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8/8/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kanye West compared himself to  HITLER ... so are his egomaniacal rants ruining his music? And, who's to blame for the stock market crash ... and if the presidency is taking its toll on Obama's face. Plus, is Arnold an a-hole for wearing that awful shirt? 


(0:00) Harvey's back! He's flanked by Charles and Brian.
(3:10) Kanye West compared himself to Michael Jordan AND Adolf Hitler -- Ryan attempts to explain why.
(7:00) Do Kanye's rants ruin his music?
(14:15) Arnold wears a shirt that says "I Survived Maria" -- an a-hole move or just accidentally inappropriate?
(17:15) Shirt happens?
(26:03) The stock market crashed today -- who's to blame?
(30:50) Harvey goes AFTER the Tea Party -- and believes their political play to make a name for themselves is treason!
(42:01) How does Charlie Sheen's "Men" character die? Mike explains the "meat explosion" to come .
(44:10) Huge controversy brewing over "30 Minutes Or Less" -- Evan has all the details.
(50:00) Eat your fiber, kids!


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Doesn't Obama smoke? That will age you too. So he is not doing so healthy living...

1141 days ago


Rumor Has it that Dwayne Johnson re-married ex wife Dany Garcia Johnson in Las Vegas August 5, 2011

1141 days ago


Republicans at fault. Not one of them will vote to raise any taxes. There was a time when republicans thought some tax increases were necessary and they would be considered communists by todays standards. Vote in blue dog democrats who will make necessary cuts in programs, raise taxes on the rich and close loopholes, because not one republican will vote for any tax increases.

1141 days ago


Obama looks less black.

1141 days ago

Bill B    

B.S. The tea party did what the nation elected them to do...stop the spending! The people who elected them told them, you have one shot to do what we want or we'll replace you too.

1141 days ago


I believe Kanye has issues dissociating his character/showman-self with his personal life. He is a gifted artist, and yeah some things he says really are annoying. But it may be because he's Gay and can't admit it because he's trying to be "hip-hop"

He is a pop artist, and although his bark is awfully loud, I don't fear him. He is about as fearful as a Yorkshire Terrier.

Most artists are socially awkward. If people dislike his trash talk, use it as a P.S.A. of why you should go to college.

1140 days ago

anung un rama    

i would not even suggest what kanye west does is music.
it is an insult to musicians everywhere.
he is another jerk looking for cash & more than 15 minutes of fame.
it is too bad people waste their time on him, in fact, im done wasting my time on him.

1140 days ago


Maybe he -is- Hitler... <.< Oh who knows. But the stock market mess is my fault ;)

1140 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Whether you think he is talented or not, his rants do overshadow his career. Hardcore fans of his might be willing to put up with him but for how long?

1140 days ago


In Kanye's case, you cannot ruin what was rotten in the first place.

1140 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Man I new that tea party thing was as bad as an idea as it was a name, now they got Harvey after Serves them right for being so lame.

1140 days ago

Ghost Rider    

As far as who is to blame for the stock market crashing I blame the people who invented it. I remember the last episode of Little House on the Prairie how Walnut Grove or whatever wanted to be bought up by the "Railroad Company, I call em the railroad people. Anyways they blew up everything except the church or somethin and left. The railroad people invented the stock market around the same time they created the stock market therefore I blame them, because they are the people who created the monopoly board we live on.That Prairie show may have been dorky but it showed me in the end we can live and survive without the railroad people.

1140 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I promise myself I am going to try and proof read this stuff I write from now on, my fingers just go and I hit the Comment The Stock Market was created the same time that the railroad people tied the Earth with chains, and dragged her down imo.

1140 days ago


Harvey-Please don't report on Casey Anthony. TMZ has been a great site for me to come to & hear light-hearted "celeb" gossip. For me it has always been in such good fun & you were so interesting-but TMZ has changed-a lot of negativity & obsession over Casey Anthony-please don't turn into Nancy Grace (I haven'*****ched her for over 3 yrs)I've already deleted TMZ from my DVR auto record & now I'm saying bye to you & TMZ Live-Thanks for the past laughs & light-hearted celeb stories-but I can't risk seeing anymore Casey Anthony. The direction you are going is not for me-I'm going to miss you & Nina & Charles.

1140 days ago

Shady's Lady    

Re the x Governor of California..what his name, He's a looser who's not even from this country but yet the Republican base of California thought it would be great to have this looser clown as their Governor.Go California..NOT. Re Obama and his administration. You would be turning grey if you inherited the God awful mess left behind by The Bush administration. It's going to take more than 8 years to repair the massive damage done to this country by these traitors.
Obama/Biden "2012"

1140 days ago
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