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Taylor Armstrong

Russell's Parents and I Agree

On Funeral Arrangements

8/19/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Armstrong
and Russell Armstrong's parents are in agreement -- Russell will be cremated in Los Angeles and the funeral will be held in L.A. as well ... TMZ has learned.

Taylor's family law attorney, Troy Christiansen, tells TMZ, Taylor is "outraged" at attorney Ron Richards, who has said Taylor and her lawyer lied when they said they had looped Russell's family in on the funeral arrangements. 

Richards claimed that Taylor excluded Russell's family from any decisions.

As we reported, there was a conflict over whether Russell's body would stay in L.A. or be taken to Texas, but Christiansen says it's all been resolved and everyone is in agreement.

Christiansen said there was never an issue about cremation -- Russell expressly said he wanted to be cremated and not buried.  And since Taylor was Russell's wife at the time of his death, she's the one making the funeral arrangements, but Christiansen says Russell's family is fine with it.


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Will there be any RICH men who don't mind a girl with very high milage?

1159 days ago


Don't know who to believe, a funeral is no time to play hardball.

1159 days ago


Well I'm glad that's settled cause ROL has a completely different story saying Taylor and Russell's family were at odds over the funeral arrangements.

1159 days ago

There's a problem here    

B1tch lucked out. She was divorcing him but he killed himself first, so now she can play the grieving widow. Burn in hell whore.

1159 days ago


She's so full of lies and cover ups that I no longer care. Disappear and take care of your daughter, attention whore.

1159 days ago


A casket burial costs about $15k just to begin here in SoCal.

At high-end cemeteries such as Forest Lawn or Westwood the cost is greater.

More likely Taylor had to give in to the cremation demand simply because she cannot afford a casket burial and burial space.

No assets = limited options.

And its interesting how her rich castmembers failed to come forward with checks to help her out. But *whatever*!

1159 days ago


Please enough of these pathetic people!!

1159 days ago


I know I'm going to get heat for this but - let Bravo foot the bill for Russell's funeral. I realize that Bravo did not put the noose around his neck but they sure were the puppet masters in this scenario.
After this tragedy, who the hell would want to see Andy "Cheesy Smile" Cohen have his WWHL skit and have a "drinky poo" each time a specific word regarding the housewives is spoken.
The only way to be done with Bravo is to hit them in their wallets. First, viewers boycott the advertisers & 2) even if there is no way the family can win a wrongful death case against Bravo, the rotten smell on Bravo's hands will never wash off. Sorry for the rant people. (It just seems that even in death, Bravo is still calling the shots from behind the screen.

1159 days ago


Would anyone like to join a petition asking TMZ to stop including this ugly broad's picture every time they mention this story? Oh, and Harvey and the gang will be milking this well into the next season of the show. Ugh.

1159 days ago

Rufus Greenjeans    

I'm getting tired of looking at this trout-mouthed loser.

1159 days ago


I'm sure the second I post this the answer will come to me. But what does ROL refer to?

1159 days ago


Come on guys! Bravo is not to blame. Taylor and her husband lived beyond their means to keep up with the jones. Russell also stole money from his company/investors in which he could not pay back in time or at all and got himself in real bind. what he did by killing himself was wrong and sad for him family. I'm sure Taylor is no angel but I don't think calling her a whore is fair. And why are her friends responsible for paying funeral expenses? Did you see the 60,000 party Taylor threw for her childs 4th birthday? It's all really sad.

1159 days ago


She got him to do the show. Now he's dead.

1159 days ago


Wow that's a vawncast way to go. Guess her family has a "heart"

1159 days ago


Well I am glad they are in agreement.

1159 days ago
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