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Gerard Depardieu

A Real Pisser

On Air France

8/17/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Gerard Depardieu
unloaded on an Air France jet Tuesday ... as in he pissed in the aisle.

Depardieu was on the ground in Paris, waiting for his plane to take off for Dublin, but a delay on the ground proved too much for the actor.

Depardieu told the flight attendant, "Je veux pisser," -- I have to pee -- but she was unmoved ... telling the famous Frenchie he would have to wait 15 minutes because the flight was about to take off.

According to witnesses, Depardieu unzipped his pants and pissed on the aisle carpet.

The jet returned to the gate and it took nearly 2 hours for the ground crew to clean up the mess.

Depardieu was escorted off the plane and it's unclear if authorities will take action against him. Witnesses say the actor was intoxicated.

The actor's reps could not be reached for comment.



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Have the flight attendant look up the word "emergency."

1133 days ago


I always knew, that there must be a good reason why US airports don't allow inebriated people the ability to board aircraft while in that state. This was ridiculous. I also think it's ridiculous that it took 2 hours to clean up, I mean really, . . . how much liquid can one person possibly hold???

1133 days ago


I have no sympathy for the airline. These days, businesses are not customer-friendly! The flight attendants should have cleaned it up, not the ground crew. The flight attendants could have made sure everybody used the restroom during the delay so nobody needed to go during takeoff.

1133 days ago


"It took six of our best men two HOURS and to clean."

Shoulda made the flight attendant clean it up -

Then maybe he/she would have a different response/attitude.

Next time around.

More people need to take this kind of action against the airlines -

I applaud this fine actor for being pro-active about the problem - and for finding an immediate solution.

1133 days ago


Hey Gerard, Vous êtes un connard!!! If you had pissed anywhere near me, you'd be seeing the dentist for some new teeth, you disgusting creature.

1133 days ago

some guy    

Your French pics made me giggle like a little girl. Tee-hee!

1133 days ago


TMZ, as I watched your meant-to-be-funny "French Stuff" slideshow, I couldn't help putting together an "American Stuff" slideshow in my head. Now THAT was funny. And gross. And mean. And stupid. And hypocritical. And juvenile. And classless. And self important. And naive. And ignorant.

1133 days ago


Our bodies are designed to pee or poo when they have to. This is a physiological need and no amount of 'social graces' can control that. Every doctor knows that 'holding it in' can result in urinary tract infections. Its not healthy to 'hold it in'. Also, the older we get, the less tone we have in out bladders and the sphincter that connects the bladder and ureter. Some people simply cannot hold it in for any length of time once the urge arises.

1133 days ago

C Shan    

He kept saying "wee wee" and the flight attendant thought he was saying "oui oui"!

1133 days ago

northern gypsy    

i had a french boyfriend once...and yes it sounds like something he would do...i found the french are all about the drama !!!

1133 days ago


Good for him. At times when coming in to an airport they will not let you use the toilet for an hour. Making U wait. This is stupid.

1133 days ago


LOL...well it's not his fault...he asked, the flight attendant refused him, so what could he do. Hope the airline learned a lesson from this.

1133 days ago


Dear Mr. Dépardieu,

I was recently made aware of an unfortunate incident on your flight from Paris to Dublin. The newspaper article drew my attention as I too have had a urine related incident on an Air France flight recently.

On a flight from Paris to Ho-Chi-Minh in March this year the steward would not allow me to use the 'business class' toilet which was 2 meters away from my seat, but insisted that I used the toilet all the way in the back end of the airplane. I was genuinely not aware that the extra money I paid to enjoy the (relative) comfort of “Premium Economy Class” specifically excluded the happy joy of rubbing shoulders in the toilets with the high-fly celebrities that use “Business Class” but that instead I was to make a midnight hike all the way down to the seventh circle of hell that is coach-class toilets after 7 hours of use by 300 small bladdered Vietnamese travellers.

And whereas I understand that even socially challenged people such as AirFrance stewards have to make it their job's worth to oversee a correct usage of places of urination at 30.000 feet altitude, I still think he could have done so with a bit less of what I can only describe as 'nazi concentration camp attitude'. He was a short, podgy man with a bald head, glasses, severe halitosis, and a vague body odour of rainsoaked carton boxes. (the kind tramps use to sleep in). I think his name was Napoléon. At least, that’s what I called him when I left the plane.

Mr. Dépardieu, please, PLEASE, tell me that Napoléon was the steward on your flight, and that you have managed at least to hit him – in a urinatory kind of way I mean – on one of his poofy loafers.

I think you are awesome, and hope you manage to remain in good health for a long long time, so that you may enjoy many more AirFrance flights, with all the in-flight entertainment that comes with it.

Spray on !

Nelly de Zwart-Meiboom
Saint Oyens

1133 days ago


Ignorance is in full swing this morning. In the US, it is the FAA which prohibits passengers from walking around during taxi, take off and landing. Not the airlines. It is an FAR (federal aviation regulation).. and a flight attendant can get fined for allowing it, as well as the airline. If you don't like it, blame the FEDS, not the airlines. Don't you think it would have been much easier to just let him go to the bathroom without dealing with the embarrassing nature of it? They're hands are tied due to regulations. Don't like it - talk to the FEDS, not the airlines.

By the way, if Gerard had told them it was an emergency, then they could have gone back to the gate, so he could pee. but they were supposed to leave in 15 minutes anyway, then they'd have to get to the back of the line.

The two hour delay was due to Gerard's actions, not the airlines. Gerard has probably traveled on planes thousands of times and knows the rules.. Most frequent fliers (myself included) know the rules.. He was just being an axxhole.

1133 days ago

C H E V    

Things in your list that certainly are not French: French fries, Celine Dion, Canada, or "menage a toi".

1133 days ago
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