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MJ Tribute Concert

Gene Simmons to Perform

Despite Calling MJ a Pedophile

8/15/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert
Pretty ironic -- Gene Simmons, who called Michael Jackson a hard-core pedophile, will perform at the MJ Tribute Concert.

Katherine Jackson was on CNN this AM, talking about the concert, when promoters revealed that KISS would be performing.

Yet Gene Simmons went on record last year -- mind you, a year after MJ died -- saying, "There is no question in my mind he molested those kids.  Not a doubt."

Simmons went on to say, "The only sexual references ever made about Michael Jackson that were made by anyone, anywhere around the world, have always been made by kids, and specifically males usually 10 to 14 years of age; never females, that age or older, and never grown men."

Hate the man.  Love the music.


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Fans complain 'Michael Forever' tribute
By Alan Duke, CNN
August 16, 2011 -- Updated 1028 GMT (1828 HKT)

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson fan clubs appeared in open revolt against a tribute show for the late pop star after promoters added the rock band KISS to the concert lineup on Monday.
Fan objected because of negative comments KISS leader Gene Simmons made about Jackson in interviews the days and weeks after his death two years ago. Simmons spoke about his suspicions that Jackson, who was acquitted of child molestation in 2005, was a pedophile.
"In the days following Michael Jackson's death, Gene Simmons has made slanderous, derogatory comments about Michael and his children," the fan site United For Michael Jackson's Legacy said. "It is quite ironic that Simmons has now agreed to himself pay tribute to the man he called a child predator."
Promoters, who had hoped the addition of the legendary group would bolster their lineup, said they were unaware of Simmons' statements when they booked KISS for the show.
The fan website MJ4Justice was one of several calling for a boycott of "Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert" scheduled for October 8 in Cardiff, Wales.
Jackson's kids excited about tribute Murray defense: Put Jackson on trial?
"Either they don't have access to computers, telephones or do not know how to use GOOGLE," MJ4Justice said in an online statement. "But, There is NO excuse for the Tribute organizers NOT to know Gene Simmons should not be part of any Michael Jackson Tribute Event."
Global Live Events executives appeared with Jackson matriarch Katherine Jackson on CNN Monday to announce the signing of KISS.
"I know he would be very excited about KISS," Michael Jackson's mother said.
But within minutes, their tribute's Facebook page was filled with negative fan reactions.
"This is a complete disgrace," wrote one fan. "You can kiss your audience goodbye folks. I doubt whether any self-respecting fan will pay a penny to see that man after the comments he made about Michael. I'm shocked this act was even considered."
The executors of the Michael Jackson estate also spoke out, sending a letter to the promoters late Monday saying they were "especially disappointed" by the announcement that KISS was in the show. The estate asked promoters to provide an explanation.
"As I am sure you are aware, Mr. Simmons has made numerous disparaging public comments about Michael Jackson after his passing," estate lawyer Howard Weitzman wrote in the letter obtained by CNN. He called media coverage of he controversy "extraordinarily embarrassing."
The estate, which has not sanctioned the event, also questioned the promoters' promise to share profits with charities and a provision in the terms of the ticket sale that as long as 50% of the billed acts show up there would be no refunds,.
"It is a concern to us that loyal Michael Jackson fans will pay for tickets and not receive full benefir for their purchase, nor will they be able to get a full refund if certain artists they paid to see cancel their participation," the letter said.
The KISS controversy overshadowed other announcements that promoters expected would gain fan support for their show, including word that many of the musicians who played in Jackson's touring band for the past two decades would reunite as the show's house band.
Kevin Dorsey, who served as musical director for several Michael Jackson tours, will also direct the show.
Other acts signed for the show include Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis, Smokey Robinson, Cee Lo Green and JLS. Alternative rock band Alien Ant Farm and British R&B singer Craig David are also on the bill.
Members of the Jackson family set to take the stage include "the next generation of Jacksons" and 3T, which consists of Tito Jackson's three sons, the promoters said.
It is also expected one or more of the three Jackson sisters -- Janet, La Toya and Rebe -- will perform.
It appeared unlikely the tribute stage would be the scene for a reunion for the surviving members of the Jackson 5. While Jackie, Tito and Marlon support it, brothers Jermaine and Randy have publicly objected to the show being held at the same time as the trial for Michael Jackson's doctor.
"While we wholeheartedly support the spirit of a tribute that honors our brother, we find it impossible to support an event that is due to take place during the criminal trial surrounding Michael's death," Jermaine and Randy Jackson said in a joint statement last month.
Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial begins in September and is expected to continue through October.
"The trial is very important and I can understand how Randy and Jermaine feel, but it's been two years," Katherine Jackson told CNN Monday. "I thought it was a good idea; I'd like to keep Michael's legacy alive."
Katherine Jackson plans to attend the trial, although she will miss some days to fly to Wales to attend the show with Michael Jackson's children, she said.
"It will be on a Saturday when the courtroom is dark," Paul Ring, a Global Live Events executive said.
Fans can get tickets through a two-step process. They must first "register their interest for tickets" online at A lottery will decide which fans will be emailed invitation to complete the ticket purchase.
The concert in the Wales Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, which seats 75,000 people, would be at least four hours long, Global Live Events CEO Chris Hunt said.

1110 days ago


Cannot stand Gene Simmons, he would definitely do anything for money.

1110 days ago

Susanne, Germany    

In psychology it is known, that the more (most importantly) subtletly and complexity, intelligence, ingenuity and creativity is infected in a human beeing, the less interest is presented in sexuality, as in the minds of the most "normal" people is implied.
Then there are the special childhood experiences of Michael Jackson, which make it more complicated.

I think Michael Jackson was a person, who only could live his sexuality with females, who had the same feelings and were able to understand his complexity.

That is the reason, why his sexuality gave so much speculations for the public and the media.
In the eyes of the public and the media, who know pop-,rock- and filmstars with storys of groupies and sex affairs, Michael Jackson did not meet the usual expectations.

A "normal" man can't understand why a man like Michael Jackson did not use the thousands of sexual offers of female fans, who tried to get in his hotel rooms, wherever he gave concerts or spent his time for about other reasons, when he travel around the world.

But I ask all of you, what is wrong, when a man like Michael Jackson didn't want to talk about his sexual experiences with females in the public, what is wrong, when his sexuality was more "complicated" as by the experiences of "normal" persons ?

It was his RIGHT NOT to talk about his sexual experiences !!
Just because it's seemingly "trendy", constantly making sex on public subjects, it must not therefore be properly.

If Michael Jackson ever touched kids, than only with tender, neutral feelings, which was not sexual motivated.

This is my conviction, espacially he was so offensive went on to keep kids around him, when the first accusation came out in 1993.

He acted like a deniant child, which knew he made nothing wrong.

That was the big mistake he made, bacause he couldn't understand, that the public and the media felt strange about his offensive dealing with children.

1110 days ago


**** off..................gene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/whateva!

1110 days ago


How inappropriate for this disgusting Human being be allowed to show his face and perform at the concert. Have these promotors never seen the statements he released about Michael. Katherine, I love you but have you lost your mind!!!

1110 days ago


This song by the Chaser's War on Everything sums up exactly how I feel about everyone's sudden change of opinion on Michael Jackson.

1110 days ago


Maman Jackson,
on ne veut pas de ce mec à un concert hommage pour Michael

1110 days ago

krotch hamilton    

Perhaps Gene Simmons has crossed into the dark side along with MJ

1110 days ago

Lee lee    

SPEECLHESS!!!!! If this doesn't make you see that Michael was nothing but the money making train i life and now even in death .....Nothing will !!!! Gene ?? Kiss ???? Really ???? Shame Shame Shame !!

1110 days ago

Lee lee    

* typo ...Speechless and money making train " in" life ................................

1110 days ago


Perhaps Gene Simmons has crossed into the dark side along with MJ
Michael was born black american. now gene simmons is finally going to come out from under the radar and admit he is black american too....LOL! just like Slash I guess. although I don't recall Slash ever hiding anything about himself. LOL!

1110 days ago


Maximus: 7 hours ago
Your last couple of posts are just sad. I feel embarrazzed for you. You need to get some sleep ...
I feel I was accurate about you and whatever else I said in my posts. If you don't want a response then keep my nic out of your mouth! If you don't like what I post, scroll on by.

1110 days ago


Listen up, Gene. First of all, you have no talent. KISS sucked! Now, you try to stay in the limelight with some God-awful reality show. Lord knows the sins you've committed in your lifetime. Yet, you judge others. You can take Michael Jackson's tribute show and cram it up your @$$. You are a slimeball. If you don't like what I just said about you, just let me know. You are a worthless sack of pus.

1110 days ago

Lee lee    

And people wonder why Michael was happy to spend alot of his time with children?? .....They had no agenda, unless it was poisoned by an adult. With friends like Gene, who needs enimies ??? Truely Sad :-(

1110 days ago


Gene Simmons has always been jealous of Michael
Simmon with her botox looks like a pervert and I think it was the botox on her tongue!

1110 days ago
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