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Dr. Conrad Murray

Judge Made an 'Error'

By Not Sequestering Jury

8/27/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray thinks Judge Michael Pastor made a mistake when he ruled against sequestering the jury in the upcoming Michael Jackson manslaughter trial ... but he said he's doing the best he can and that God will see him through this.

God ... and a jury of his peers.


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1152 days ago


I think TMZ made an error in thinking anyone gives a *****ake.

1152 days ago


Since he is hoping God will get him through--my hope is that God helps him through some serious prison time.

1152 days ago


Screw you, Dr. Murder.

Man up and serve your time. Maybe they'll put you in a prison wing where nobody likes Michael Jackson songs.


1152 days ago

Cheryl A.    

And I think you made a mistake when you KILLED Michael Jackson.

1152 days ago


I wanna know why do they keep calling it the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial? Michael is not on trial, Murray is. This is the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial.

1152 days ago


He may be in trouble unless he can get the Casey Anthony jury flown out to California.

1152 days ago


The man who made the error is named Conrad Murray. Murray erred when he agreed to give a patient a drug that he was not qualified to use.He erred when he used a drug meant for anesthesia as a sedative,ignoring all medical protocols,practices and procedures.

1152 days ago


The way the paragraph is worded, if someone didn't know any better, they could possibly think that Murray is representing Michael Jackson in a manslaughter trial. And, it was probably done on purpose.

1152 days ago


Put this guy behind bars already..for fuq's sake. The dude has been having the time of his damn life knowing he killed someone! Giant A-Hole. And I'm not even a MJ fan.

1152 days ago

some guy    

I'm in now way a supporter of MJ. But this guy is a douchebag. And I really hope they throw the book at him. I'm sure his imaginary god won't be able to help.

1152 days ago


Sometimes I think people bring God into the conversation just to get the public on their side.

1152 days ago


Not a fan of either one of these weirdos, but even more than that, I'm not a fan of the judicial system. I agree that the judge made a mistake in not sequestering the jury of this high profile case. If he does get a conviction, an appeal based on the fact that the judge denied this very important request, will no doubt be brought and most likely he'll win that one.

1152 days ago



1152 days ago


Maybe you would not be in this horrible situation Connie had you simply been a responsible Doctor and not the greedy SOB you really are!!

Michael Jackson did not have to die and you know that. You made a fatal error in judgement all because of your reckless behavior and selfishness. Perhaps you should have not given your patient Propofol outside of a medial setting and without the proper equipment to monitor him like any decent Doctor would know not to do! Perhaps your patient would still be alive had you not walked out of the room or talked on the phone or actually called 911 right away you stupid fool! But then again, Michael was already dead wasn't he? He had been dead for some time and you being the imcompetent azz that you are just ran around hiding things and telling everyone lies!

Those lies will catch up with you during the trial, you can count on that! Justice will prevail and you will pay for your carelessness! It's just too bad you did not stop and think about what your stupid actions will do to your own children; not to mention what they have done to Michael's kids! Greed is a powerful game to play and you are about to learn that the hard way!

1152 days ago
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