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Oksana Grigorieva to Mel Gibson:

I'm Calling the Shots

On Lucia's Schooling

8/16/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson may be rich and famous, but he's dealing with the same issues millions of fathers struggle with after separating from their partners -- how can he keep a relationship with his child, when his baby mama tries to keep him away?

Mel and Oksana Grigorieva are deep in the throes of mediation, and one of the big issues is where baby Lucia goes to school.  Oksana wants to put Lucia in a private school by her home in the San Fernando Valley.  Mel does not want to drive from Malibu to the Valley -- a long drive when there's no traffic -- when he picks Lucia up and drops her off.  He wants a school half way between their homes.

Sources tell TMZ ... Mel and Oksana are miles apart in settling the custody case.  Mel wants 50/50 custody, and he believes that would solve most of their issues, but Oksana is vehemently opposed to an equal split.

And, sources say, even Oksana's lawyers want her to settle with Mel, in no small part because they want to get paid, but she's refusing to budge.  We're told Oksana is still so bitter, she'd rather drag Mel through the mud than settle and just walk away.


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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

There goes mel, being all reasonable and stuff, wanting a school MIDWAY. How COULD HE!! (tongue in cheek!)

WHAT a selfish, rotten, nasty, self centered, dumb, glum bitch!

Ox you lying liar faced liar head with extra lying on top: STOP BEING SO HATEFUL!

1166 days ago

Zooma Zoom    

KP about latest:
(Pay attention to the last paragraph)
Scandal around Russian friend of the famous actor once again gaining momentum
Rice Murashkin - 08/16/2011
It seemed that this quarrel has outlived its usefulness completely. In March, Mel Gibson apologized to her mother's daughter, a Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva, because in January of 2010, twice struck her in the face, knocked out teeth and dirty insulted over the phone. Melo faced up to six years in prison, but after the public "just" in front of tens of cameras have changed the judges at the mercy of anger: the actor was sentenced to three years probation, fined $ 400 and 16 hours of community service.

Hence, the world? Nothing like that. Battles in the American court between Gibson and Grigorieva in full swing. Now the former lovers can not agree on who will bring their total polutoragodovaluyu daughter Lucia, Anna. Recently in the network has information that Grigorieva again filed for an actor to the court. She blames Gibson for the moral and physical harm to her son from a previous marriage to actor Timothy Dalton, 14-year-old Alexander, and demands for a half-million dollars.

- All this nonsense of "information killer", which impresses Mel - Oksana Grigorieva sure close (until the end of the court's relatives Russian pianist have no right to comment, so the name of our source we can not call. - Ed.) - Oksana has not filed lawsuits against Mel. Not to say that he beat Sasha. Gibson does not ask half a million dollars. Now they share with Mel custody of Lucy. Oksana still has the right to conduct with his daughter 70 percent of the time, and Mel - 30, that is, three nights a week. Gibson is not happy - he wants to raise her daughter himself. His lawyers are do***ents on the sly legal language, but try to see that Oksana had signed them "in a quickly." And there is no money for good consultants, all do***ents are proofread it myself ... Mel almost lost everything, that he must now - it's morally destroy Oksana, here and there lie. He should have picked up for Lucy normal baby sitter, and I found one recently, more like a porn star ... This week, Mel and Oksana expects two more court hearings. Hopefully, the court at this time will be favorable to Oksana.

1166 days ago


She's being very arrogant for a blackmailing extortionist gold-digging whore

1166 days ago


I hope mel puts her through the ringer. she is only doing this for money and spite. just like most mothers in a custody case...evil b****!!!

1166 days ago


@ zooma -- Wow! The Chuckies are really, really angry and jealous. Laughing at the anger because the nanny is more beautiful and smarter.

Why do they keep repeating that nonsense about an apology and how much do they get paid for each interview?

Tee hee

1166 days ago


Stupid F&%K face Mel. Put down the god damn bottle and try to resurrect what life you have left. It's moronic pieces of crap like you that make deadbeat dads look good. Give your money to your daughter and shut the F#^K UP!

1166 days ago


She can drag him through the mud all she wants as long as she pays hers and his attorney fees. I would have his attorneys charge her for every minute they have to defend against her evil spiteful accusations, which is all this mess is based on.

1166 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Bringing it over, so good it desreves a repeat:

Petrova Boklov : 7 minutes ago

I*****red for Ox misplaced or unreasonable? Absolutely not! This is only scratching the surface, but here are a few reasons why so many people hate her.

First and foremost, because she's a liar! Because she's greedy beyond imagination! Because she had it all and it was not enough. Because she is an extortionist no matter what the DA says. Because she is a sociopath with no conscience. Because she has screwed her lawyers and those who try to help her. Because she tries to pillage all she can from those that she seeks to destroy. Because she doesn't pay her bills. Because she treats her people like garbage and involves them in her lies. Because she has complained bitterly to many people that TD abused and beat her. Because she leaches off of men. Because she doesn't work!! Because she is a predator. Because she transfers the hatred she feels for her abusive father on to other men. Because she doesn't like children. They are only the means by which she manipulates the ones who truly love them. Time spent with her kids would mean time away from her self. Because of the sick people who stick up for her. Because all past poles taken have confirmed that she is the most hated and disrespected woman in history. Because she thinks she is beautiful and is obsessed with it. Because she's ugly, on the inside and out. Because she's always on the prowl for another rich man to leach off of. Because she prefers looking for another victim to getting a job. Because she thinks she's talented. Because she manipulates. Because she never did anything for the Children of Chernobyl, what a joke. Because she threatens people. Because she uses people. Because she is delusional and works from that point at all times. Because she has no respect for anyone!! Because she has gotten away with crimes in this country and people know it and hate it. Because she was smiling and posing for cameras even when her son had slashed his hand/arm/wrist? Whatever it was he slashed. There were at least 4 different stories on that one.

She loves the limelight. She loves the attention. She has no shame.

She laughs and taunts those who are shocked and horrified that this sort of behavior is tolerated here in our legal system and country.

Ox has gotten away with everything. Not only that, the authorities seem to continue to look the other way even though it looks very much to us that she is now indulging in more extortion. The last person who got away with this much without being touched was Al Capone!

Think of what it must be like to live with this woman, based on the behavior she exhibits publicly. Those poor kids.

Petrova Boklov

1166 days ago

Landon D    

Ick this woman is so gross. Inside and out.

1166 days ago


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1166 days ago


There are a couple of great private Jewish schools in the Valley. Do it, Oksana!

1166 days ago


Oksana is a professional babymama and a gold digger.Its not as though she hasnt had one "set for life" baby.She has one with Timothy Dalton.I believe this should all count against her in court as it shows a predisposition for her horrendeous actions.Perchance Timothy hs a better lawyer and should lend his number to Mel.Dont get me wrong,Mel's by far no saint,but he doesnt deserve the continual draining of his net worth by this money hungry,grasping and bitter b*tch.She makes women look bad by association.Im beting her family is pretty embarrassed of her as well.

1166 days ago


Doesnt want to settle & would rather drag him thru the mud....whats the word for this ?

1166 days ago


She is disgusting and should be deported...

1166 days ago


hi everyone. Special hi to fuddy, glad you are back in your home and one inch closer to sanity!

These must be private schools (yah I know...duh)cause we all know in public schools you don't get to pick. Nothing wrong with making it easier on both parents. NOT that Ox can ever think that way.

Bitter? LOL.....he should be bitter. She tried every scam in the book on him and she is bitter? lord this woman gives women a bad name. Keep going ox because sooner or later you will be caught in something illegal. You know you are doing it, but one day you are going to step over the barrier line and get nailed.

1166 days ago
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