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Mel Gibson Settlement

HUGE Loss for Oksana

8/31/2011 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The settlement struck between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva is nothing less than a financial fiasco for a woman who wanted untold millions of dollars from her famous ex. 

TMZ obtained a copy of the original 2010 settlement worth $15 million that Oksana disavowed. At the time, Oksana said she would not go through with the settlement because she felt Mel was a danger to their daughter Lucia and believed Mel should not have unsupervised contact with the child.

In reality, sources connected to the case tell TMZ, the real reason Oksana walked away from the settlement is because she was advised she could get a lot more than $15 million because of the alleged physical abuse she claims she suffered at the hands of Mel.

Now, in a shocking twist of fate, rather than getting $15 million, Oksana is only getting $750k. On top of that, she was concerned about Mel having unsupervised visitation ... Mel is actually getting MORE unsupervised visitation based on the agreement that was just struck.

The fact is, under the 2010 agreement, Mel would NOT have gotten 50/50 custody until Lucia turns 3 years old. Under the current agreement, he gets 50/50 custody immediately.

Short story ... she should have taken door #1.



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And once again the real loser is Lucia. She will have feuding parents for her entire life and be caught in the middle. I hope that one day Mel and Oksana can put their financial differences behind them and concentrate on being responsible parents.

1113 days ago


Both Mel and Oksana were both in court for the hearing, at which time, the judge formally signed off on their custody settlement. Oksana and Lucia can stay in the house that they are currently living in, which Mel bought. Mel can visit the house anytime, as long as he has a designated person with him.
this info is from ROL

if I understand correctly
Oksana had to leave that house
b/c of restraining order
and house belong to Lucia so when
it is Mel time with Lucia
Mel could come in the house to be with Lucia

1113 days ago

Saul Richman    

For those of you thinking about ordering a mail order bride from Russia think again! A friend of mine lost his two children and home to one of those gold digging putas! They will act all innocent, sweet and loving until they get to American, once they get here and learn enough English to hire a lawyer is all downhill from there, so be wise and stay single and please get a vasectomy if you dont want to support some gold diggin wh0re!

1113 days ago


I'm sure when the well runs dry, she will be back trying to get more with the excuse that she didn't really understand the judges order. "Please judge, my pimp,...uh, I mean my daughter needs the money."

1113 days ago


She screwed herself by letting the audio tapes get leaked. That was her only real ace in the hole. Once they came out, she had nothing to hold over his head really. Other than the "accusation" of physical abuse, which she was obviously not able to prove to a huge degree. Even though he pleaded no contest, it was still never an admission of doing what she claimed he did. She should have never leaked those audio tapes. All that money that she could have gotten from him was spent on her attorneys instead. The only thing she really accomplished was tarnishing his image. Her attorneys screwed her too.....just by making her think she could get reality THEY were the ones that GOT MORE. Couldn't happen to a nicer gal..........

1113 days ago


Well, today may the beginning of a new career for OG. She may decide to change genres and start singing the blues. Her first song could be a blues song about how she messed up a 15 million dollar deal and walked away with change.

I can hear it now...

da da da da dump...I'm a poor white Russian girl...

da da da da dump...with no place to call my own...

da da da da dump...had me a man who loved me so...

da da da da dump...I done the 'Bobstone Bob' for my man...

da da da da dump...and my man he pay me real good...

da da da da dump...but I kept wantin' mo' and mo'...

da da da da dump...but my man said "no baby, no"...

da da da da dump...I pushed my man and he won't be pushed...

da da da da off to court we go...

da da da da dump...I was nice to the judge and smiled so nice...

da da da da dump...but the judge turned out to be a man just like ice...

da da da da dump...I said, "Mister Judge, please, my man hurt me so...

da da da da dump...I need some money, Mister Judge, so I won't hurt so...

da da da da dump...but Mister Judge, he likes my man and don't like me...

da da da da now I'm stuck in CA and no man want me...

da da da da dump....

1113 days ago


Haha...what a stupid biatch!!

1113 days ago


Wow. So, old Oksana will be getting the equivalent of just under 4K a month for the baby until Lucia turns 18. This includes no stipend for servants, just functional repairs on the house, which will eventually be sold out from under Oksana in 16 years. Oh HA! 4k a month is practically NOTHING compared what this trick expected to get. Oksana better have a actual job lined up, because I have serious doubts that anyone with any cash will ever touch nasty, gold digging, fugly old Oksana again.

1113 days ago



1113 days ago



stupid bitch!

1113 days ago


Well, I don't see the problem here at all.

OG said she didn't care about the 'damn money.'

1113 days ago


ROFL!!!!!! You are SOOOOO delusional!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
It is well known he will never even be in the same room with her unless forced by court, and hopes and prays he will never has to lay eyes on her ugly mug again!!!!!

1113 days ago


She was greedy and lost. The amount awarded is WAY more then what she deserves for a 1 year relationship. The most she should get is some child support. How is she staying in this country anyways? Don't think she's a citizen. I can't buy that after raising all his previous kids and not a peep of any issues he's all of a sudden too violent to be left alone with his daughter. Obviously a judge thought the same thing. Common sense won finally.

1113 days ago


I wonder how much this fiasco ended up costing Mel, between the attorney fees for both sides and the loss of future work? It very well could have still cost him that 15 mill, but at least it didn't go into her greedy paws. But, make no mistake, Mel still got slammed financially HUGE! The damage she did to him is irrepairable.

1113 days ago



Oh happy day...oh, happy day!!!

1113 days ago
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