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Matthew Fox Accuser

"I'm Pressing CHARGES!"

8/29/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Cleveland party bus driver who claims Matthew Fox started a fist fight with her ... says the "Lost" star smelled "like a bar" -- and she's definitely pressing charges.

Heather Bormann says she thinks Matthew was drunk when she warned him several times to stop trying to get on the private bus Saturday night -- but she claims "he just stepped in for a right hook to my pelvis area and started wailing on me like I was a man."

Heather says she fought back in self-defense -- landing a left to Matt's jaw -- and today, in downtown Cleveland, she showed off her battle scars ... nasty bruises and an ace bandaged hand. She says she plans to meet with prosecutors tomorrow to press charges.

Heather also explains where she picked up the badass moves she busted out on Fox.


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She should pick on someone her own size LMAO

1148 days ago


Why wasn't Matt Fox arrested? This just doesn't seem fair, just not right. What's wrong with the cops? Did Fox give them an autograph and dazzle them with his "star status?"

1148 days ago


I didn't believe her at first, but her video is compelling. Her body language, facial expressions and vocal inflections show that she's being honest.

1148 days ago


nmnmnmnm. i don't know what to say.
people do mistakes when they are in Drunk. if the women is going to take lots of money. Then we see, that the women is going for the money. not the Law things.
But let see what happens. I wait the results in Finland :D heh

Good luck to Matthew Fox from Finland.
I hope you visit in Finland someday. :)

1148 days ago


".....and started wailing on me like I was a man."

After seeing this lady, I'm guessing that's a mistake anyone could make.

1148 days ago


Id bet anything shes a loud mouth who started this altercation and as soon as she found out who he was, she seen $$$$$$$$$$$ signs. If if beat her as bad as she said, there would be marks on her face. A bruise on the arm in that location is where you grab someone to stop them from coming at you. Trust me, shes just trying to get paid.

1148 days ago


This reminds me of the the last episode of the 3rd season of lost when Jack goes through withdrawal because he can't get back to the island and thus becomes an alcoholic. This is a clear parallel to what Matthew Fox is going through now because he will never act as Jack Shepheard ever again and its severly depressing him.

1148 days ago


Hmm!!....I am a feminist and am having a hard time to believe every single word from this woman. "Fist she say she didn't know he was, then after his arrest, then she thought he looked familiar?? and Yet she has watch the show before??? And now she has bruises on her arm?...why not take the breast bruise pic, It can be censored on the nipple. Prove it please.

1148 days ago


Why is Andy Richter driving a bus in Cleveland?

1148 days ago


You people are judging what happened just because you don't like what this woman looks like and you like what Fox looks like. You're just a bunch of fools.

1148 days ago

john joesphino    

Anyone could confuse that pig for a man especially if they were drunk

1148 days ago


OK her hand is bandaged and her arm is bruised...

What about her pelvis? Where is the blunt force trauma there?

The breast(s) injuries?

The 'crotch' injuries?

Is it pelvis only, now? Were they just 'grazing blows' to the breasts and crotch?

So far, looks to me like Fox may have grabbed her arm....

Big Poppa

1148 days ago


"Assault is wrong, no matter who it's from."
Then explain your ace-bandaged wrist. That was from YOU hitting Fox!
I don't believe this b**ch for a second.
Why, with NO provocation whatsoever would he start punching her - and in her crotch and breasts? Funny, but I saw a bruise on her ARM! A bruise that did NOT look like a 'punch' bruise.
She knew exactly who he was. She's lookin' for a quick payday!

1148 days ago


Fat, stupid, loud and trashy. In other words, typical American.

1148 days ago



1) Any number of celebs could be standing directly in front of you but you'd never think that they were actually standing in front of you. Not to mention this was CLEVELAND OHIO.

2) You want to see a breast photo? You don't think the authorities have already looked at that?

3) Believe it or not in an assult you can have bruises in many places. I know - SHOCKING!!

4) I've watched a few episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David - if he was standing in front of me, on a Sat night in Cleveland Ohio I wouldn't a) immediately recognize him b) would recognize him after someone told me who he was.

1148 days ago
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