TMZ Live The Game Apologizes For Tweet Prank Gone Wrong


The Game joined us for TMZ Live to explain why that tweet that pissed off the L.A. County Sheriff was just a big misunderstanding. And, Casey Anthony's probation case sparks a heated legal battle between Charles and the lawyers -- Harvey and Jason.

Plus, boxer Christy Martin claims she was screwed out of a win due to a sexist double standard -- but most people aren't buying it.


(5:35) Was boxer Christy Martin screwed out a win because of sexism? Not many people are buying it.
(7:00) Christy TURNED AWAY from her opponent in the ring -- which is why she's getting no sympathy in the newsroom.
(17:02) A TWEET got The Game in hot water -- Ryan explains.
(18:50) The Game joins us LIVE to state his case -- claiming it was all a prank gone wrong ... and his buddy had NO IDEA the phone number was connected to cops.
(23:30) The Game apologizes for the mix-up.
(25:45) Does the game think people should be held responsible for their tweets?
(30:45) Casey Anthony's probation case sparks a fierce debate between Charles and our two lawyers (Harvey and Jason).
(46:30) Gene Simmons -- who called Michael Jackson a child molester -- is set to play at the MJ tribute concert? Yep.