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Chaz Bono


8/28/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

_CHAZ_BONO_GSIChaz Bono toned up for his big debut on "Dancing With The Stars" by hitting the gym in West Hollywood Saturday.

TMZ broke the story ... Chaz will be a celebrity contestant on the show and will be paired with a female dancer ... a stroke of genius on the part of the producers.

Partially covered by a tank top and tattoos, Chaz kept it healthy with bottled water to beat the heat.


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KardASSian Butt    

If sHe has no penis, sHe is a woman. I hate to break it to Chaz but she looks like a woman with a fake beard pasted on. That tank top is kind of girly. It looks like one of the ones that have a built in sports bra and sHe still has boobs or is that moobs compressed in that thing. HEr arms are very feminine. A man that size still has some muscle under the fat.

1115 days ago


She's got a lot of guts to take this on, not only because she's transgendered but but also because of her weight. I have a feeling people are going to make fun of her and the show will use her for the media attention, like they did with Kirstey Ally falling, losing a shoe, etc.

At least this will force her to get in shape and lose some weight so she doesn't die of obesity.

1115 days ago


Who the F cares if she he is a Celebrity..She has turned herself into a freak of nature..A Horror Movie..She or he is SICK and horribly confused and not real..Her parents were not any worse than most parents..She never needed anything..Most of us are from somewhat dis-functional homes..She had food, clothes, money, cars, didnt get beat etc..Stop blaming the parents..I think she is getting back at Cher 4 some stupid reason so she can finally get ATTENTION..Any attention will do 4 her-him..GOD help this freak

1115 days ago


I threw up a little in my mouth.....

1115 days ago

time to relax    

I saw him or her tv when she was trying to lose weight, she seems like a nice person who is so confused. I don't dislike her just think strange

1115 days ago

good as gold    

I watch DWTS and actually enjoy the show. I will say this though, you have to be in SHAPE and practice DAILY to have any shot of advancing to the next round. September 19 is only 3 weeks away. Chaz needs drop at least 30 lbs [10 lbs per week] by eating large amounts of protein and start jogging a few miles a day immediately to have any shot of getting out of the 1st round. Plus learn 2 dances a week? Its not looking good. People who do well on that show are generally in shape and have had previous dance lessons.

1115 days ago

joy zerba    

Glad Chaz has found happiness....will there be a weight loss so there will be better health?

1115 days ago


Do you actually think this grotesque, confused blob would be put on the show if it wasn't a trans-gender? If there was a fat slob of a a woman who was only known because she had two very famous parents, had no talent and was known for nothing but being a blob, would ABC have put her on the show? I don't think so... The media is pushing this garbage on all of us---trying to make this stuff normal and acceptable and it is not!!!!! Chastity needed therapy and /or meds, not to cut off her tits and go on Dancing with the Stars!!!

1115 days ago

Chaz should be in Playboy

1115 days ago


chaz now certainly has his mothers attention, since she was neglected as child when parents working all the time.

1115 days ago


chaz is one sick puppy, mental help did not work that is for sure!

1115 days ago

Jamie Rosemon    

Some of you peoples comments are ******* dumb and so ignorant. Chaz is a man and should be paired with a girl if wanted, actually he should be paired with either gender but baby steps, baby steps. Like 1 person says, I do not know how the hell he qualifies as a star though. But still, he deserves the respect he wants and for the piece of **** virgin Bewildered,,,GROW THE **** UP LOOSER!!!

1115 days ago

Toni Early    

Transgender people have a 1 in 3 suicide rate. I'd like to thank all of the unintelligent, self-absorbed idiots that are making comments on this site for your contribution. People who ridicule without understanding are the useless waste of humanity... not transgender people.

1115 days ago

Tristan Skye    

It's AMAZING to me how much ANGER and HATE is spewed out on here. It's not shocking, though. We live in a world where I guess it makes you feel better to sound like a school bully still? Would you talk like this in front of your own children? Calling Chaz names and saying he is mentally ill is truly your OPINION, not a fact. If you would EDUCATE yourself on Transgender people you might realize there is a lot more to it and saying horrible things about them only makes YOU look UGLY and DISGUSTING...not them!

1115 days ago

Who Cares    

I am going to get sick. God turns you into a woman and you change yourself into a freak. She thinks she is a man, but she still has no johnson, just a huge hold. She needs to grow up. Nut case.

1115 days ago
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