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Charlie Sheen

Ashton SAVED My Career!

8/8/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
is extremely grateful that Ashton Kutcher replaced him on "Two and a Half Men" -- telling TMZ, if Ashton hadn't taken his old spot ... Charlie would never have been able to kick-start his career.

According to Charlie, his funeral on the show just adds some closure to the story -- telling us, “I have always been told that I have 9 lives, so it is going to be amazing to witness my own funeral which is clearly a win/win situation because Ashton has just given me a 10th."

As we previously reported, Charlie is making a huge comeback after "Men" -- announcing his brand new TV project based on "Anger Management."

But something tells us, Ashton won't be getting a "Thank You" letter in the mail.



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Kutcher still sucks no matter how many positive stories you guys publish about him in a 24 hour period on a daily basis.

1172 days ago

some guy    

I think TMZ posted the wrong story. This must be the April Fools edition.

1172 days ago


Dear Chuck Sheen,
No he didn't, you just boosted his by quitting your silly little show and opening the door for someone else to take your spot. Now you and your bazooka of knowledge/grenade of trust/torpedo of wisdom tour just go away. Thanks,

1172 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Thats great, I hope to hear CS on the Alex Jones show soon!

1172 days ago


Nice try Charlie.

You have no comeback and no show.

1172 days ago


Bull**** - that's like when you make a major fk up then say "I meant to do that".
The Sheen train is over. Thank God

1172 days ago


It doesn't matter what show Charlie Sheen does now. His ship has sailed. No one cares to watch him. Even porn stars, who he was paying a fortune to hang with him, have dumped him like the turd he's become. Let's all say it together now. Charlie Sheen is a... "LOOOOOOOOOSER!!!!!"

1172 days ago


Must be fun to live in that completely warped reality that Charlie Sheen lives in....

1172 days ago


shoo***** wrinkled old man..helllooooooo there fresh young stuff,welcome to 2& 1/2 men...

1172 days ago


If Warlock does get another show he better get some decent writers. People will give it one chance like they did with his show and if it bombs - then he's finished.

1172 days ago


He is now in the past. He has to keep bringing up 2 1/2 men to try and get enough publicity to get this new show off the ground. I believe I have read they essentially have everything for the new show but the money and someone to actually air this new show. If he lets his name stop being brought up in the public people will forget about him and the new show won't happen.

1172 days ago


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You are welcome!

1172 days ago


Denial isn't just a river in Africa Charlie....

Somehow bragging about smoking crack and banging prostitutes isn't the right way to land a new primetime sitcom.

Charlie Sheen is a washed-up junkie with awful teeth.

1172 days ago


Does this mean he's going to drop his gazillion dollar lawsuit?

1172 days ago


charlie Sheen knows he would love that job back and he is trying to save face. I was hoping the show would do great without him to prove the writing and jon Cryers great acting was the real reason that show was a great success, but I think Ashton is totally bad casting for that show. Stamos, Lowe, hugh all would have been good casting and they turned it down and I knew ashton would jump on it cuz he has nothing else going now. Horrible casting could mean losing for Men.

1172 days ago
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