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Dr. Conrad Murray

Prosecution Wants to Exclude

Molestation Evidence in Manslaughter Trial

8/25/2011 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors in the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter case want to block all testimony related to allegations that Michael Jackson molested children.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ ... prosecutors want Judge Michael Pastor to bar Steve Robel -- a key Santa Barbara County Sheriff's investigator in the 2005 MJ molestation trial -- from testifying  in Murray's defense.  Robel is on the defense witness list.

In fact, prosecutors want all references to alleged molestation barred from Murray's trial, on grounds it has nothing to do with MJ's death and would merely inflame the jury.

And, prosecutors have also asked the judge to block the testimony of a number of doctors who treated Michael Jackson but were not involved in caring for MJ on the day of his death.

This is a huge motion that could have a profound impact on the case.  As TMZ first reported, the defense will argue that dozens of doctors had addicted MJ to prescription meds -- including Propofol -- and they are largely responsible for the condition Michael was in the day he died.

Judge Pastor has not ruled on the motions.


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Book Review: Getting Over Going Under by Barry L. Friedberg, MD

When I first saw the title of Barry L. Freidberg’s book, I thought it was about financial recovery, sort of a “How to Survive Foreclosure and/or Bankruptcy.” Seeing the full title, Getting Over Going Under: 5 Things You Must Know before Anesthesia straightened me right out and piqued my interest.

Dr. Friedberg has developed a method of anesthesiology that does not threaten brain health (or life), prevents excessive post-operative pain, and does not cause the patient nausea and vomiting. In Getting Over Going Under he explains his own method of anesthesia, which does not require guesswork dosages. Instead he promotes the use of propofol to knock you out, ketamine to kill the pain, and a brain monitor to make sure you are the same person you were before anesthesia.

Patients have long known the risks of anesthesia— brain damage, death, dementia—and Friedberg explains why these risks exist and how to avoid them, as well as many other unpleasant post-operative experiences. He also advises about patient rights and how to request “Goldilocks Anesthesia,” so named because it is not too much, not too little, but just right.

Friedberg includes a chapter on Michael Jackson; some people are fearful about propofol because it was the drug administered to Jackson before he died. He explains how a drug he has repeatedly administered safely could have resulted in a death, and what should have been done to prevent it.

If it will improve a patient’s surgical experience and make post-op more pleasant, why isn’t Goldilocks Anesthesia used routinely? Friedberg points out the financial cost to large pharmaceutical conglomerates. As with everything else, it’s all about the Benjamins.

Before having any procedure that requires anesthesia, read Getting Over Going Under and discuss the Friedberg Method of Goldilocks Anesthesia with your doctor.

Bottom Line: Would I buy Getting Over Going Under? Absolutely — I wouldn’t have surgery without first reviewing its guidelines.

Read more:

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The prosecution is right.This case is about Murray giving Michael propofol on top of other depressant medications.This case is about Murray's failure to be good doctor. A good doctor would have told Michael "NO" to his requests for propofol.

1091 days ago


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - King of Pop Michael Jackson is gone, but he is not forgotten -- not by MTV Video Music Award voters.

Two days before the widely-watched awards show, MTV on Friday released a poll of the top moments chosen by voters in the program's nearly three decades with Jackson singled out for most iconic and best pop performances for a medley of songs he sang in 1995.

Jackson singing and dancing to "The Way You Make Me Feel," "Scream," "Beat It" and "Smooth Criminal" picked up 57 percent of the vote for most iconic performance, beating the likes of Madonna with "Like a Virgin" in 1984 and Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" from 2009.

The "Thriller" singer, who died in June 2009 from a drug overdose, also got the nod for best pop performance with the same medley, again topping artists including Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, TLC and his own sister, Janet Jackson, who performed a tribute to Michael the year he died.

1091 days ago


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This just goes to prove that Murray has no defense if they want to bring this crap in just to try and asassinate Michael's character so the jury has a doubt. This does not have a dang thing to do with what happened on June 25, 2009. The judge ruled that Murray's past life can not be brought in, so it should go both ways. This has not a thing to do with why DUMBASS MURRAY:

1). Knocked Michael completely out and than walked out of the room leaving him unmonitored.
2). Not calling 911 for how long again???????????????
3). Not telling emt's and hospital staff what he gave him.
4). Hiding for 2 days after.

The list goes on and on and on.

These allegations that were made against Michael, (yes allegations, not evidence), is a moot point.

I agree with Nan. If the defense keeps trying these tactics, the safest place for Murray just may be prison. But than again, MJ does have alot of fans there also.

Good grief

1091 days ago


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1091 days ago


Hi marcia and TSIG,here is a link which i think might interest you:
//'s -400million-afterlife/

1091 days ago


sofi: 24 hours ago
"... the defense will argue that dozens of doctors had addicted MJ to prescription meds ..."
I'm sorry, but did the "dozens of doctors" hold MJ down and pump him full of drugs against his will? The fact is that MJ went looking for "dozens of doctors" who would give him the drugs he wanted BECAUSE HE WAS A DRUG ADDICT. He did it to himself ...

1091 days ago


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cawobeth: 15 hours ago
There is NO SUCH thing as "molestation evidence" !! What the hell kind of headline is that ? Who writes SO sloppy from TMZ ?

ANI: 8 hours ago

I cannot stand it when Harvey Levin keeps saying that the police found plenty of "evidence" that Michael gave alcohol to children at Neverland. Is Harvey Levin brain dead or what? If in fact they had found plenty of "evidence" that Michael was getting children drunk at Neverland the F.B.I. would have had him locked up in jail a long time ago. The "evidence" Harvey is talking about is Gavin Arvizo's lies he told in court about Michael giving him 'Jesus Juice'. So if someone tells me that Harvey Levine raped a woman down the street I am supposed to say they found plenty of "evidence" he is a rapist?

1091 days ago


Maximus incase you haven't noticed i copypasted that part from above.

Since you want my answer exactly who are these doctors and where is there evidence that Michael wanted drugs?

1091 days ago
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