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Jani Lane

Warrant to Honor Singer Tonight

At Live Concert

8/12/2011 10:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jani Lane Warrant Concert
Jani Lane's former band will pay tribute to the fallen singer at their concert tonight in North Dakota ... TMZ has learned.

Guitarist Erik Turner -- who co-founded the band -- tells us, "We will be making a tribute before we play the song 'Heaven' tonight."

He adds, "We never thought that when the song 'Heaven' was written we would be playing it someday in the memory of Jani's untimely death. This is a very sad day for rock and roll. One of the great things about music is that it lives on forever."

Lane penned the song "Heaven" back in 1989 -- and it's said to be the band's most commercially successful single.



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he spent his whole life bitching about cherry pie and how it ruined his life.but he got money fame and bobbie brown from it Waah

1112 days ago


RIP jani:( you were a great singer and I hope you are at peace.

1112 days ago

Mrs. E    

I can't believe some of the sorry excuses for human beings on here. At the end of the day, Jani was human just like the rest of us. Just because a person obtains fortune and fame, does not make them immune to sadness or any sort of problems. And to say that Jani is not talented, is laughable. Jani had more talent in pinky than than most of the musicians/singers now have at all, with their auto tune and over processed vocals. RIP Jani, thanks for the great music.

1112 days ago


RIP Jani!..I grew up with the 80's hair bands, and still listen to that music today. "Heaven" was one of my favs!...Rock On!!

1112 days ago


why do people have to be such pricks =/ jani had his problems, but he was a damn good musician... people who don't respect that.. they don't respect anything, or just don't know good music..... i cried when i found out he died... i feel bad for him and bret (Poison)... bret was taking it hard D:

1112 days ago


Jani was a great songwriter and had a great voice. My favorite Warrant song is "Uncle Tom's Cabin". Love Warrant and other hairbands, I lived rock & metal back in the day.
RIP Jani.

1112 days ago


Dear TMZ the show is tomorrow, not tonight. August 13th.

Also, the present lineup should have dedicated "Heaven" to Jani every single night already. Afterall he wrote all the songs and the music on that tune as well.

1112 days ago

Jackazz flatts    

All of Dr Drews patients are dying, Mike Star, now Jani Lane. I think there are some more also.

1112 days ago



There is more then just indian casinos that have shows you know and the date is correct.. moron.

Betty Engelsted Arena

1112 days ago


yes i have been a big fan of Jani’s since1989 & seen him many times since then, very talented song writer and one of my favorite vocalist who was mutli-talented and his voice was great.They always put on a good show and he never stopped believing in his music. I was looking forward to hearing Jabberwocky his side project.People should listen to all there albums, you will get hooked or at least say"hey he was really good". Rest in “Heaven” Jani. My condolences to his family.

1112 days ago


I can't believe the commments some of you people make. Talk about cruel. I hope when you die someone writes something wonderful like this so your family can see it and know how much others were concerned about you. What has happened to this world where when someone dies those sad parts are forgotten and what people remember is the good that that person contributed to the world. Some of you better write your own obituaries because if you sound like this now you can only imagine what someone else will write about you. Not pretty. As for me, may he RIP. He contributed something wonderful to the world and people enjoyed it. Those who enjoyed him will miss him.:(

1112 days ago


Okay......first off, to disarm the argument of "oh, you're being such a cruel, cold-hearted bastard"; Let's all agree that a life lost to addiction is a horrible thing; leaving children in it's wake is worse......However; as for the comment that 'this is a sad day in rock and roll'...(?)..get real people. Delude yourself if you wish, but the day the singer of 'Folsum Prison Blues' died, was a sad day in rock and roll; the day the singer of 'Imagine' died, was a sad day in rock and roll, the day the guitarist who played 'Hey Joe' died was a sad day in rock and roll; but to confuse the significance of real music with some trite, meaningless horse-*&^%, like 'cherry pie', is a joke. Warrant is what Warrant was, and what Warrant is destined to always be........musically inconsequential and disposable; falling in history somewhere between Rick Astley and Lady GaGa.

1112 days ago


I met him 3 years ago at a hotel bar. He was taking shots at 10am. He was obviously drunk or he wouldn't have been talking to me - He was forgeting lyrics in the middle of the songs and pissing the band off, but they didn't get the face that he had all of these songs -all of these words- in his head and wanted to practice before the shows. The band blew him off and wouldn't practice. That night they performed at Rock the Bayou in Houston, and yes, he did forget lyrics in the middle of some of the songs. was still an amazing show. The band treated him like **** and now they are trying to jump on the money train of their dead "friend".

1111 days ago


A man died well before his time and left a family behind. That's the sad part of this. I hated his band and the articles that state he was was one of the great front-men of rock and roll and shaped the sound of the 80s is silly posthumous BS. He was an average singer, average entertainer, and his music was average AT BEST. It was bands like Warrant that caused that whole era of music to become devalued and essentially a fad ripe for replacement by an even worse fad called grunge. I feel for his family and loved ones that had to deal with a washed up alcoholic and hope he didn't leave too much collateral damage behind.

1111 days ago


Ya right! The band kicked him to the curb. He was the nicest guy always... met them all many times. Loved Warrant back in the day and now they just suck PERIOD! They are nothing without Jani Lane. Their music was fun and I still love to listen to it but they totally need to get over themselves and their fake ass tribute!

1111 days ago
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