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Denise Richards

Welcome to Charlie's Neighborhood!

8/26/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
truly believes in one BIG happy family, because TMZ has learned he's moving Denise Richards into a home a stone's throw from where he lives.

Denise is moving into the home Charlie purchased earlier this year from movie mogul Mike Medavoy, located six houses down from where Charlie lives, in the same gated community.

Our sources say Charlie and Denise are now getting along reasonably well, and Charlie's primary motivation is that he wants to spend more time with their two kids. Some of Denise's stuff has already been moved in, and we're told she and the kids will begin living there in a week or so.

But it doesn't end there.  We've also learned ... Charlie is looking to purchase a third home in his gated community for Brooke Mueller and the twins.

Charlie is truly a family man ... a multiple family man.



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Maybe he'll go ahead and change his name to Manson, too....

1152 days ago


Just when you think one of these women has it together (Denise) something like this happens. My first thought is how could they be so stupid? Which is closely followed with a realization they were stupid enough to get involved with this flake, and actually breed with him, to begin with. Maybe Forest was right, "stupid is as stupid does". And so stupid will continue........

1152 days ago


Addicts are MASTER MANIPULATORS and these X's are fools for wanting anything to do with him!

1152 days ago


Mistake, Denise. Huge mistake. You have 3 babies to think about. Whatever he promised you isn't worth it.

1152 days ago


Let's ALL hope that Charlie has truly cut drugs out of his life, as have his past wives, so ALL the children can benefit from it. If he has the $ to buy houses nearby, so the children can be with BOTH parents, then GO FOR IT!

No drugs = happy families!

But do I think it will last? Sadly, no, I don't.

1152 days ago


still #Winning

1152 days ago

The Real JJ    

Well dam, Charlie pulled it out. If he doesn't like one he can down the street and chill with other. The kids gotta be so confused by now.

1152 days ago


denise: you just desapointed me> how can you be studid ..have some dignity

1152 days ago


Please...doesn't seem to matter what the f*ck Sheen bitches aren't happy. Mutherf*cker would hang your a$$ with a new rope...and you'd whine about it. Y'all act like you you've got some f*cking vested interest in all this. You don't. Truth? If you had a wouldn't be here posting your opinions, and yes, that includes me! Does Charlie care about what comes forth from your pie hole! Absolutely NOT!

There it is!

1152 days ago


I'm sorry but who cares? I mean.. seriously

1152 days ago


All of this good actions by him are just to attract "forgiveness" for his future cable show. No child should be left unsupervised with this perv. Is all for publicity, as soon as the show tanks, is back to the same old sh*t.

1152 days ago


its simple Denise wants to be apart of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and in the same community where he lives Adrienne and Lisa of the show. Basically she figures if she in that gated community Bravo just might squeeze her in.

1152 days ago


Did you guys ever see Major League? This dude is the man. If the ladies are ok with it then no problem.

1152 days ago


Come on TMZ, enough with Sheen and Lohan already!!! Both of them have turned into cracked out famewhores. Tired of seeing/reading about them on your site.

1152 days ago


Denise must be just as nuts as he is!

1152 days ago
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