed to be a real version of his life, now it will have no meaning!

1173 days ago


So Dumb to kill off Charlie...obviously the real fans of the show booed his azz...don't blame them...hrs replacing the actor the show was made for

1173 days ago
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