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Casey Anthony's Lawyer

Bring on the Investigation!

8/18/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
's attorney, Jose Baez, isn't concerned ONE BIT that the Florida State Bar has decided to investigate him over ethics concerns -- telling TMZ, he's used to being put through the wringer.

Jose tells us, he's "looking forward to the bar completing its investigation, so that it can be dismissed just like the 20 previous complaints."

Jose adds, "It is part of the job whenever you fight an unpopular cause."

As we previously reported -- Jose is being investigated for allegedly hiding information from the court ... after a clerical error gave Casey an unintentional break in her probation.



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1164 days ago


is he BRAGGING that he's been investigated 20 times before??? how proud he must be. he is a pig. actually -- he looks EXACTLY like a guinea pig. oink. oink.

1164 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

This is turning out to be a circus show. Our judicial system is a joke. These clowns that live by the rule of law are completely bogus.

The entire system is bogus. Just look at that moronic judge who modified an order then quickly recused himself from the case as if he was well intended. What a fake. Why isn't he investigated? When do you see judges being investigated for committing a fraud on the PUBLIC the people who are being served!!!

Sometimes you get so caught up with your system/laws scheme that you forget the objective. An embarrassment.

Now they are going after this guy with these bogus charges. What a sham. Shame on this Court and these judges who are exploiting the judicial system.

1164 days ago


******* !

1164 days ago


Id love to see this guys face embedded in the grille of a semi truck, What a smart ass POS. Im waiting for the next headline " Casey and her lawyer seen leaving motel together"

1164 days ago


I call you bluff Mr. Baez. Doesn't matter to him if he gets diss-bared, he's made his millions I am sure of that.

1164 days ago


he was already sanctioned once during the trial, I think he had to pay around $500, keep em coming!

1164 days ago


20 previous ethics charges against him? No wonder everyone hates this guy!

1164 days ago


20 other complaints. He's proud of that. He's still looking for the big payday he's expecting. If this appeal goes through it opens up a whole big can of worms.

Look at the bright side...Baez can get her a place to live, work for him and he can sell her probation progress to the media. It's a win win.

1164 days ago


They'll never make anything stick. He's the new Teflon Don.

1164 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This guy is so into his famous client. Wonder if it'd be the same if Casey Anthony was a male? I think this guy is in love with her, he is soo determined to get her off the hook from the state of Florida.

1164 days ago


I'm beginning to see what karma is going to do to this pig who helped a baby murderer get away with such a digusting crime by lying...Sounds like you are very proud to be such a pig...I'm sure this makes your family very about telling all the Hispanics in Spanish how proud you are tyo be a smug MARRANO PUERCO!!!!!

1164 days ago


re CHARLIE SHEEN'S WATCH...........If I read you correctly it is Baez who is correct and Judge Strickland who is bogus.
Get your facts straight---Strickland recused himself at the
request of Baez because Sir Baez said he was biased. Baez should have his license suspended for the lie he brought
before the court and finished cruificying the Anthony family. All in an effort to savethe baby killer from the
gurney. Well, look what he has. I cannot believe anyone
in the Orlando area would use him for an attorney. It took
him a few years after law school to get the Bar to allow him
to take the exam----THEY DID NOT WANT HIM. He is suppose to
be an Officer of the Court and he deliberately let the
probation go wrong. He should be suspended also for the
tricks he tried to pull during the trial. Judge Perry
warned him he was going to get sanctions.

1164 days ago

mike hunt    

What a ugly piece of trash that guy is. I feel sorry for his soon to be x wife. I hope she gets sole custody of the kids.

1164 days ago


20 other complaints???? Really? You have to be kidding, but then he says that like he's proud of it!! And yes, he and Casey did have an affair during the time that she was out of jail and was spending 8-10 hours a day in his office with the doors locked. Plus every time he visited her in jail, the guards had to tell them to "break it up" in reference to touchy, feely hugs. Plus Chaney Mason giving the "finger" to someone after the verdict was read? That's so mature you Freak. Everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed that the defense's motion to dismiss is laughed at and then denied!!

1164 days ago
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