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The Salahis to Montel:

It Wasn't Us!!

Our Customer Invited You

8/25/2011 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_salahis_montel_exMichaele and Tareq Salahi say Montel Williams is angry at the wrong people -- and they want to make it 100% clear they had nothing to do with dragging his name into an upcoming event at their winery.

Late Thursday, Montel's rep says he sent a cease and desist letter to the Salahis demanding Montel's name be removed from a website promoting a charitable event being held next month at Oasis Winery in Virginia.

Michaele tells TMZ ... "DC's Most Fabulous Magazine" is actually organizing the event -- Oasis is merely the venue -- and she thinks Montel's beef should be with the magazine.

Michaele says, "The website Montel Williams is referring to is NOT a Salahi website. We don't get involved with what customers of our winery do or who they invite."

She adds they, personally, have never stated that Montel was attending the party -- and "if [Montel's reps] have an issue with what one of our customers does at the winery, they should contact that customer.


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All these two clowns know how to do is LIE and manipulate and defraud people out of money for so called charities. These two have countless lawsuits and why the media keeps putting this psycho whack job in the media is beyond me. PAY YOUR BILLS AND STOP LYING AND STEALING. Pathetic human beings... PS my money says this lying psychopath did drop his name.

1118 days ago


I agree with this, as this had happened to me. My inn was the location of a party, rented and paid for by a charity. The charity made certain claims about people on their guest list, and they were lying. We were just the venue, had nothing to do with what the party was for , who wa invited etc.

1118 days ago

samuel bronkowitz    

The Salamis might want to check the website for the event. Pay attention to the part that says "In addition to the Hollywood Oasis event hosts, Oasis Winery owners & T.V. Reality Stars Tareq & Michaele Salahi (who has MS) and DC’s MOST FABULOUS Magazine’s Publisher & Editor in Chief, Howard Nelson Cromwell,."

Be sure to check our FB page for the truth:

1118 days ago


Oh how convenient just like they changed their story about crashing the white house 10 million different ways..they later claimed they were personal guests of the Obama's and they were secretly invited. GET REAL. Howard Cromwell is their partner in crime..they've hosted another SCAM the Bravo Premier of RHODC stating proceeds would go to a charity for wounded soldiers yet not a CENT was ever donated, they later back peddled claimed they were not sponsoring the event but merely guests. Or the PURE nightclub event in Las Vegas where Tareq took the mic telling EVERYONE he was waiving their 5,000 appearance fee giving the money to the victims of Haiti..Guess what, NOT A CENT was ever donated, the money was wired directly their accts the following business day. These ppl are MAGGOTS. Harvey must have a serious tranny crush on Manchaele.. He keeps buying their stories..Matter of fact, at this point TMZ is their main source of income. Why doesn't TMZ report on Michelle's adams apple? I mean does having FAKE MS cause a natural born female to have a male appendage?

1118 days ago


All of them are poor excuses for human beings.

What a waste of time to listen or watch any one of them.

1118 days ago


Did you also ask them how they're able to hold an event on a winery they don't own? They're not permitted to hold any events on the property, the winery is in bankruptcy they do not, I repeat DO NOT own it..

1118 days ago


If her lips are moving she's lying.

...still waiting to see the "invite" and "evidence" you were invited to the WH

1118 days ago


Hey Howard, welcome to the victims club the Salahis just threw you under the bus!

1118 days ago


FYI ppls, TMZ has been PAYING the Salahi's for ANY STORY they manufacture,like the winery cracked from the recent earthquake, complete with footage taken by Tareq.REALLY? News flash: Oasis winery has been run down/decrepit for YEARS. Now you know how these two continue running scam after scam, thanks TMZ. Keep enabling the LIARS. It's one thing to report about them, it's a whole other level of s*** to PAY THEM actual money for their BS.

1118 days ago


The Salahis need to go away! These creeps will do ANYTHING for a buck. They would probably even crash a party at the Whitehouse granted the opportunity presented itself. These 60 year old creepers acting like their 20 is very disturbing.

1118 days ago


Media Whores!

1118 days ago


Just take these two salami turds into the forest a staple their heads to a tree. End of story.

1118 days ago


And what's with her mouth? She looks like it was installed by Tim Burton.

1118 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Always with the excuses.

1118 days ago


These people are liars about everything. The do not own the winery. Ms my foot. MS are the initials to her name. To stupid to think of another disease. Now they want a baby. Hope no surrogate helps them. Sterilize these things.

1118 days ago
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