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Russell Armstrong

Distraught Over Divorce and

'Tremendous Financial Problems'

8/16/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Russell Armstrong was at his wits end over his impending divorce from Taylor in the days leading to his death -- and he was inundated with debt.

Russell's lawyer Ronald Richards tells TMZ, Russell had been staying at a friend's house on Mulholland Drive in L.A. -- the same house where authorities found his body hanging last night.

0816-russell-house-water-subRichards tells us, "I feel bad because his credit cards weren't working ... He had tremendous financial problems."

Richards adds, "He was also extremely bummed out about the divorce with Taylor. As far as a will, even if he does have a will, they don't have any assets, so I'm not sure what there would be left to leave. I am extremely saddened ... I had no idea he was depressed."

As we previously reported, Russell -- an investor who made his money in the 90s during the dot com boom -- filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2005, claiming he had less than $50,000 in assets ... and debt somewhere between $1 and $10 million.


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"He was also extremely bummed out about the divorce with Taylor.... they don't have any assets... I had no idea he was depressed."

Gee, no warning signs there.

1129 days ago


Gee. Way to put their business out there.

1129 days ago

Delaware D    

Tareq Salahi is still alive, Bravo. Any openings NOW??

1129 days ago


If they had financial problems, why would that woman buy and wear all designer clothes, have make-up and hair people...pathetic.

1129 days ago


They don't have any assets?!? I feel bad for this guy pretending and trying to live a life he didn't really have. I guess it was too much for him but somewhere along the line he lost sight of what was really important. In the grand scheme of life throwing a $30,000 birthday party for your 2-year-old daughter isn't really important. It's just the birthday itself that matters.

1129 days ago


This is so sad. My heart goes out to Taylor and little Kennedy. Such a tragic story and no time to judge anyone. Just give support to Taylor. I'm sure she still loved him and he is the father of their child. SUPPORT PPL

1129 days ago


ake your bow Andy Cohen and BRAVO. Andy must be pizzed that he wasn't there to film Russel hanging himself.

1129 days ago


Soooo, he had already filed for bankruptcy BEFORE his insane wife spend $50K on a 5-year old's birthday party?? WHAT THE HECK?? If you're broke, act like it!

1129 days ago


I'm shocked! If they were bankrupt with hardly any did Taylor throw that ridiculous party for their child????

1129 days ago


Considering that his wife spend money like it was going out of style, it does not surprise me he lost his money. How much did his wife spent on there daughters birthday party,well over $20,000. Taylor is a gold digger. I feel bad for his daughter.

1129 days ago


I am so sorry for your loss,you must know that he was fighting his own private sad. How does one get to this point that they feel that there are no other options, please remember folks that as long as you have breath in your body, you have options. God bless his soul in Jesus name...Amen.

1129 days ago


This saddens me to hear that a life was lost and over What? Yes money.Taylor just could not spend it fast enough. These Housewives are crazy spending while alot of people dont have money for food or clothes,not to mention loosing their homes. What is wrong with this World? What are these women thinking?

1129 days ago


This financial situation makes sense on how he acting on the show. I thought he was cheating but if my financial situation was as bad as his I would be more distance than him on the show. I know that suicide is not ultimately a thought out decision but I had a feeling that Russell felt that his purpose to his family was to provide financial for them and he felt he blew it. But I could tell his daughter never cared for that and liked him for more than that. I don't hate Taylor. She just wasn't his type of girl and he wasn't her type of man.

1129 days ago


Isn't it true that these 2 were GRIFTERS and stole money
with his 'get rich schemes' and he was a 'venture capitalist'? Didn't they even change their names? VERY
long and sordid past with these two. Well, Rus old man,
you got her GOOD. No money, tons of lawsuits, and forget
the life insurance..they don't cover suicides. I guess
old fish-lips is actually going to have to work for a
change, and no more $60...,000 birthday parties for the bratty
kid. You should never have allowed her to do RHOC...she
was exposed to the other wealthy women, and she thought
she fit right in. She NEVER did. She was a wanna-be and
a gold digger. She always complained about everything he
did. Hey Taylor...still saying 'what about ME?' Karma baby.

1129 days ago


Now, Bravo, can you see what these phony shows are doing to those who can't afford
to maintain that unreal life style but are caught up in the shows so continue to pretend?
I'm surprised Theresa and Joe haven't had something bad happen.
VERY FEW people in this world have real money like that. If they do, a majority won't
go on a stupid reality show.

1129 days ago
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