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Dr. Phil

Naked Man Lawsuit

Over and Out!

8/11/2011 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dr. Phil and CBS have settled a lawsuit filed by two women who claim they were traumatized to the core when the good Doc's producers surprised them with a naked man. 

The women were part of the 2007 episode, "The Dr. Phil House" -- a crib located in L.A. that was fitted with microphones and cameras, "Big Brother" style.

The two women and others were living in the house, and the cameras caught all of their interactions.  At one point, producers sent a naked dude into the house, to test the reactions of the people who were living there.

The women claim they felt violated and disgusted.

Lawyers for the women had filed suit in 2009, and papers were just submitted to the judge to dismiss the case.  Kelli Sager, the lawyer for Dr. Phil and CBS, confirmed the case was dismissed but said she could not comment further.  Translation -- the case settled but there's a confidentiality agreement so no one is allowed to talk.


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1171 days ago


Seriously, Americans have problems.

1171 days ago


Oh my god...a naked HUMAN. Money is the only way I can remove this great trauma from my life. I'm calling Gloria "The Vulture" Allred.

1171 days ago


and you can buy his next book at ?????????? House payment is coming due for his son. come on people, get your wallets out.

1171 days ago

Staple Maple    

oh they were not "disgusted and violated" - all they saw was a perfect opportunity to cash in over it

1171 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

If you're "traumatized" by seeing a naked human, you really have issues and you really need a Dr. Phil.

1171 days ago


CBS deserved being sued. It was rude and disrespectful. Had they it been a naked woman it would have been considered obscene.

1171 days ago


I think the whole thing is a crock of _____. Whether the producers really did send in a naked man, LOL, or whether or not the women felt "violated and disgusted", I just find the whole thing to be a crock and a quick way for the women to make some money. And violated???? Why??? Did the naked man jump any of them??? I DON'T THINK SO.......

1171 days ago


Hey Phil:
How are the molestation charges coming along?
Did you settle with your patients yet?

1171 days ago


WOW!!...Hmm!!...Money and money. As if those women have never seen a human nude. I am sure they have seen movies where a sex scene is

1171 days ago


Are that dude's teeth real?

1171 days ago


Another Oprah created and pushed upon America Fraud, Phil McGraw and then Obama...any wonder why the O and OWN are failing miserably now? America is done with her mentality and racism and is shows in the OWN ratings. Oh wait, Rosie will save her with her October debut. Phil McGraw is a freaky fraud who has a fetish for touching those who choose not to be touched.

1171 days ago


Hey Phil:
How are the molestation charges coming along?
Did you settle with your patients yet?

This guy Phil is the biggest douche bag of all time... He is totally sickening!!!!!!!!!!

1171 days ago


Those teeth! OMG!

1171 days ago


Dr Phil is just being an equal opportunity employer....Hollywoods full of naked women ~ no one complains~ so the men may as well start running around naked too. Fair is fair!

1171 days ago
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