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"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Armstrong Funeral

Will NOT Be Taped

8/18/2011 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

will not have "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cameras rolling when Russell Armstrong's funeral takes place ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to production tell us there's some turmoil at the network -- while everyone realizes Russell's death will make the show more dramatic and watchable ... they're also nervous about pushing the envelope too far.

We're told Bravo doesn't know how much Russell footage, if any, will air in the show's second season -- but the one thing everyone agrees on is not taping the funeral services.

We're also told the cast had a meeting yesterday -- sans network execs -- to console each other.  Taylor Armstrong was not there.


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If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Nor should it be. They have no right. Period. I don't give a hang what the contracts say, it's none of their - or the viewing public's - business.

Wasn't the next season set to premier soon? That means filming would have been finished anyway. What, was bravo going to get the camera crews off hiatus so they could be privy to his funeral? Pricks.

Stop acting like you're a family! You are a network after ratings, & that's all! That goes for andy cohen too! Bunch of phonies. Probably asked to get a shot of his body.

Russel's wish was to be cremated. Screw this LA burial crap. Cemetery to the stars? Let the wives have it. It's the ultimate status symbol, they should love that.

1099 days ago


come on now, anyone with an ounce of sense knows Bravo won't show the friggen funeral

1099 days ago


I can't believe Bravo won't have a coffin cam.

1099 days ago


How about a show 'real hot co-eds' from ucla?? Anything but these old tired hags. These women are and act gross.

1099 days ago


Oh please. They'll be filming and promo'ing every single thing about his death, all the drama etc. They may cut one actual funeral service shot, but they'll show graveside and travel to and forth and blah, blah, blah. They are truly the most despicable, disgusting, repulsive bunch of golddigging skanks alive. Bravo having tact? Hahahahahah, please, stop it you're killing me.

1099 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

Unbelievable. This show drove this poor guy to suicide and they're considering filming it. These bitches have NO SHAME!!! Why are they glorifying these soul sucking silicone bimbos anyway???

1099 days ago

who dat    

Take a good look at this pic guys. This is what a gold-diggin attention whore looks like. They literally suck the life out of everyone around them.

1099 days ago


Gee about NO programming with Russell in it. Bravo is off my watch list.. Disgusting and so are the housewives.

1099 days ago


All I can say is, "the dog is kinda cute"!

1099 days ago


another example of a money hungry whore who exploding her family for fame and fortune, she bashed him every chance she got..Kelsey Grammer's bimbo ex has done nothing but bash him to..I see why he left that fake bi^ch! Now a man is dead and his mother has to listen and deal with mote crap. Its not Bravo's fault he is dead, but maybe they will stop allowing people to be torn down for ratings.Its disgusting

1099 days ago


Taylor is a trouble maker, if you noticed she tried to come between Kim and her sister (forgot name), she is very manipulative, and she is very jealous of Kim. Imagine how she treated her husband. She also tried to manipulate Camille, and started everyone hating on her a while.

I think Lisa picked up on her jealousy.

Be yourself Taylor then no one can accuse you of being fake!

1099 days ago


Sorry for typo's on last post...I forgot to add, do any of these woman on the show have tier real parts??? Taylor looks like she would blow away with those lips! Eat girl! You got a big enough mouth

1099 days ago



1099 days ago


I'm SO sick of the word “REAL” used in any of the descriptions having to do with these broads.. ENOUGH of this garbage TV.. and it ALL started with Survivor and American Idol UGH !!!! Reality TV my arse! I HATE it !!!

1099 days ago


Why does any one watch any of these horrible shows, every one of them are showing how disgusting our society is. It's all about me this, me that, selfish morale corrupt people. She files for divorce and now is fighting his parents for his remains. How disgusting can you get, oh that's right it's for her son--- not buying what she is selling.

1099 days ago
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