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Taylor Armstrong Beating

Dr. Who Performed Surgery

On Her Did NOT Call the Cops

8/22/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0816_taylor_armstrong_ex_3The doctor who performed surgery on Taylor Armstrong the night her husband Russell beat her did not report the incident to police ... even though medical professionals must report suspected domestic abuse  ... sources tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Taylor revealed to her "Real Housewives" cast mates that Russell beat her so badly in June, she ended up in the hospital with broken bones in her cheek.

Sources say the police never interviewed Taylor following the beating ... something they would have done had there been a report of domestic violence.

We're told the doctor who performed the surgery was NOT Adrienne Maloof's hubby, Dr. Paul Nassif.

In addition to the surgeon, the hospital staff also failed to report the incident.


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Probably was a long con to scam $$$ from idiot Camille when he sued her and the other HWs for libel/slander. In videos, we've seen Taylor as a falling down, sloppy drunk.

1096 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

@Serena Was thinking exactly what I was thinking. Taylor needs a scapegoat because if you dig a little deeper than gossip rags about her and her late husbands past, you'll find they were both very shady characters. The abuse claims WILL be used as leverage to try and get her out from under the lawsuit she is facing. They may be used, however she will never win this one!

1096 days ago


She has a "charity" that works with and helps those regarding domestic abuse so if there was "abuse" why didn't she follow the steps and report it? You can tell that she has had more plastic surgery I do not know whos face has had more work done her Camille or Kyle they are all fake.

1096 days ago


Shame on the Doctor. Terrible thing to not report this to the Police. I am sure she begged them not to, they should have reported anyway.

1096 days ago


Spousal Abuse IS NOT a mandatory reported offense in the medical world. If a child or elderly individual is suspected to have been abused, than it is automatically reported. An adult can only be encouraged to report, but the medical staff is not obligated NOR allowed to report it without consent.

1096 days ago


Please investigate what you say before you report it. The only thing that has to be reported by law are stabbings and shootings. Domestic issues are up to the victim unless the victims are children, elderly or somehow unable to take care of thmself. Check your sources people.

1096 days ago


Remember Nicole Simpson? She divorced him and he killer her. Taylor divorced Russell and he beat her. I don't like her but these guys go nuts when they're dumped.

1096 days ago


It looks like Dr Who used his sonic screwdriver to perform the surgery

1096 days ago

The Retaliator    

who gives a ****

1096 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

to the people who seem like they're trying to justify her in some way over the "doctors not being obligated to inform the police" crap i say this... i'm sorry, it's still a load of crap. she doesn't report it, but then makes tabloid accusations about it after he's dead? it's all about the $$$ and it's disgusting. if she really felt abused she would have simply gone to the police, not the news. i don't have one iota of sympathy for this disreputable disgrace for a human being

1096 days ago


I won't believe it until I see some pic's. Why didn't she, her "friends" or Bravo notify the police? Nothing like pushing a man to suicide and then putting all the blame on him when he's dead and can't stick up for himself. I always thought he was a ****, he never seemed to enjoy the money his wife was spending like the $50,000 for a 5 year olds birthday party, and now I realize the poor guy was probably just worried sick about how to pay for everything. Taylor should be brought up on man slaughter charges, the phony bitch.

1096 days ago


To the commenter who remarked that DV is across socio-economic lines...

Last season, Taylor told people in the shelter that one day maybe they too will be able to live in Beverly Hills. She also denied abuse back then (unless you call your husband being a party-pooper cause he left your friends stupid parties early or bought your daughter a dog you didn't want).

yes, there are tons of people who are victims of DV... who are trapped in a house with someone who have kids they can't feed without help and who have little or no skills... Then you have the women who marry a rich guy and put up with all kinds of stuff just for the money but who could leave and move to a modest apartment and still eat. Tell me those are the same scenarios?

1096 days ago


Anyone who thinks it is not mandatory in the state of California is wrong

1096 days ago


If it wasn't do***ented, it didn't happen. Now either a whole hospital of professionals failed to live up to a professional standard in their field or this one little lady is a liar.

1096 days ago


UGH. D o ***** e n t e d.

1096 days ago
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