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Ted Williams

I've Been Financially Raped

8/19/2011 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams has filed a lawsuit that will make you cry.

Williams -- the homeless guy who became famous for his voice of thunder -- claims when he hit it big earlier this year, he couldn't handle the pressure and was plagued with "significant drug and alcohol abuse" and was "totally incapable of understanding what was happening to him or handling [his] own affairs."

Williams got hooked up with Zev Suissa, Randy Thomas and Joe Cipriano -- also known as the defendants.  According to the lawsuit, the trio took Williams for a ride, knowing he was suffering from severe substance abuse.

The suit claims Suissa, Thomas and Cipriano got Williams to sign a "one-sided, onerous, burdensome, non-negotiated and blatantly unfair" deal that gives them a huge chunk of any money Williams makes. 

Williams now wants a judge to void the contract.

Short story ... sounds like he signed his life away.


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How could this happen? I thought Dr. Phil was looking out for him.

1161 days ago


He gave us the big sob story, acted as if he wanted a J-O-B and he really didn't want to work at all..people have given him 100 chances and he keeps making excuses. Time to go back under the bridge and go away and stop wasting the time of people who really wanted to help!!!!!!!

1161 days ago

two cents    

He should stop the world and get off. His life is a waste. Why prolong it. To get a second chance at life and piss it away? Idiot.

1161 days ago


There's a reason he wound up homeless. Some people are born losers. I'm not saying anything against him personally, but the dude has demons that he clearly cannot overcome.

1161 days ago


Excuses, excuses, excuses. Snooze. I'm so sick of hearing about all these idiots. . .I guess there aren't any "real" celebrities anymore.

1161 days ago


LOL...DR Phil must be laughing his azz off. Use your Brain when you get paid.

1161 days ago


Loser...I don't feel sorry for him at all. If you cant pull your head out of your behind for a few minutes to pay attention to what is going on around you...then tough luck!

1161 days ago

Joey Boots    

Sounds like he got a new agent/manager who wants him to dump the old guys.

1161 days ago


Maybe he can be a hair model. That is an incredible head of hair on that man, especially for his age. Maybe he can be the hair and the voice of some kind of shampoo campaign. Play off his homelessness and be like, When Your Hair Really Needs to Be Washed, Only Head and Shoulders".

1161 days ago


Ah gee, I'm droppin' crocodile tears here.

Once a drunk always a drunk. He ain't gonna change so what difference does it make?

1161 days ago


most lawyers are s***..........

1161 days ago

Obviously Obvious    

He just wants more money to support his drug habit. This guy will always be a druggie and he had tons of it when fame came. His 15 mins are up and he needs to feed a need!

1161 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Wow ripping off a homeless guy is like stealing candy from a baby. Sure it is easy to do but that does not make it right.

1161 days ago


Rape is a horrible, invasive and violent act and while certainly Mr. Williams was "financially taken advantage of" it doesn't nearly reach the level of psychological trauma of being physically violated. Use of the term to mean anything less desensitizes us to the true horror of sexual assault and perpetuates a rape-supportive culture. Good job, TMZ.

1161 days ago


Go hang out with Lohan.

1161 days ago
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