TMZ Live The Game Apologizes For Tweet Prank Gone Wrong

8/15/2011 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: The Game Says Tweet-Prank a Misunderstanding

The Game joined us for TMZ Live to explain why that tweet that pissed off the L.A. County Sheriff was just a big misunderstanding. And, Casey Anthony's probation case sparks a heated legal battle between Charles and the lawyers -- Harvey and Jason.

Plus, boxer Christy Martin claims she was screwed out of a win due to a sexist double standard -- but most people aren't buying it.

(5:35) Was boxer Christy Martin screwed out a win because of sexism? Not many people are buying it.
(7:00) Christy TURNED AWAY from her opponent in the ring -- which is why she's getting no sympathy in the newsroom.
(17:02) A TWEET got The Game in hot water -- Ryan explains.
(18:50) The Game joins us LIVE to state his case -- claiming it was all a prank gone wrong ... and his buddy had NO IDEA the phone number was connected to cops.
(23:30) The Game apologizes for the mix-up.
(25:45) Does the game think people should be held responsible for their tweets?
(30:45) Casey Anthony's probation case sparks a fierce debate between Charles and our two lawyers (Harvey and Jason).
(46:30) Gene Simmons -- who called Michael Jackson a child molester -- is set to play at the MJ tribute concert? Yep.