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8/7/2011 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson was spotted entertaining Teresita Cajas, a 10-year-old formerly conjoined twin, at a birthday party for her and her sister Josie in Malibu yesterday.

Gibson has been a long-time supporter of Mending Kids International, the charity organization that arranged for the $1.5 million surgery back in 2002.


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Mel...the good that you do will follow you...look past the negativity of others...the anvil outlasts the hammer!
I hope and pray YOUR prayers will be answered soon!

1143 days ago

Fidel's niece    


Los Angeles Times,
Sunday Aug 7 edition
From TV This Week (THURSDAY)
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don't overdo it. Ethnicity, with a schmear of
eccentricity, might be your passport to
the new American dream - a reality show like
'RUSSIAN DOLLS'. (Lifetime, 10.32 pm)

reach your American dream by
getting knocked up by movie stars
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a new reality show comming to you soon!

1143 days ago


Mending Kids International provides medical care to underprivileged children. Robyn Gibson is a former President of the Malibu chapter. Mel and Robyn have been doing work with the charity for years. Mel has known the twins since they were very young.

1143 days ago


That is so cool It is a shame that some tabloids only want to print the other-side of some story's and even then they can't be bothered in doing there homework too get the facts correct.

Both Mel and Robyn have spend Millions on Mending Kids International They have done fabulous charity work for years and just because they choose to keep things quiet and not out in the media lime light

It goes to show as well with Pic's of the Gibson Children You can count the pic's the media got on one hand of there kids when they were growing up because they wanted them kept out of the Media spotlight Not Like Looney tunes Oinky who used Lucia and her Son in the media to try and gain $$$$ and sympathy. Funny that because as we know all her plans from A to Z have failed


1143 days ago


Mel...the good that you do will follow you...look past the negativity of others...the anvil outlasts the hammer!
I hope and pray YOUR prayers will be answered soon!

All he has to do is call me. for heavens sake I love fishing and fast cars. I am not rich but he is so that evens us out.

1143 days ago

little aussie reader    

Scotty: 3 hours ago

What a great work ethic you exhibit! You're at work and have to give something your undivided attention! LOL! Like TMZ has priority and your stupid job is getting in the way! LOL!


Snotty - and your point is? LOL!

Oh Snotster, you almost never fail to make me laugh. ;o)

Well my day is done here so I'm going to pack up my trusty laptop, gather my fantastic work ethic and take it home for the night and maybe a long slow scotch.

Em *hugs* for you too.

Catch everyone a bit later :o)

1143 days ago


gibletz is taunting that child... and as soon as she screams he's gonna punch her in the face and then claim "she was all hysterical and shaking her blanket so I hit her for her own good!!!"

1143 days ago

little aussie reader    

Now gossip, Really? You're going to rag on a kid? You have kids - imagine one of them suffering and someone... anyone... coming to their rescue when you were unable. Wouldn't you gratefully accept? From the reports those little girls would still be sharing a brain if it weren't for modern technology and "gibletz". I think that's pretty damn amazing on every level. Can the father in you not empathise, or have I severely underestimated you?

1143 days ago


Hey little aussie reader,

TMZ is just getting his jollies messing with anyone that stands up for Mel. He probably has a secret admiration for Mel but would NEVER tell us. It would ruin his game.

1143 days ago

little aussie reader    

Hiya Firefly - you're probably right - Mel is gossips "man crush". ;o) LOL!

1143 days ago


I also think he likes to communicate with the team because everyone is intelligent,witty, and put up with his gotcha last mentality. You never know what he might say to get a rise out of us. Like what he wrote earlier, do you really think he means it? I don't!

1143 days ago

little aussie reader    

No Firefly - I don't think he means it deep down. Most of the time I get his humour and he really does make me lol - I think Aussies and Canadians are really close in terms of our sense of the ridiculous. It surprised me to see him use two little girls who have suffered such a severe affliction that not all would even gaze upon, let alone assist. I admire Mels altruism greatly - but you're right, gossip exists to take the piss - that's not always a bad thing. :o)

1143 days ago


I'm glad that Mel is finally getting the recognition that he so deserves. For years he has done this and no one knew about it for he wasn't into it for the praise. He never seems to win with these idiots. No matter what he does, because the paps are following him around, he gets a bad rap. I guess those in Hollyweird that hate Mel think it's OK for some skank to spread her legs for money and spread diseases but when Mel wants to spread love and help to those in need he gets crucified. When will this all end? Most men would have packed up and moved far away taking their money with them, not Mel. The strength and character that Mel has astonishes me. I wish I had but a fraction of that.

1143 days ago


oh great - now he's spitting on retards?

1143 days ago


off topic:

Yesterday must have been WEEKEND WARRIOR weekend. I was upstairs working on the computer when my house started shaking and a very loud sound surrounded my house. I had just washed my hair so I wasn't fully dressed. I went to the window and couldn't see what was making that noise. So I went from window to window to find out if I could see what was causing the terrible rumble. I grabbed a towel and ran outside into the backyard and there was one of those huge military helicopters with the missile launchers hanging below. It circled my house four times and then flew off. At first I thought it may have been a prisoner had escaped from the prison down the road but my husband said they wouldn't be going after him with a missile launcher. LOL, still, those things are scary looking. But I wonder what he was doing buzzing my house.

1143 days ago
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