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George Lopez Jokes

I was Fired 'Because I'm Brown'

8/11/2011 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Lopez
George Lopez wasn't afraid to talk about his show getting canceled on "Lopez Tonight" yesterday -- but he told the crowd that he was being fired because of the color of his skin.

Lopez -- whose voice was featured in the "Smurfs" movie -- was talking about how Sony has greenlit a "Smurfs" sequel during his monologue ... and quipped, "So today I lost some work because I'm brown, but I got some work because I'm blue!"

Is Lopez REALLY blaming race ... or was he just trying to crack a bad joke?


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He's got real "brown latino" political lately and stop being entertaining. All of his jokes are aimed at "us brown folk" being victimized by "them white folk."

1134 days ago


Who gets a show next, Katt Williams?

1134 days ago


Oh George, dont you know that the racecard has been played out. Get over it... youre unemployed just like the 13.9 million other Americans, white, black, brown, purple, everyone is suffering.

1134 days ago


If his show was successful they wouldn't have cancelled his show. Looks like George has learned from his black brothers and pulled the race card out of his pocket.

1134 days ago


No you got fired because your jokes like this one are not funny.

1134 days ago


The only one who is playing the race card is you George. You have always put people down because of their race, thinking that it's funny, but it just made you look like the a** you are. You are rude, crude, and you need to get over yourself. You are lucky you lasted as long as you did, so quit whining and blaming others because you got canned. You can't treat people like you do (including your lovely ex-wife) without getting a good dose of well deserved karma.

1134 days ago


The primary reason I don't like George is because he is militant and always race-baiting. He is the equivelent of a civil service union rep'd commedian.

The secondary reason is because he is funny about 18.4% of the time.

1134 days ago


Wait so TMZ took jokes made on his show, (which is a late night talk show with a main purpose to make people laugh) as official statements of how he felt?

Good job you now sound retarded!

1134 days ago


I tried to watch it, but the night he called Sara Palin "A Worthless Piece of S#it" I never watched again. I am no Palin fan, but to me this showed a complete lack of respect and class. To me he is a hate filled bigot. And we need to stop giving hate filled bigots a voice.

1134 days ago


Dude, you were fired because you aren't funny...I'm so sick and tired of the race card being used for everything these days instead of people accepting responsibility for their actions....

1134 days ago


Here we go....pulling the fact that he is hispanic for the reason he was canceled..NO...George..

1134 days ago

Who Knew    

My Dad is white and my Mom is Mexican American, and I can see how much this guy hates white people. I sat thru a HBO special he has and he talks about the revolution and basicly hates on white people. They should have told him that even left wing white folk still don't like to hear racism about them.

1134 days ago


This guy cheats on his wife with prostitutes after she gives him a kidney shows the world what a low life he really is and now he's the victim get a life loser

1134 days ago


Cancelled because he sucks!

1134 days ago


He whined about the same exact thing when they cancelled his TV show.

Wah, wah, wah, they cancelled me because I'm Mexican, boo hoo, poor me.

The fact of the matter is that both shows ran their course, and people stopped watching not because he's Mexican, but because HE IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN FUNNY.

He should be thankful for the run he had with both shows and move on.

Nobody likes a whiner Georgie boy, so shut the fudge up and move on (surely you're getting residuals for that series you tortured your audience with, so everyday is payday).

Cancelled series, cancelled talk show, perhaps you should stick with cartoon voices, as their project-to-project, and we won't have to look at that lovely face of yours.

The race card is torn and tattered George, so it's time to stop using it, or risk never working in this town again (we can only hope and pray).

1134 days ago
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