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Casey Anthony

Fixing Her Mental Problems

... From Home

8/28/2011 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_casey_chair_EXCasey Anthony has decided NOT to enter a treatment facility for "obvious mental health issues" -- instead, TMZ has learned, she's getting professional psychiatric help delivered right to her front door.

Sources close to Casey tell TMZ, she's concerned about leaving her Florida home -- where she's serving a year of probation for her check fraud case -- but Casey still understands she needs mental help.

The solution ... we're told Casey has hired a team of mental health professionals to visit her on a regular basis.

But it doesn't end there -- we're told Casey has also employed the help of a spiritual adviser to keep her centered.

As we previously reported, sources close to Casey tell TMZ, Casey attributes her bizarre behavior when her daughter Caylee went missing back in 2008 to "obvious mental health issues."

According to sources, Casey needs to cope with the "obvious trauma of losing her child" -- and nearly three years spent behind bars in solitary confinement didn't help ... "It messed with her head."


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I'd sure like to make a delivery to her "front door"!

And her "Back door" too while I'm at it!

1118 days ago


Spiritual adviser = maybe god crazy americans will like me. Believing in gods and ghosts only makes her look even more like a fool. Are there no redeeming qualities other than her awesome rack?

1118 days ago


Confined? She needs to be committed!!

1118 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I hope we end up hearing a story how Casey is found dead in the swamp after drinking clorophyll or whatever soon. The ghost story will be that she is actually being haunted by the ghost of her murdered child, and goes crazy.

1118 days ago


Just get her neutered

1118 days ago


You know what else will mess with your head? Murdering someone.

1118 days ago


I would like to know who the F**k is paying for all of these people to "help" her?

1118 days ago


You are innocent until proven quilty under the law, thank God that is still true in America. nancy grace is not the judge and jury, so don't let her overemotional ramblings sway you. This woman obviously came from a jacked-up, dysfunctional family. So leave her alone now, and let her get some much needed help.

1118 days ago


How can she get any kind of mental 'help' when everything she says is a lie...doesn't that defeat the purpose??

1118 days ago


Why not get her psychiatric via the internet the way she's getting her college degree?

1118 days ago


IMO, the guilt of killing her child and covering it up is driving her crazy. She needs to go stark raving mad and where is she getting money to be hiring spiritual advisers mental health professionals after being locked up for three years.

1118 days ago


So it is TMZ thats paying her money shame on you

1118 days ago

The Real JJ    

It shouldn't matter if she gets "PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIATRIC HELP" done at home, as long as she gets it. Otherwise people will try to kill her before her first appointment.

1118 days ago

There's a problem here    

Oh that's wild! "The obvious trauma of losing her child." That could only have been her lawyer/pimp Baez. Maybe the trauma comes from that baby haunting her everytime the murderer closes her eyes. So now she's just like the rest of the "celebs" - You scew up ... no problem GO TO REHAB!! I truly hope some day she gets the true impact of murdering her baby, then having the best 31 days of her life. Karma? I don't know, but I hope.

1118 days ago


killing someone haunts you 4 ever

1118 days ago
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