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Michael Jackson

Molestation Talk

Banned from Manslaughter Trial

8/29/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge has ruled that witnesses will NOT be allowed to discuss Michael Jackson's child molestation case during Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial.

L.A. County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor said any testimony relating to the molestation case is irrelevant -- and would be distracting and misleading to the jury.

The judge also banned Arnie Klein from testifying -- after prosecutors argued the defense would try to blame the dermatologist for the death ... and take away attention from the man on the hot seat -- Dr. Murray.


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Should be MJ molestation, you guys never leave him alone!

1119 days ago


GO JUDGE PASTOR, what a GREAT Birthday gift for Michael....the smell of JUSTICE!!!
Still can't get over the fact that Murray's team even DREAMED they'd get away with this one. Anybody with the brain o*****NAT knows that trumped up Molestation case, Klein and his staff have NOTHING to do with the fact that Murray KILLED Michael....
And unless the defense could find a way to tie in how being FALSELY accused of Molestation and getting facial restoration could somehow cause you to die of ACUTE PROPOFOL INTOXICATION, these things have NO PLACE in this trial.....
Bottom line, what some people need to get through their THICK skulls is even if the Defense could prove that Michael was the relentless addicted Tyrant they're trying to paint him as, it still won't excuse these FACTS:
-Receipts that PROVE Murray purchased the Propofol used
-Pharmacy Techs who've testified he purchased the Propofol and had it Fed-x'ed to his Hootchie's house
-He administered the Propofol WITHOUT proper Medical equipment in an improper setting
-Phone records PROVE he called 3 people after he claims to have "discovered" Michael in distress BEFORE he called 911
-EMT's testified he LIED to them about the Meds he gave Michael, refused to allow them to declare Michael dead when he CLEARLY had no pulse and slowed down their departure for UCLA so he could "retrieve" something from the crime scene for TEN MINUTES
-UCLA staff testified he LIED and never told them he gave Michael Propofol
-LAPD detectives testified Murray stated he gave Michael Propofol the morning of June 25, 2009, and that they could not locate Murray for 2 DAYS after he fled UCLA ER once Michael was pronounced dead
-The Coroner stated Michael died of ACUTE PROPOFOL INTOXICATION and complications from the Benzos. He also stated that there were NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE, AND NO OTHER MEDS/DRUGS FOUND IN HIS SYSTEM...
Let's see the Defense talk their way out of that!!

1119 days ago


1119 days ago


I don't think that photo is looking bad at all - I don't like the lipstick, but if he liked it, it's his business. I love his eyes, and he couldn't help he got vitiligo, which is a terrible disease, and dangerous too (you can't be in the sun). I don't understand people mocking others because they're handicapped in some way. Bullies.

" Nasious Cordova: 7 hours ago

What are they going to ban next? The doctor's defense of himself? The only statement you're allwoed to make is, I'm guilty. Truth of the matter s MJ was a raging drug addict trying to squelch the voices of the children he molested with massive quanities of drugs. "

You're making up stories in your own head. There is no foundation for any of that rant, it's all in your head.

As for PRO US - sorry to break this to you, but you're not all that bright. You're trying to turn your own hatred into "facts". Not the only one.

As for Michael's own responsibility: Yes, he shouldn't have asked for propofol, because it's dangerous. He did it because none of the doctors he talked to, could help him with his severe insomnia. He didn't ask for propofol to "get high". BUT as soon as Murray said yes to that propofol request, and administered it, the LEGAL responsibility is completely his. Michael was not a doctor, and he didn't try to take propofol on his own - he knew he needed a medical professional for that. Sadly, he chose the insanely incompetent Murray. Now, Murray is on trial because he didn't do what he should have done AS A DOCTOR. That's it.

Murray's defense is trying to muddle the waters by claiming that if MJ might have had demerol in his system at earlier dates, that somehow would relieve Murray of the responsibility for what he administered to his patient ON THE DAY HE DIED, and which KILLED HIM.

Sneddon did the same in the molestation trial, by trying to use porn found at Neverland, although it was NOT kid porn, and although owning adult porn is not illegal. His ONLY purpose for doing this was to humiliate the defendant and somehow try to make the jury think that a man owning porn, of course had to be a pedophile as well. I am happy to say he failed and just exposed himself as the stupid, narrow-minded, hateful and incompetent jackass he was.

I miss Michael. I don't care about his nose, vitiligo or eccentricities. They are not important. The really important things, like his talent, great artistry and good heart are sadly beyond the understanding of the silly trolls down here in the TMZ sewers.

1119 days ago


warrior777: 4 hours ago

Where are you Harvey??? ...all these comments are totally childish. Why don't you do something? This blog is TRULY DISGUSTING. I haven't made a comment in many months, because the comments are actually embarrasing. Would any intelligent person read these?


Warrior, here's some advice on how to deal. You'll notice that the same handful of people are responsible for most of the garbage. Once you've identified the puerile posters, skip over their comments without reading, and don't respond to them. I know who they are, so as soon as I see their names, I just skip right over their posts and don't even read them. Saves a lot of time and aggravation. It's pathetic that some people have such low self-esteem and so little respect for their own time that they waste it in this manner.

1119 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Sounds like this judge has made his mind up already.
He knows the identity of the victim is not an issue in such a trial. MJs 'addiction' or whether he begged doctors for propofol is not going to be an issue.

Instead, the trial will concentrate on Murray, and the only question to be deliberated by the jury is whether a doctor should be held responsible for the death of a patient when he provides excessive and inappropriate medication for financial reward. It's an area of law which demands clarification, especially given the recent spate of celebrity deaths at the hands of Dr. Feelgoods. At the moment it seems that most of our 'drug pushers' can evade legal responsibility by holding a medical licence - and that has to stop.

So, legally, I suppose the judge is on the right track. However, I can't help being dissappointed that Klein will not be implicated for his disgraceful actions over the last 20 years.

Okay, I know MJs autopsy showed no Demerol in his system, but, by Kleins own admission, we know that Demerol was widely used in the last 3 months of his life.

Why would Klein use Demerol? There are alternative painkillers readily available which are non-addictive. So why use a drug which Michael had already admitted to having an addiction to.

And, why, when MJ was plagued with sleep deprivation, would Klein administer Demerol, when a common side effect can be insomnia?

Looks like Klein will never have to answer these questions. Looks like he's going to get away Scot free.

1119 days ago


FINALLY! Fans are seeing some progress! From the restored MICHAEL JACKSON VIDEO VANGUARD AWARD (read it and weep haters) to Judge Pastor's ruling of NO molestation, financial records, the liar Pfeiffer, the now hot mess Arnie Klein, the shady and where-has-he-been-for-2-years Dr. Tohme, to the respectable Branca...NONE can be entered into evidence.

As fans have been saying for 2 years, Demerol wasn't in MJ's system at the time of death, therefore it was not a contributing factor at death. Period. Now if we could only shut down the Michael Forever Tribute, which has been newly dubbed the MONEY FOREVER TRIBUTE, fans would have had the best week since before Michael died.

Face it haters, MJ won two VMA's, MTV put MJ's name back on the iconic video vanguard award, the GLOBAL media celebrated MJ's bday yesterday, and Judge Pastor put the SMACK DOWN on Conrad Murray's defense today. Oh and btw, HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson trended NUMBER ONE worldwide for HOURS, Happy Birthday to the King did the same, as did HappyBirthdayMJ.


1119 days ago


From what I´ve seen this far, I have the deepest respect for Judge Pastor and I am glad he got this case! All credit to him. There are so much info that never reach us, so any decisions from his side (like why won´t Klein be on the stand?) are most likely in the best interest of Truth and Justice. And - if so - will only benefit Michael more than Murray. Go on, Pastor! And thank you!

1119 days ago


Hi, brigha UK!

I feel similar about Klein - I would like him to see him have to answer a lot of questions under oath, especially about possible ties to Murray. But is it relevant to this particular case? We don't know. We don't know who, if anyone, tried to teach Murray how to use propofol. There was another doctor in Klein's buildning, of I remember correctly, whom Murray also may have met ans in whose office propofol was possibly given to Michael (for some surgery or other).

What really I would like, although alas it can't be done, is to have a tribunal where everything that is not clear in Michael's life is unearthed, and people have to talk under oath. I would love to put the media there, too. A truth commission.

1119 days ago


PLEASE!!! No close ups like this.....

1118 days ago


I cannot understand why Michaels trial in 2005 has any bearing on this case. This man was murdered! They want to put the victim on trial AGAIN!! I am sickened by this. As for Doc Klein the entire issue with him is weird as is this whole case. I've never seen anything like this before. Who knows? It just gets stranger and weirder. Michael was lovely and only the ppl around him did the creepy stuff.

1118 days ago


Isn't the entire purpose of the defense to suggest reasonable doubt, i.e. blame someone else? That would be like barring Casey Anthony's father from being called to testify because the defense was blaming him, for more things than being negligent in Caylee's death.

1118 days ago


I should think so.

1118 days ago


Years and years of good photos of Michael and TMZ keep putting up the worst photos they can find .......

1118 days ago



1118 days ago
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