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Casey Anthony


8/26/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony ain't wasting her time while she serves her probation in Florida -- TMZ has learned, she's going back to college ... on the Internet.

Sources close to Casey tell TMZ, she hasn't decided what field to pursue just yet -- but she's adamant about bettering herself while confined to the Sunshine State ... and wants to start taking online courses ASAP.

We're told Casey will hit the books from the comfort of her own home -- which is doubly convenient ... because after numerous death threats, she doesn't plan to spend much time outside.

And to make sure she stays safe -- we're told Casey has the entire place on lockdown ...with a 24-hour security team.


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I hope that this father is executed for what he did! At least his son's death would have seen some justice done - unlike Casey Anthony!


Jori Lirette Was 'Very Happy, Very Loved' Says Mom Of Disabled 7-Year-Old Allegedly Decapitated By His FatherJori Lirette Was 'Very Happy, Very Loved' Says Mom Of Disabled 7-Year-Old Allegedly Decapitated By His Father
Posted on Aug 27, 2011 @ 11:43AM print it send it
AP ImagesBy Radar Staff

Despite his cerebral palsy, little Jori Lirette was not an overwhelming challenge to care for, his devastated mom Jesslyn Lirette says.

The seven-year-old was found decapitated and dismembered, allegedly at the hands of his father Jeremiah Wright, who police say has confessed to the crime and who was yesterday charged with first degree murder.

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"Jori had a good life. He was never any trouble. He was very happy and very loved," his mother told the Tri-Parish Times.

"He would get down and roll around on the floor and have fun," Jesslyn added. "He was not confined to a wheelchair. He could move the wheels to get himself anywhere he wanted to be. The wheelchair made him free."

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As previously reported, Wright is said to have told cops he was "tired of caring for Jori," who also needed a feeding tube.

The brutal crime -- Jori's head was left along the side of a road for all to see -- has shocked and horrified his Louisiana neighborhood.

Jeremiah Wright faces life in prison or the death penalty if convicted of the crime.

1120 days ago


Maybe one of the security people won't like her much.....and fall asleep on the job....hummmmm sounds like a job a few of us might want......I will be glad to DONATE my time to guard her.....and I will post my hours to let you all know when I will be sleeping on the job.....lmao

1120 days ago


Hard for her to go back to college when she was never in college to begin with. She dropped out of high school, never graduating, and her story about attending Valencia turned out to be a lie. She's never attended any college anywhere.

1120 days ago


What in the hell is she going to do? Write childrens books? If she is ever to get a job in the general population she won't last but a couple days till someone with a gun mows her ass down. I pity her poor hide once she surfaces.

1120 days ago


Oh, college is it?? What about high school? Last time I checked you had to complete high school to attend college, even online in the convenience of your own home. Also, who is paying for all this? Most likely student loans will pay for the school, but what about the twenty-four security?? Thought Ms Anthony was indigent. Oh, I see, she is only indigent when it serves her purposes!!!!!!!!!!!!

1120 days ago


back to college, she didn't even graduate from high school, who are you fooling TMZ she was half a credit short of graduation,

1120 days ago


who is paying for her classes?

1119 days ago


how can you go back to college when you were NEVER in college? that moron is a high school drop out who supported herself by stealing. what is she telling everyoneher major is? physics? pre-med? early childhood education? her college career is about as real as her nanny was.

1119 days ago



In answer to your question. She is not studying to become a lawyer - she is studying to become a Paralegal. That is someone who works in a legal office, gathering information, files, do***ents, etc. She will have a job in Baez & Cheney's office when she has completed her studies.

1119 days ago


Okay, she's getting an education in lieu of seeking employment (a condition of her probation). The problem I see with her doing this online is that she won't be the one to actually do the work. Anyone could do the work and claim it is her doing it. How is her PO going to able to verify something like this? Just take her word for it? And what were the 4 counts she was she convicted of in her trial?!!

1119 days ago


"Sources close to CA" = up her butt Baez! Who do they think they're fooling!!

1119 days ago


does anyone wonder who is paying her tuition bills, housing, meals. Baez said he put money in a trust fund then she is not indigent

1119 days ago


Everyone keeps asking "How Can She Afford All of This?"

Well, the answer is a simple one. Baez, Cheney, Sims are helping, as are her parents, also, she has money comming in from "as yet to provide" interviews and books, in addition to all the money being sent to her from idiots who believe that she is innocent & hot (morons), and lastly - the taxpayers! So there is your answer.

By the way - All of this is a bunch of BS in the hopes of changing the people's minds about her and with an ounce of luck, showing some sympathy, compassion, and forgiveness to "Poor Little Casey" - Barf Barf! They are out to change her image and make her more profitable for when she finally does do the interviews and book deals. Plus, they are banking on the hate towards Casey to diminish with all these actions. Never going to work! She will always remain the Most Hated Person in America!

1119 days ago



In answer to your question. Casey could have - I am not saying that she did - because I truly do not know. But, she could have easily studied for and taken the test to get her GED. Then she would have been able to take on-line courses in college. She may have studied for it in prison or after she got out of prison. The GED test is (from what I understand anyways) not very difficult to pass. And it would not surprise me in the least to learn that Baez and Sims or whoever, coasted her into taking it. However, that is not to imply that she is truly taking any on-line courses in college. That is extremely doubtful however it is possible.

In answer to your question. She is not studying to become a lawyer - she is studying to become a Paralegal. That is someone who works in a legal office, gathering information, files, do***ents, etc. She will have a job in Baez & Cheney's office when she has completed her studies.

Forgot to add:

No One in their correct mind would ever consider giving Casey a job anywhere. And this is mostly Baez's way of helping to take care of her - not that what he and that Dorothy Sims aren't doing it already. But it also serves as a way of keeping his little Candy at the office where he can keep an eye on her and (you know) whenever he wants too

1119 days ago


Yes, Casey anthony is "going back to school" (it's called High School Drop Out On-line College), and this way she doesn't have to look for a job under the terms of her probation----Also, being "on-line", she doesn't have to attend classed/lectures---How can this be allowed by her Probation Officer!!! Another SCAM.
Here's a thought--Why doesn't one of those 12 Jurors hire her as a baby sitter for their kids/grandchildren: After all, they found her totally not guilty of child abuse and murder of am innocent child.

1118 days ago
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