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Leo DiCaprio

1st Dibs on Ultra-Rare Hybrid

8/18/2011 7:50 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0818_leo_decaprio_gettyAfter years of hype, Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his hands on the most highly-anticipated hybrid car ... maybe EVER ... the 2012 Fisker Karma.

The car -- which has a base price around $100k -- is all the rage among the top players in the green community ... and according to reports, Al Gore and Colin Powell are next in line to get a Karma.

Sure it's expensive, but  the Karma is nothing compared to the world's most expensive hybrid car ... Porsche's 918 Spyder -- which will set you back an environmentally sound $845K.


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They're great, definitely the future, but given about 60% of electricity in the US is from coal powered plants I don't think it necessarily works out greener than high efficiency small engine diesel or petrol cars. May even be worse if production of the manufacturing material is taken into account. It's a token gesture until environmentally friendly electricity generation.

1170 days ago


What a pretty car. Me like. What I don't like are all these celebs who claim to be environmentalists but not one of them talks about birth control and overpopulation. You see stories about Julia Roberts and her "green" custom built home but after being fortunate enough to have a healthy set of twins, boy and a girl, she turns around and has a third kid. You can't have it both ways folks. One of the biggest problems on this planet is overpopulation and just because you can afford lots of kids doesn't mean it's okay. You want these kids to have a planet to live on, voluntarily limit the size of your family, it's called planning ahead. If you're going to preach about the environment, you better look at the big picture.

1170 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

That's beautiful.

The car is nice too.

1170 days ago


Electric cars are hardly "green". Have you ever seen the outside of a battery plant? It's like a nuclear winter.

But people used to believe in "global warming" too.

Green energy is just the government trying to control us and make us drive tiny cars. Eff that.

1170 days ago


P.S. For $100K, I'd rather drive a brand new Ford F-150 and have $70K in a bag on the seat next to me. Just because you have money doesn't mean you have to piss it away.

1170 days ago


If he's so concerned about being "environmentally friendly" then why isn't he concerned about the fact that the 2 packs a day he smokes probably causes more pollution than a car?

1170 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Dam..I guess it's ok to be envious of Leo. I know this because I'm not pissed of seeing this picture, haha. NICE f**king car though.

1170 days ago

Tad Toring    

GO LEO! The car matches the outstanding man!

1170 days ago

Tad Toring    

GO LEO, The car matches the man - outstanding!

1170 days ago


harvey, why don't you get on the list of gettin one of these cars?

1170 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Did this idiot stop to think of all the toxic chemicals used and produced in building this so called "green" car?

Never mind that it had to be shipped from Finland... how about all the fuel oil or jet fuel burned to get it to California from Finland?

Want another example of decaprio being a self important **** who doesn't support his country?

Why didn't he buy an American car?

1170 days ago


I'll just keep burning my gas..cheaper than that car!

1170 days ago


What do you think the cost of the car insurance is? Yipes. If you can afford the car, you can afford the insurance, but I wonder what

1170 days ago


Just for fun I Googled "Fisker Karma" and learned a few fun
facts. #1 was that this thing weighs more than a Hummer!
#2 is that it has a one speed auto transmission. Rooooooom
Roooooom! Leo will tire of the new toy. One can buy 2 1/2
Chevy Volts for the price of this thing.

1170 days ago


Leonardo would be hot on a moped. This guy just gets better and better the closer he gets to my age 10 years ago.

1170 days ago
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