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Big Brother

Shelly's Family Receives

Death Threats Over Jeff's Eviction

8/29/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Brother" contestant Shelly Moore pissed off America when she voted to evict fan favorite Jeff Schroeder last week -- and now TMZ has learned her family has been receiving death threats from deranged fans because of the move.

Sources close to Shelly tell us ... the reality star's family has received multiple phone calls from people threatening violence ... even making threats against Shelly's 8-year-old daughter.

We're told Shelly's employer has also been receiving harassing phone calls -- demanding the company fire Shelly immediately because of the way she voted on the show.

Sources tell us Shelly's family is preparing to get the FBI involved -- because they're taking the threats VERY seriously.

UPDATE: "Big Brother" Executive Producer Allison Grodner released a statement on Twitter ... saying, "No matter how much you dislike an HG, this is wrong! True BB fans do not try to ruin lives. Please stop!"


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Any fan of this show can be considered deranged.

1153 days ago


why is america in love with douche bag jeff??? This guy is a complete tool. Where in the rule book does it say you can not vote out Jeff? Lie, cheat, beg borow or steal to do what you have to do to win this GAME!!!

1153 days ago


Why in the world America cares about jeff scares me. He is a psycho.

1153 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

This just shows you how sad, sick and pathetic some people are. Its a freaking Reality TV Show! I mean it takes a real special breed of lowlife to be so invested in a TV show that he or she would be driven to threaten the life of the family of one of the shows contestants just because they don't like her. I mean I watch the show and there have been a few people on the show I didn't like or thought were jerks or wenches but I could never hate them enough to wish harm upon them or their family. People who do are just s*** from the bottom of the shallow end of the gene pool. I hope they do get arrested even though chances are the turds will never be caught.

1153 days ago


It is sad commentary on the state of people's lives when they become so wrapped up in a "reality" show that they would threaten someone's life. Stop living vicariously through people on TV playing out scripted events designed by producers who could not care less about you or your life. Just turn it off! Read a book. Go to the park. Make friends of your own. In other words - get a life!

1153 days ago


No idea who the f*ck this person even is.

1153 days ago


I think it is horrible that people would threated Shellys family over this, but I think that saying people are upset with Shelly for how she voted is a definite understatement. People are upset with Shelly because she is a liar and a hypocrite who it tooting herself as a wonderful person over-flowing with integrity. I think her family should not have to deal with all of this, as for her employer - I really would not want to associate my business with this type of character.

1153 days ago


I enjoy Big Brother and have since the first one they have, this stuff being pulled is sick. Sites are standing up to as hard as they can. Alison, producer of Big Brother, has been tweeting very strong stances to this. If you run into a hate shelly site, report it for removal. It is ok to be a fan of any of the house guests but remember it is a game and they are there to take 1/2 a million dollars home. They aren't there to make friends.

The family of Shelly's doesn't deserve this, her employer doesnt' deserve this. I didn't like her moves, but at least she wasn't napping all the time! good grief people go take a hike and enjoy the scenery and don't take reality tv to the height of it being your own life!

To shelly's family, she is trying and the edits are to slant it and those who watch the live feeds know this. She isnt' my pick, but I do give her applause in trying to play a GAME

1153 days ago



1153 days ago


shelly's a psychoooo!! she got in jordans face after the show pointing her finger in her face

1153 days ago


CBS and Big Brother production staff are orchestrating this whole lie.....they're wildly exaggerating the threats because of "Rule # 1....People are stupid!" Then these people post stories and comments on sites like TMZ and, which then gets the "mouthbreathers" riled up and boosts their ratings.....DUH!!

1153 days ago


That's horrible. It's just a stupid game but understandable how unlikeable a person Shelly seems to be. Don't care if she got rid of Jeff. He threw the competition to save Brendon. Absolutely hate that she's such a self righteous liar and backstabber. Don't think it's an act and bad example for her daughter. She obviously doesn't need the money and should go home with her child. She's 41 years old and stealing/hiding another house guest belongings. Hard to believe she's a business woman. Pathetic!

1153 days ago


Come on people there is NO reason to make death threats over a TELEVISION SHOW..I do not like the way things went down, and Shelly backstabbing Jeff like she did but IT IS ALL IN A GAME, it is NOT REAL LIFE..
It is very ovious that Shelly is a liar, has NO INGRITY,She even lies about the fact thats she lies..BUT, that is who she is and there is NO NEED for threats againest her daughter, family..
Her own daughter said for her Mom to stop lying. Shelly will get out of the house and life will go forward..THis women is NOT worth anyone losing there freedom going to prison for threating this liar and her family.

1153 days ago


I wonder if her family is as big of a liar as she is. By the way, people are not ticked at her voting out Jeff - they're ticked by her behavior in the house.

She is a psycho! And a liar - which is part of the game, but she claims to never lie and to have "integrity" and keeps telling people to "Watch the tapes". She's been belittling people left and right like she's in junior high.

I am not a Jeff fan and was glad he got the boot.

My opinion of Shelly has nothing to do with Jeff.

But I guess it looks better for her family to spin it that way.

1153 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

Yup, "reality" TV is seriouz biznizz!

1153 days ago
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