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Jaime Pressly

No Jail Time After Major DUI Bust

8/25/2011 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_jaime_pressly_january_EXJaime Pressly won't get any jail time for her recent DUI arrest -- when she registered a blood alcohol level of nearly THREE TIMES the legal limit -- because she just struck a sweet deal with prosecutors.

TMZ broke the story -- Jaime was arrested for DUI back in January after blowing a .22 ... and in case you didn't know, the legal limit in Cali is .08.

The "My Name Is Earl" star was charged with two counts of DUI -- driving under the influence, and driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher.

But according to court personnel, the first count was dropped after striking a deal with prosecutors -- and Jaime pled "no contest" today to the second ... in exchange for three years probation.

Had she not struck the deal, Jaime could have faced as many as six months in jail.

12:04 PM: Law enforcement sources tell us, Jaime is also required to attend a six-month alcohol education program as part of the deal.


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She should have at least got 6 months! She could have killed someone. WTF is wrong with our CA justice system. Apparently being famous is a get out of jail card.

1154 days ago


Funny how all the celebs get off but T.I. gets pulled over for making a u turn in Cali and the police say the smelled weed but didn't produce any evidence but did find pills and yep he gets another year in jail. This world is f*#@ up!

1154 days ago


I did not have sex with that woman!

1154 days ago


Yep famous will get you a get out of jail free card, even if you murder people.

1154 days ago


Hard to believe her best bud, Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) would put up with her!

1154 days ago


Hey she was guilty, but this is typical BS, they pretty much charge you twice for the same thing, so you plea to the lesser charge. They should have never been able to charge her but for one of the two.

1154 days ago


She's freakin lucky she didn't have THAT DUI in Arizona...they could care less about celebs...ask Charles Barkley,DMX,Flor-Ida and Glenn Campbell to name a few...She'd be sitting pretty in pink stripes in Outdoor Tent City in 115 degrees heat!

1154 days ago


So one guy gets 20 days in jail for a first offense, but this one walks away on probation on 2 counts. In the same jurisdiction!!!

1154 days ago


A "nobody" would have gotten a month in jail and a six month suspension of their license.
THIS IS BULL *******.

1154 days ago


Ah, sweet, sweet Hollywood justice. The privileged in this town do whatever they want regardless of the danger or possible consequences involved, because they know their high priced legal team can get them out of just about anything, including murder.

Hey, Jaime, do the world a favor and the next time you drive drunk, please smash into a wall and kill yourself so we don't have to worry about you killing one of us, OK?

She is a worthless piece of crap who gets behind the wheel at almost 3X the legal limit, and nothing happens to her? Please, if it was a regular person accused of the same exact thing, same exact cir****tances, they'd be staying at the gray bar hotel getting 3 hots and a cot, not probation and AA meetings.

Again, I hope to God she kills herself before she kills some poor innocent person.

It's bound to happen, just wait and see.

1154 days ago


I'd do Jaime, sober or drunk...
I'd do Jaime, in the trunk...
I'd do Jaime, at point 22...
I'd do Jaime, and I'd do you, too!

1154 days ago


What a shame. If alcohol is affecting your life that much then maybe you shouldn't drink.
Filed under the heading of DUH!

1154 days ago


For all you who don't know, this is a standard first time DUI sentence for blowing higher than a .12 for ANYONE. You plead no contest, they drop one count and you get 3 years probation (the kind where you don't check in to a probation officer) and 6-9 months of DUI classes. She's being treated just like you or I would.

1154 days ago


So it took almost NINE MONTHS for the coast to clear for the California Celebrity Starstruck Courts to give her what we already know would happen... I'm surprised that nobody has gone postal on those judges in that state.

1154 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well duh. jail is for men. women don't belong in prison/jail. lets stick to keeping that a 'boys only' club.

1154 days ago
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