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The Game


8/13/2011 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper The Game could face criminal charges after he tweeted the phone number of the sheriff's station in Compton, CA -- but told people it was the number to call for an internship -- causing the station's phone lines to become overrun with calls and delaying emergency services.

The calls began around 5:20 PM PT, with most callers hanging up when they heard it was a sheriff's station ... and the rest asking how they could intern for The Game.

Deputies eventually discovered The Game's tweets and Sheriff's Capt. Mike Parker tweeted at him to put an end to it (see above). The Game eventually responded (also above) and deleted the tweets.

The calls ended around 8:00 PM, but Capt. Parker said it was unclear how many people with legitimate calls could not get through during that time.

According to the Sheriff's Department, they plan on turning over a complaint to the District Attorney's office to possibly file charges -- including delaying or obstructing a peace officer in the performance of their duties.


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Leader of the ignorant masses    

What an ignorant response. You screwed up, take it like a man instead of making stupid comments like that.

1133 days ago

some guy    

Arrogant prick... #iSpeak4ThePeople. Only if those people are convicted felons.

1133 days ago

some guy    

Throw the book at this retard clown.

1133 days ago


Hey Game, why don't YOU go out and bust your ass trying to solve a murder when there's minimal evidence and everyone involved refuses to "snitch". You're a damn idiot. People like you incite the "Stop Snitching" campaign, and then b*tch when the cops can't find the person who murdered someone close to you. Shut up. Just shut the f*ck up. You're ignorant. Your albums aren't selling like they used to, so ya gotta keep your name relevant somehow I guess.

1133 days ago


@ thegame You are so stupid you suck your music sucks and you look like somebody ran your face over a million times. learn some respect you think you look cool but you look like an IDIOT. Learn some respect.

1132 days ago


Game you have shown your ignorance, you need to be working on your music instead of messing with the police. I hope you read this and realize someone who needed help from the police possibly died because of you. AT LEAST AN APOLOGY

1132 days ago


I can't believe these thugs get such a bad reputation. Just doing their part, yo.

1132 days ago


The Game isn't the brightest light in the shed but this is even stupid for him.

Who are bigger idiots; the fans that want to be an intern, or him for telling them to call.

1132 days ago


It's no wonder why the youth of today can't speak and sound so incredibly stoopid, they can't speak because they idolize these morons who think ghetto speak is the way to et ahead and sound so um, idiotic!

1132 days ago


pressing criminal charges against the game will further delay the addressing of real crimes... I say put it on the bottom of the priority list...

1132 days ago


@thegame AKA @thelame -- talentless hack, thug, illiterate moron, etc who has nothing better to do than to tax an already strained law enforcement agency.

1132 days ago


I am not exactly sure what people he thinks he speaks for... the illiterate?

1132 days ago


You people are so ignorant. If someone calls the department they will get a desk person. If you need help you call 911. You people are just idiots that are jealous of his fame.

1132 days ago


Internets idiots come a dime a dozen. How is he putting anyone in jeopardy. If you have an emergency you call 911 not the police dept.

1132 days ago


You white people are so full of hate and thinks that a black man should be jailed for just about anything. Had this been another white person you would call it cute or say, it's just a prank so lighten up. You people are hypocrites. And I'm white but I don't like the pure hatred of whites.

1132 days ago
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