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La Toya Jackson

Forgiving the MJ Haters

8/22/2011 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson thinks a lot of Michael Jackson haters have had a change of heart since her brother died -- but it's unclear whether she's including Gene Simmons in that group.

You'll recall KISS got dropped from the upcoming MJ tribute concert in part because Gene has said he believes Michael was a child molester.

This weekend in Bev Hills we asked La Toya if she thought the concert should be off limits to artists who disrespected Michael. Her answer is all about forgiveness ... but are you buying it?


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La Toya is doing lots better since Mike died.

She used to drive a Hyundai and now is sporting a Rolls.

Easy for her to forgive while riding on that money carpet, lol

1160 days ago

Sienna Sacha    

The BIGGEST MJ "Hater" of all time is LaToya. . . ..she has no shame. . . the filthy ugly pig.

1160 days ago


Funny thing is... I DONT FREAKING CARE!!!!!

1160 days ago


Seriously, look at the steering wheel in her car. That "R/RR" is Rolls Royce.

Before Michael died she was doing reality shows for chump change with Ponch/a.k.a. Erik Estrada and failing at that.

Mike dying was the best thing that ever happened to her.

1160 days ago


MJs mom and pop are not going to be around forever and the rest of the clan always need a cash infusion since the breadwinner is no longer with them

1160 days ago


this lousy broad has done exactly what to be driving that swanky rolls royce? i wonder who paid for that?
couldn't possibly be her brother

1160 days ago

John 8:32    

La Toya Jackson... this story is for you... this is my remembrance of the first time I met your brother Michael. A girlfriend of mines at the time... had purchased a new automobile... and she asked me if I were like to take a ride with her to Magic Mountain... which I graciously accepted smile. As we were about halfway to the amusement park Magic Mountain. The girl I was riding with looked over to her left she was driving... and noticed a long black limousine... slowly passing us to our left. As she kept glancing at the limousine I remember her saying to me that kind of looks like Michael Jackson and I didn't pay it much mind at the time so... as things would have it... we ended up passing them several times along the way first they would pass us and then we would pass them... nevertheless every time we came in contact with the limousine she would look and say that still looks like Michael Jackson finally we approached the offramp for Magic Mountain and we noticed the limousine slightly in front of us was taken the same offramp to the right as we both Exited the to enter the Magic Mountain parking lot... the parking attendant directed us to park right next to the limousine. So as we were exiting our car my friend looked over again at the people who had just gotten out of the limousine and she says I don't care what you say that's Michael Jackson. I said all girl come on now... at the same time I noticed them walking away from us heading toward the parking lot trams... I noticed from the rear as we were walking behind them that one of them did Kind of favor Michael Jackson from the rear at this time Michael was still very young and he had a beautiful Afro hairdo. There was an older man medium light complected with sort of freckles walking with a couple of young guys... one of them could've been Randy but I don't remember now... any way to make a long story short as I was approaching them from the rear walking in the same direction I hollered out hey Michael... and the young guy with the big Afro... slightly ducked down as he was walking in a way attempting to allude or a void my acknowledgment. By his body language I could tell that he recognized the name Michael... so I said it the second time... hey Michael. This time he turned around and looked at me and it was him... I'm guessing maybe he was around 12 years old. And the first thing I noticed was how slender his little arms were. The second thing I noticed was that he had the most beautiful brown complexion I had ever seeing on a person it had an orange glow to it. He shook my hand... and introduce me to I believe he said uncle Red. Who was very nice to us as well... eventually we sat together on the Tram that takes you from the parking lot to the front of the amusement park. He was sitting directly in front of me... and we were sitting behind him... I'll never forget the girl that I was with... started picking dog hair out of Michael's Afro. Which at first startled him. He kept looking at me and I would just smile at him as she continued to pick all of this dog hair out of his Afro and then she helped to reshape it. It was so much fun to walk around with Michael and Randy and uncle Red and watch the people's reaction when they would recognize Michael... they would be walking towards us and all of a sudden... their eyes would get big as eggs. They would point and look and smile and say oh my God... it's Michael... it's Michael... it's Michael.

Anyway... La Toya Jackson - that story was for you.

-God Bless!!!

1160 days ago

check yourself    

TMZ: "LaToya, I'm just curious, what do you think about artists that try to sign on to Micheal's Tribute that disrespected him in the past...??"

Latoya: insta paranoid with good reason - her own filthy lies/allegations and EPIC FAIL excuses as to why SHE 7th level disrespected him in the worst way possible, BECAUSE she's his sister - damn near breaks into a run to get into her car while she mumbles something about sometimes people regret what they said after someone dies...

Asked, and answered.

".... but are you buying it?" Hell, no. Who in their right mind (key words: "right mind") would buy a damn thing LaToya? Plz.

Yeah.. ALL of 'em say they had no clue Gene Simmons disrespected him, otherwise wouldn't have invited him.

Ask who's buying THAT. (Answer: NO ONE)

Oh, wait... or, was it they had NOTHING to do with him OTHER then (so they really didn't know about GS talking his BS) kissing up to him in his face (until he finally had enough and kept them at arms length - they STILL tried) lusting after his M-O-N-E-Y and trying to manipulate their brother/son/uncle "King of Pop"'s "in" any which way into the industry every chance they had to get anywhere near him, even though of his OWN accord he kept those leeches housed and fed, and transported in grand style, ANYWAY.

LaToya's devastating whoring LIES, Jermaine's "Badd" ... don't even get me started on JJ/KJ. Syge, anyone? Exactly. Filthy. Every last one of 'em.

Never enough. Never will be. I'm so sorry, Micheal.


1160 days ago


Famous for nothing....ha ha...wanna look like his bro...ha ha. How can i believe anything from this fake Family.

1160 days ago


I believe her! I believe LaToya and Michael made peace about LaToya's indiscretions when Michael was alive! Maybe now that Michael is dead, she feels more guilty about it. But she truly loves her brother. There are frictions in all families, and that doesn't mean you don't love them!.And I believe LaToya has come a long way in her maturity and personal growth.

1160 days ago


whoa ... lay off the plastic surgery honey ... you look like the Joker

1160 days ago

Brigha from UK    

I wonder if MJ really did forgive Latoya after she betrayed him during the Chandler fiasco. We only have her word for it.

After reading her book, I've come to the conclusion that everything Latoya says has to be taken with a pinch of salt. At best, she's a flake, too stupid to watch her mouth. At worst, she's a lying, self serving manipulator.

Everytime she opens her mouth, she perpetuates the myth that the Jackson family is irrational and unbalanced. And that reflects on Michael.

With the trial looming, she really should be more careful. All this talk of 'forgiveness' is so inappropriate now. She should be calling for justice and retribution for her brother. Not just from Murray, but from all those who wronged him over the years.

It's never too late to show some loyalty Latoya.

1160 days ago


Her face scares me... face could be used as evidence in a multimillion dollar malpractice suit... just saying.

1160 days ago


Oh, brother! This idiot had plastic surgery! She looks like she smashed her face on a brick wall!

1160 days ago
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