8/8/2011 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- Kanye's Rants ... Ruining His Music?

Kanye West compared himself to  HITLER ... so are his egomaniacal rants ruining his music? And, who's to blame for the stock market crash ... and if the presidency is taking its toll on Obama's face. Plus, is Arnold an a-hole for wearing that awful shirt? 

(0:00) Harvey's back! He's flanked by Charles and Brian.
(3:10) Kanye West compared himself to Michael Jordan AND Adolf Hitler -- Ryan attempts to explain why.
(7:00) Do Kanye's rants ruin his music?
(14:15) Arnold wears a shirt that says "I Survived Maria" -- an a-hole move or just accidentally inappropriate?
(17:15) Shirt happens?
(26:03) The stock market crashed today -- who's to blame?
(30:50) Harvey goes AFTER the Tea Party -- and believes their political play to make a name for themselves is treason!
(42:01) How does Charlie Sheen's "Men" character die? Mike explains the "meat explosion" to come .
(44:10) Huge controversy brewing over "30 Minutes Or Less" -- Evan has all the details.
(50:00) Eat your fiber, kids!