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Demi Lovato


8/20/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today is Demi Lovato's 19th birthday ... and she kicked off the celebration last night by hitting up a local grocery store for a case of beer with her presumably-over-21 friend.

Lovato went to rehab last year, but her people said it was not for drugs or alcohol related issues.

For her part, Lovato tweeted last night, "Birthday redbulls cause ... Duh. :)"


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She's baaaack    

You think she'd go with some Stella or a designer beer instead of that stuff that'll give her the squirts tomorrow.

1160 days ago


I thought that she was doing okay, if this stuff is indeed for herself... then shes going to end up with more troubles then she did when she had that breakdown... Shes just 19.... if she was 21 I wouldn't worry about her so much... but her at this age and its proven that shes emotionally unstable... this isn't going to be good.

1160 days ago


It's early to say, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict another mental breakdown due to alcohol in about 3 years.

On another note, SIERRA NEVADA is my choice of beer...followed by Bass.

1160 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Next up, a story about an investigation of the store and her friend, because by looks of it, she paid. Selling to a minor & providing alcohol to a minor!

1160 days ago


Really a 19 year old goes to a store with someone else and buys groceries and this is news because????

1160 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Miller Lite is kind of like water anyway. Nonstory

1160 days ago


Um, yeah. That store & cashier can both be investigated//barred from selling alcohol because of this picture. When selling alcohol, everyone in the party has to be over the age of 21.

1160 days ago


but but sober is sexy! shouldn't she be telling her friend that and saying "no! don't buy beer"

or maybe that sober is sexy is all just bull****

1160 days ago


WOW guys... how do we even know its for her? calm your tits

1160 days ago


I love party girls! I bet she's good in bed, too;)

1160 days ago

PRO US    

She didn't go to rehab for alcohol or drug issues. She went for violence issues, her violence against herself and another woman she was working with. She's not violent because she gets drunk or drugged up. She's violent just for the fun of it. She only goes to stores with friends to buy booze. They then donate the booze to charities. They don't drink the booze themselves. She never drinks booze. She never does drugs. She is a little angel. Sure.

1160 days ago


Click on her name above and read the bio....I guess TMZ must have hired an 8 year old non-English speaking person to write it.

1160 days ago


GMAFB I bet if you poll all 19 year olds across the country 85% would say they drink. I also bet if you throw a poll up right now asking if TMZ posters drank before they were 21 the yeses would out weigh the nays. It's beer for goodness sakes. It's not like she was buying bottles of hard stuff. And ITA w/#1 she has money why is she buying that cr@p beer?

1160 days ago


Once OBAMA gets hold of this photo he plans to get corrupt Eric Holder on the case. The plan is to lock this couple up for decades!!!

1160 days ago


It's funny how the paps did not get a picture of her actually leaving the store with the beer? I would not be surprised if that ****e agency xyz17 made the whole thing up, and the beer was on the counter all the time.

1160 days ago
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