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Oksana Grigorieva to Mel Gibson:

I'm Calling the Shots

On Lucia's Schooling

8/16/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson may be rich and famous, but he's dealing with the same issues millions of fathers struggle with after separating from their partners -- how can he keep a relationship with his child, when his baby mama tries to keep him away?

Mel and Oksana Grigorieva are deep in the throes of mediation, and one of the big issues is where baby Lucia goes to school.  Oksana wants to put Lucia in a private school by her home in the San Fernando Valley.  Mel does not want to drive from Malibu to the Valley -- a long drive when there's no traffic -- when he picks Lucia up and drops her off.  He wants a school half way between their homes.

Sources tell TMZ ... Mel and Oksana are miles apart in settling the custody case.  Mel wants 50/50 custody, and he believes that would solve most of their issues, but Oksana is vehemently opposed to an equal split.

And, sources say, even Oksana's lawyers want her to settle with Mel, in no small part because they want to get paid, but she's refusing to budge.  We're told Oksana is still so bitter, she'd rather drag Mel through the mud than settle and just walk away.


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Again!Hit her with extortion charges!!!

1163 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Give me monetory honetory..... zats vat i vant!

1163 days ago


I pray this disgusting woman get***** by a freakin' bus! She 100% needs mental help if that bus doesnt come along. Certified nut case. I actually feel sorry for ANY man that has had a relationship with her.

1163 days ago


Stupid bitch.

1163 days ago


Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt.

~ Thomas Moore

1163 days ago


I find it so fascinating that everyone knows men (and their children) get hurt automatically in our system. Dads are great until the marriage falls apart and then they couldn't possibly be worthwhile. But nobody want to talk about it...

1163 days ago


Mel is trying for win/win, 50/50, which seems the only decent thing to do. Oks is far too selfish to understand the meaning of win/win AND to consider what is best for the child. She´d rather destroy people, not realizing she is destroying her children in the process. Something is seriously wrong with this woman.

1163 days ago


This Woman she is evil. San Fernando Valley...isn't that where porn industry is located!

1163 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Can't we just deport this gold digging skank.. or at least run her over with a truck or something? Such a worthless human being.

1163 days ago


I can already see the next battle on the horizon - Catholic vs. Russian Orthodox. I honestly think she's trying to put Mel on rapid cycle for the trial.

1163 days ago


I have absolutely NO SYMPATHY for Ole Greedy's legal team. To be perfectly honest, her primary advisers should have saw this coming because they have encouraged her "outrageous" antics to no avail. They know her chances of gaining anything via an open court trial are very slim, in fact, she just may LOSE BIG TIME!!!

King Solomon was a very wise man. Anything that she's using as an "unnecessary" point of contention, 50% of the total cost would automatically become her responsibility. If she's unwilling to meet Mel Gibson half way on the location of Lucia's school, allow Ole Greedy to choose the school and mandate that she will have to pay for 50% of Lucia's education related expenses to attend the school of HER CHOICE!!! Just inform the school to bill Ole Greedy for 50% of Lucia's tuition and after one year, she'll become much more agreeable. There's no point in allowing a DELUSIONAL HARPY who has NO CAREER or OTHER RELEVANT commitments to be so stubborn without some sort of penalty. This way, she'll be forced TO WORK in some capacity and it will make her a MUCH WISER PERSON. Don't waste time arguing with her!!! MAKE HER "PAY" TO BE THE BOSS!!!

1163 days ago


This **** looks Mel look like a patron saint even factoring all the questionable things he's done, he deserves 100% custody.

1163 days ago


Why do people's personal life become news too?

1163 days ago


throes NOT throws

1163 days ago


If he wasn't an Racist Alcoholic Adulterer he wouldn't be in this position!

Mel isn't a Saint - he's reaping what he has sown!

1163 days ago
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