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Taylor Armstrong

Battling In-Laws Over

Russell's FINAL Resting Place

8/18/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0817-taylor-russell-armstrong2-EXRussell Armstrong's parents and his estranged wife, Taylor Armstrong, are thousands of miles apart in a heated battle over where Russell's remains will end up.

Multiple sources close to Taylor tell us the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star is not only planning a memorial for Russell -- she also wants him to be buried at a Los Angeles area cemetery.

But Russell's attorney Ron Richards says his former client's parents want their son's body returned to Texas -- where they live -- for cremation.

As TMZ first reported, Taylor and Russell had been back in touch recently -- despite the fact she filed for divorce last month.

Richards says he believes Russell's final wishes were to be cremated. If true, Taylor might have a tough time winning this battle.


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1165 days ago

Star Whacker    

If I were her parents, here's the deal I'd offer. You can keep the body, if we can cremate your face. No wait...that won't work. It would be a win-win for Taylor Armstrong.

1165 days ago


WOW. His family loved him, she did not, so why would she have the nerve to try and dictate where he is buried? What a bitch.

1165 days ago

Kim in New Mexico    

Wow! She was divorcing him. She has no moral right to any decisions!

1165 days ago


This just goes to show why he killed himself because he was married to a real BITCH. Fighting his grieving parents over what to do with their son who committed SUICIDE over his remains. WOW. How low can you go. I hope he found the peace he was looking for, and I truly mean that. And no, I wouldn't believe one word she said that he abused her. And no, I don'*****ch the show, no would I. I had never heard of either one of them until I read about him killing himself. But, wow, what a heartless BITCH.

1165 days ago


What's wrong with her lips anyway?

1165 days ago


Taylor is a money hungry gold digger....she even stated on RHOBH how much money is everything to her!!!! Her husband didnt matter then and doesn't now even after his death. She is just hoping for a fat sad

1165 days ago


I think after she made allegations of abuse against him and was in the process of divorcing him she loses any say she may have over his final resting place.

1165 days ago

South Beach    

Give his body to his parents you self absorbed b*tch, jesus! It would mean everything to them and you were divorcing him for the love of God.

Souless wrench.

1164 days ago


THIS IS SO BRAVO COULD TAPE IT. THEY don't want to tape a FUCHING cremation in ratings............why doesn't TAYLOR just eat his corpse? BRAVO could tape that and air it right? BLOOD MONEY FUCHS...what's next.....hunting humans in the woods on that your next show BRAVO?

1164 days ago


She gave up her rights to decide this decision when she decided to divorce him ..PERIOD! His mother brought him in to the world. Taylor was finished with him. Send him home Taylor!
And by the way, How could you pressure him with your child's $60...,000.00 birthday party when you knew he had been thru major financial upheavals before? He was obviously uncomfortable in almost every scene. It was uncomfortable jus*****ching him. He was so unhappy and SO WERE YOU! so, hey, let's just spend a boat load of money.. that always helps! Find another way to fill the hole in your soul. money is not the answer. You must be brutally honest with's too late for Russell to do that.
I wish you well.

1164 days ago


She lost her rights to what, "SHE" wanted when she filed for divorce. I say her parents should have the right to his remains and where they are placed. Screw her.

1164 days ago


This story just makes me sad. I felt so sad watching Russell on heart always went out to him. NOT HER. What a horrible, sad ending. Rest in peace with God Russell...bless your soul.

1164 days ago


She wanted to end the marriage and filed....she no longer has a say so in any regards to him. Let "HIS" family have the finally say. Poor guy...can't even get peace in death!

1164 days ago


Nasty Bit_h! Drained him dry. Still trying to milk a dead body...How much $$ did she take from him to cover that wretched face lift? What a waste of money. That face looks like it is heading into her late 50's.
Maybe she can be buried with him.
She looks dead already.

1164 days ago
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