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Matt Damon

I'm NOT Running for President

8/23/2011 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Don't expect to see Matt Damon's name on the ballot in 2012 -- because despite Michael Moore's blessing ... Damon says he's got no plans to run for President of the United States.

How bout them apples?


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I don't think the problems in the US have much to do these days about what party the President belongs to. It's more about the polarization of the parties, and the polarization of the voters who support them and spew this liberal vs conservatism crap, this elitist media vs small town family values crap, etc etc. Half the country is at odds with the other half. Work together people, stop spewing propaganda and throwing around words half of you probably don't even understand.

1123 days ago


Thank GOD!

1123 days ago


Yes, Virginia; there is a Santa Claus!!! Got my Christmas present early this year .....

1123 days ago


Do any of you tighta$$ conservatives realize you are complaining about his celebrity status by way of commenting on a celebrity website? Put a gun in your mouths and keep believing George W would have turned it around if only he had another eight years. Morons..

1123 days ago

Glory Bee    

Michael Moore = kiss of death. Best to work on those acting skills Matt. Yeah, definately need to work on those skills. MM? Creepy as the Burger King in the plastic mask, and about as relevent.

1123 days ago

Big Gay Al    

It's because he knows TMZ has a secret tape of him calling Ben gay. Of course it is a secret sex tape between him and Ben, but it was still a very homophobic comment. Shame on you Maaaatt Daaaaamonnn shame on you.

1123 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    


1123 days ago

Fat Mike    

I'm not running for president either. That's because like Damon, I have no political experience whatsoever. I am completely unqualified to run a country, just like Obama.

1123 days ago

Change 2010    

Rookie left wing senator Obama isn't qualified and He got elected so Damon has a chance

1123 days ago


GOOD! You have no experience in government and neither does that jerk week George Clooney. Neither of you would get elected anyway.

1123 days ago


His background of running and attending large hand illegal poker games where coke and HO's are obligatory probably disqualifies him and his vp Afleck. These two are nothing but phony real South Boston wannabe's...they can mimick the accent when paid to, but both of them are of the Barney Frank style of Ma. politics. The style that gives away stuff to people who cant afford it, then points to others when its time to pay for it. Bad news for Politics and frankly some of the recent movies they are making. Sorry Ben, your movie about being a tough white boston robber with a heart (Town) was about as believable as Barney Frank windsurfing with John Kerry.

1123 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

Good move Matt. Matt's another liberal that doesn't know what he's talking about.....we don't need another inexperienced and ignorant Prez that talks out of his arse. We have that already in 0bozo. Stick to acting...not that you're good at that, either.

1123 days ago


Matt Damon is an idiot.He says we should pay more in taxes but I don't see him donating several million dollars to help out the deficit.

1123 days ago


So sick of these idiot "celeb's" thinking they know everything. We don't need anymore flakes in politics. Got enough as it is

1123 days ago


Thank you Matt, you would make someone like Obama actually look like he knew what he was doing. But I guess there isn't much of a difference between an actor like Matt and a community organizer like Obama, neither one is fit to be President.

1123 days ago
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