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"To Catch A Predator"

Judge Dismisses Sex Case

Says Dateline Entrapped Sailor

8/16/2011 5:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A sailor caught in the web of Dateline's "To Catch a Predator" was just acquitted of all charges, after the judge ruled NBC engaged in entrapment.

Joseph Roisman was prosecuted for lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor, after allegedly arranging a meeting with someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

Judge Arthur Wick in Sonoma County, California, threw the case out after the prosecution presented its case, ruling prosecutors failed to prove Roisman had an intent to have sex with the decoy.

Roisman's lawyer, L. Stephen Turer, lashed out at the tactics of the people responsible for "To Catch a Predator," saying "They took everything away from this kid just to make a TV show."

Turer added, "This case is the poster child for the abuse in this program."

There were 29 arrests as a result of the Dateline sting.  28 of the defendants pled guilty without going to trial.  This is the only case of the 29 that went to trial, and Dateline's tactics were squarely repudiated.

NBC could not be reached for comment.


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I think this was a GREAT show, too bad its not on anymore! These s*** bag pigs that prey on children make me ill! It happens everyday and I think this show may have stopped some of those freaks from committing the most disgusting thing possible! btw..If you've ever been convicted of a sex crime, don't move in my area because I will expose you to everyone! Stupid judge! What "adult" goes online and engages in inappropriate behavior with an underage CHILD? A disgusting sex predators! side note, what happened to American's Most Wanted? I know it's cancelled, but of all shows to cancel, why AMW? FOX is lame for doing so!

1142 days ago


his intent was to have sex, why else would he go to meet a girl he spoke sexually with online. There is something wrong with the court system in North America. Maybe the Judge likes little girls too.

1142 days ago


Sexting to another adult is not a crime. The humiliation and ruining of one's reputation for the quick cheap buck is bad enough. Jails are already full.

1142 days ago


Thats cause the judge is a predator too!

1142 days ago


It is going to be the SUPER BOWL of sodomy when "I need to tell you - I'm Chris Hansen" gets locked down. This douche could not wait to interject his name - "before you go you need to know one thing - I'm Chris Hansen . . . let's see if NBC covers that or CNBC or MSNBC . . .

1142 days ago


No no no u goota be kindinge me wow omg

1142 days ago


This is a perfect example of how AMERICANS give up their rights....The rights your parents and grandparents greatly sacrificed to have...Now you're being cajoled into letting go...
Trust me the government....This Government...ANY GOVERNMENT WILL TAKE EVERYTHING FROM YOU THAT YOU LET THEM...
Stop allowing this guys to hold up shady examples that cloud your perspective...
This government has us so bamboozled that we don't know what the hell is going on and how to stop it...
The point isn't the child molestations....The point is they are using extreme crimes to scare you into giving up your rights by entrapment....
In the Bay Area right now the GOVERNMENT wants to cease cell phone activity at their descretion...
They say they need the authority to battle riots...
There wouldn't be any riots if the government wasn't abusing it's constituency....right...
They are tasering young men and cattle...or pigs for butchering...You just let your fellow humans suffer this indignity?????
C'mon people....these are your people....
These people are you, and the way that you let people abuse your people is the way you will allow people to abuse you...

1142 days ago


you people supporting him are IDIOTS.. this kid rode my school bus, he is a degenerate to society and is a heroin addict. he robs people, rapes girls, and steals from houses by gunpoint.

im sad that this happened, just another reason i dont trust our justice system...

1142 days ago


The way they are doing it is wrong,IMO. Do I think it`s wrong that they are going to jail.. NO.. Why shouldn`t you go to jail for having intentions to **** a 13 year old at their house while their parents are away. Excuse me? You don`t think there is something wrong with that?? N why are ppl disliking other people`s comment who are in the right. I`m starting to believe that some of you are pedophiles. WTf.. Somebody get NBC over here.

1142 days ago

WI Law Reform    

The justice system is designed to ensure only the guilty are punished. It is not designed to cater to the whims and hysteria of a paranoid public. The most dangerous and most undetected 'predators' sleep less than 10 feet from the bedroom door of their victims, they are rarely caught and they will prey on their victims for years. They are not the strangers that teenagers meet on the internet. Only about 3-4% of all sex crimes are committed by a stranger, there is a fair amount perpetrated by people in positions of trust, like cops, clergy, school staff, etc. But the mother load are committed by someone the child or person knows, trusts and usually loves because they are considered family.

Before all everyone here goes casting stones at strangers, it might be prudent to take a look inside the 4 walls of your home and see what is going on right under your nose.

1142 days ago


Hey, do you want this guy visiting your 13-year-old in her bedroom? STUPID JUDGE!

1142 days ago


28 pled guilty without going to trial? Haven't these pervs heard of "due process"? They're entitled to it just like everyone else in this racist,fascist country.

1142 days ago


What do you expect, it's California? The guy obviously made an appointment to have sex with someone that he believed to be a 13-year-old girl. Police and the feds do this all the time. Dateline was just using their cameras to piggyback on these police stings. They should be doing something like this to test school officials. Way too many teachers are having sex with students!!!

1142 days ago


Everyone cheering the release of this disturbed person and proudly proclaim entrapment, should be tracked and investigated by police working with TMZ using ip. If you feel it is entraoment it seems likely to me, you identify with the lecherous jackoff!!!

1142 days ago


Barb you're a ******* idiot. THese shows show how bad and sick these men are and you're glad the judge threw the case out. **** you and the dumb stupid idiotic judge. That judge just shows how ****** up the judicial system is in this damned country.

1141 days ago
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