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MJ Tribute Concert

Gene Simmons to Perform

Despite Calling MJ a Pedophile

8/15/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert
Pretty ironic -- Gene Simmons, who called Michael Jackson a hard-core pedophile, will perform at the MJ Tribute Concert.

Katherine Jackson was on CNN this AM, talking about the concert, when promoters revealed that KISS would be performing.

Yet Gene Simmons went on record last year -- mind you, a year after MJ died -- saying, "There is no question in my mind he molested those kids.  Not a doubt."

Simmons went on to say, "The only sexual references ever made about Michael Jackson that were made by anyone, anywhere around the world, have always been made by kids, and specifically males usually 10 to 14 years of age; never females, that age or older, and never grown men."

Hate the man.  Love the music.


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it truly comes down to that: MJ sucked big time as a person, but he did make good music.

1100 days ago


When you say hate the man, do you mean you hate Gene or MJ? Are you seriously suggesting MJ wasn't a pedo? Come on. That said, Gene is a hypocrite.

1100 days ago


Damned right it's about the money!!!!!! Who cares!!!! Which one of you Mental Midgets out there wouldn't do the same damned thing?!?! It's business!!!!!!!!!!! Get a grip!!!

1100 days ago

N M    


1100 days ago


I just lost respect for simmons..No more watching that show which I used to do...I hope he doesn't use that filming for his own show? That would be positively creepy.

1100 days ago


Gene Simmons is a Michael Jackson wanttobe.He is just JEALOUS.For year he has been dressing like a ***,A REAL UGLY *****ay what you like you can't touch Mike.Mike was just simply beautiful inside and outside.No one wants to hear you can't sing simmons.So you can just stay away. LOVE YOU MOST MIKE.

1100 days ago


I also believe that he molested underaged children.

1100 days ago


he only spoke the truth! those of you who are still in denial who and what michael did are blinded and deceived. I am so sick and tired of this idol worship of him. he was a great entertainer but had flaws and those being addicted to drugs that eventually killed him and his lust for young males.

1100 days ago


Everyone is making fun of Gene and it is ridiculous. How old are we I wonder? The point of the story is not how Gene looks, or the money he would make or any of the CRAP you are all spewing out of your pieholes...the point he made is a good one about Michael. Not one female or adult male ever made statements that Michael molested them but kids did. So you gotta wonder. We all KNOW money will buy your way out of jail...look at OJ and how he got off and we all know he killed Nicole and Ron. So really....just coz Michael was not charged with molesting kids it does NOT mean he never did that! HE VERY WELL MAY HAVE! PROBABLY DID. SO,if Gene has an opinion on Michael so be it. Stop getting so upset about what he said and stop bashing him as well as it is sooo immature of you all to do so. You all only wish you had the money Gene has I am sure. So what if he does if for the money..we all do things for the MONEY. GET REAL PEOPLE!

1100 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Susanne, Germany: 4 hours ago
In psychology it is known, that the more (most importantly) subtletly and complexity, intelligence, ingenuity and creativity is infected in a human beeing, the less interest is presented in sexuality....
Hi Susanne. Let me get this right – you’re saying that intelligence and creativity correlates with a diminished libido? Well, that is an interesting concept! I’m not familiar with any research in this area so I’d love to know your evidence for this.

As for Michael, well I have to disagree. His porn stash showed that he was VERY interested in sex. Why he was not more sexually overt is a question which will always divide the public. Maybe it was due to religious convictions. Maybe, as Karen Faye stated, he had a fear of intimacy. Personally, I prefer to believe that he was (as he stated himself) basically a ‘gentleman’ who chose not to discuss such issues in public!

We have to remember that Michael was hounded by girls even before he hit puberty, and that it continued all his life. If the rabbi is to be believed, MJ told him that he would get letters from fans on a daily basis, telling him in detail what they would ‘do to him’ if given the chance! So, it’s possible that this constant availability of potential sexual partners, led Michael to devalue sex. When you feel under attack, it’s normal to develop a ‘siege mentality’. To put it another way, maybe he only wanted sex within a loving monogamous relationship.

1100 days ago


How is that ironic?

1100 days ago


Michael Jackson: Loved his music. But sleeping with little boys? That was weird. If any man in any American neighborhood did that, he'd be labled a pedophile, and that's what happened to MJ. Gene Simmons only said what millions of us believe happened.

1100 days ago


Wow...I loved KISS. I don't see how this tribute is going to work? Is the latest version of KISS going to do MJ song or songs?

The latest version of KISS and pretty much all versions for the last 20 years have been almost pathetic. Gene and to a lesser extent, Paul, have dragged the KISS name through the slime of merchandising. Chaim/Gene has no shame when it comes to pimping the KISS name. I now understand why Peter and Ace left Gene behind as he wanted to leave no stone unturned as a nickel might be left there.

Sorry Chaim, or Gene but I stopped giving a long time ago (well i did buy the dvd package). You made it humiliating to wear or practically mention the KISS name for years and this latest attempt at relevance will be as acclaimed as The Elder or your horrible solo album that I anticipated all those years ago.

I love KISS to this day...since 1975 but I have to say I ignore Gene and even Paul somewhat but I am always interested to hear what Ace and Peter have to say which is rare.

Peter really gave KISS that rock and roll beat. That's why all the live stuff with Peter still sounds good while the replacement drummers were good technically but did not have that boogie sound; Just boom, crash, boom. Gene you NEVER were able to understand that. You must be a terrible dancer. Your creature is perfect for persona for you... slithering snake, reptile, demon like, spit blood, blow flames, suck up money. Control Freak..

1100 days ago

Susanne, Germany    

Brigha from UK 14 minutes ago

Sorry, I wish I could it articulate in my mother language.
I didn't mean it as a princip for all intelligent and creative people, but especially people like Michael Jackson, on these characteristics which were true so extreme and conspicious, espacially including his childexperiences.

I think if Michael Jackson were born as a girl and he would have made the same carrier, would had lived exactly the same life, the public wouldn't be so much interested in his sexually aspects of his life.
Only the fact that he was a man and yet shuffled children around himself made him so suspicous for the public.

And he swam against the trendy times, which began in the 70th to talk about sex and giving sex an important role in the madia, the TV, the music- and the cinema industry.

I think it isn't the topic SEX as a princip.
He broke with the typical male characteristics. His visual appearance was more female during the time, he was modest, spoke in a quiet way, but on the other side he seemed strong, disciplined, ambitious and was the most successful black artist in history. All this represented not the typical male american hero.

"With the motto" a male superstar, especially a young superstar must have many women in his bed.

I am sure if his brothers would have made the same experiences in their childhood like Michael Jackson, their development wouldn't had changed substantially their way they are gone, because of their different characters between Michael Jackson and themselves.

The point is that I want to show, that it is usually difficult to understand for the public or "normal" people, that there are people in the world, who give sex no priority in their life, because they find the sexual feelings in the things they are doing.
I think Michael Jackson took his sexual energy in his music, his dance and his performances and he was able to take sexual energy and satisfaction FROM these things.

Yes it is difficult to understand, but my oppinion is he had sexual satisfaction on a higher level.
That surely (for me) is the reason why he was so authentic, unique and sexy on stage and in his videos, because he had the ability to feel in this way. And that is the reason why it is so difficult for other to copy Michael Jackson, even if they would have the same talent and discipline.

I am sure Michael Jackson also needed sex with a real woman, but only when he felt, the person is very particular and interesting as a human for him and not only of the visual appereances.
He saw and met so many beautiful girls and women in his early years, which were in hysteria and who overroled him with sexually offensive, that it was more interesting for him to look deeper. A longing to see more in a woman, who only want to USE him for sex and get the kick to stay in bed with the superstar Michael Jackson.

Yes I think, he felt like an object, which only wanted to be used by many of females, because of his sensual and sexy look.
Many men would like it if they would be so successfull with women.

But people are always searching for the reason and the answers, why it is.

But sometimes you can't find reasons for this "problem" not to be much and often interesting in sex.

And I think if there is no suffering pressure at a person, who are not very interested in sex, the public should consider it as normal as the need for having sex.

1100 days ago

Susanne, Germany    

Whenever I read the comments of the Michael Jackson haters, I am thinking of the about 3 Millions of children and teens in the USA, which are taking Ritalin and other psychotropics, prescribed by doctors and accepted by the parents.
I am thinking of the many children, teens and adults who can not really read and write, although they actually are going or went to school in the past.
I am thinking of the many kids, which are taking drugs, I am thinking of the kids, which are hangig up their time with TV programs, uncontrolled from their parents, which either the whole day are working or have no pleasure to look after their children properly.
I am thinking of the children, who often have to live in an environment, characterized by violence.

The haters never talk about these children and teens, which are the VICTIMS OF OUR MODERN TIMES, they only talk about Michael Jackson, who was said NOT GUILTY in 2005.

These children and teens Michael Jackson tried to help to get in a better future and gave them hope, with his money and much of his personal time, although he could have spend his less personal time only with his children and friends and not thinking about the problems around the world and people, which he didn't know.


He is the typical represantaives of today's time.
He accused Michael Jackson disrespactable short after his death, but he is able to split and said: "Honor his music, but hate the human Michael Jackson."

Unbelieveble and unauthentic !

The speach of a hollow, silly and less fine-sentient person.

Michael Jackson for me, was more a man, (even if he had a feminine appearance), than a Gene Simmons or other man like him with this character, because they have NOTHING IMPORTANT to give to our children and teens, as only a big hollow mascerade show !!

1100 days ago
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