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Mel Gibson Settlement

HUGE Loss for Oksana

8/31/2011 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The settlement struck between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva is nothing less than a financial fiasco for a woman who wanted untold millions of dollars from her famous ex. 

TMZ obtained a copy of the original 2010 settlement worth $15 million that Oksana disavowed. At the time, Oksana said she would not go through with the settlement because she felt Mel was a danger to their daughter Lucia and believed Mel should not have unsupervised contact with the child.

In reality, sources connected to the case tell TMZ, the real reason Oksana walked away from the settlement is because she was advised she could get a lot more than $15 million because of the alleged physical abuse she claims she suffered at the hands of Mel.

Now, in a shocking twist of fate, rather than getting $15 million, Oksana is only getting $750k. On top of that, she was concerned about Mel having unsupervised visitation ... Mel is actually getting MORE unsupervised visitation based on the agreement that was just struck.

The fact is, under the 2010 agreement, Mel would NOT have gotten 50/50 custody until Lucia turns 3 years old. Under the current agreement, he gets 50/50 custody immediately.

Short story ... she should have taken door #1.



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@ pink panther --

Nobody is happy that the Oxtortionist is getting money and publicity out of this deal.

However it is important to think about the larger issues for the Gibson family, who are stuck with this screeching leech dragging them into her various little psychodramas until they can finally shut her up. Remember, it is not only Mr. Gibson involved -- it is all of them (and three minor children) who she has held hostage to her own publicity-mongering. Excellent example of her tactics was her very expensive 'lower' getting in a plug for her 'music career' and cd.

The nasty Oxtortionist is an embarrassment for everyone who is even remotely associated with her, so what money was given was no doubt publicly explained so that any more 'leaks' will be publicly attributed properly to her.

Must be a relief for every Gibson to get rid of her for a while at least.

Tee hee * + * + *

1118 days ago



Favorite people: Mel Gibson gets off cheap, if you think $750,000 is cheap
Published: Thursday, September 01, 2011, 5:42 PM Updated: Thursday, September 01, 2011, 5:54 PM

Oksana Grigorieva, who turned down $15 million a year ago, finds herself getting considerably less in custody settlement.

Mad Mel no more: Gibson
fares well in custody battle

While three-quarters of a million dollars is still a lot of money -- $750,000, as best we can tell - Mel Gibson came out the apparent winner in his custody settlement with Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his young daughter, Lucia.

For those who tried to blot the whole sordid mess from their memories -- kudos to those who succeeded -- the split between the two got incredibly ugly, with someone in Grigorieva's camp leaking tapes containing expletive-packed threats from a clearly furious-beyond-reason Gibson and Grigorieva alleging physical abuse, including having the veneers knocked off several teeth.

But who's smiling now?

Probably not anyone, but it's certainly not Grigorieva, who originally agreed to a 2010 settlement of $15 million, somewhat more than $750,000 by our estimates, but then changed her mind, seeking more money for her and less parental contact from him.

Instead, she wound up not only with the much (much, much) lower amount, but he also gets more contact, with custody split 50/50.

The only true winner might be the public, since the couple also agreed that no books can be written by either party about the other.

1118 days ago


All I can think about right now is the old guy talking about her CD and her 'music career' -- and all I keep imagining is

Hyacinth Bucket (a/k/a Boo-KAY)

The same total lack of any kind of talent or social skills. Just pure self promotion toxic egotism. I am pretty sure that most of us old-time commentators on here are positive that the Oxtortionist gave Mr. Gibson 'helpful tips' on his acting and directing. [snort]

Oxyhyacinth or ChuckyBucket?

Tee hee

1118 days ago


What a glum c*(%t Couldn't happen to a nicer person Karma is a bitch just like you looney tunes Mel stuck to only one story How many versions did you have I lost count after 6.
All the lies just goes to show you when DV orgs don't believe you either and support you. Well


1118 days ago


Hiya guys, just been back reading some of the previous pages after I left yesterday - Wow, so cool so many of the old Team back posting loved it lol! Good to see everyone coming back for a say on the OG settlement and to have a good laugh! Sorry I was too late to the party though lol!

What I want to know is - Curious where do you buy your mega strength ear plugs, I want to order a few crates in advance of OG releasing a new CD lol!! I can't believe Horrowitz was giving p.r to her new cd with 6 whole new songs lol!! Priceless, absolutely priceless lol! of course he might be willing to do the promo so she can earn enough money to pay off her attorney fees with him if no one else lol!

I agree with what someone else said earlier too, I bet Eric George was sitting back drink in hand pissing himself laughing when he heard the news!! He could have got her $15mil and in her greed and Gloria Allred (the embalmed one) inspired attempt at extortion, 40+ lawyers all the way up the ladder, she ends up with $750k over is it 5 or 6 years lol!! She'll still get the child support for Lucia but with 50/50 custody only 6 months worth perchance ? Lol!! She has also signed away all rights to fight for a trust fund equivalent to Mel's 7 other kids with Robyn (already established) for Lucia and will have to rely on Mel's decision as to what Lucia gets. The Sherman Oaks House is effectively Lucia's property since Mel will sell it when she turns 18 and put the money in a trust fund for Lucia - OG gets to live there only as long as she has custody of Lucia, if she loses custody of Lucia she loses all of her personal benefits like housing lol! That $750k and Mel taking care of Lucia financially is all she's getting out of Mel - period, she's even signed away her right to sue him later on in a civil suit because that would breach the conditions of this agreement!! She can't write about him, she can't authorise, condone or even let a ghost writer write about their relationship lol!! Eric George is going to have a broad smile on his face for a very long time after this, especially after Horrowitz's accusations lol!! He's probably got a dartboard on his office wall with Horrowitz's picture on it just so he can throw a few darts at his face when he feels the need lol! Eric George is going to be able to boast that Horrowitz and her other 40+ lawyers lost OG $14 mil lol!! Priceless lol!!

I don't think we've heard the last of OG sadly, I wouldn't put it past her to deliberately breach the agreement after she's spent the $250k paying off some of her lawyers fees since Mel is only responsible for a portion of them not all of them lol!! I just don't think she can keep her mouth shut, and you just know at every turn when she's trying to promote this new cd Mel's name is going to be brought up in every interview so she gets a higher profile - she's going to use her association with Mel to sell that cd anyway she can!! I know this is never going to happen but wouldn't it be wonderful if OG was forced to pay child support for the 6 months in effect Mel would have custody lol!! If it was you or me in court we'd be required to lol!!

Hope everyone's o.k Hugs

1118 days ago


Hello all,

Just popping on briefly. Although I'm as pleased as most of the regulars that through her own avarice and foolishness, Ms Grigorieva has apparently lost out on the 'Tiger Woods money' as Mr Herzog phrased it, I can't help feeling sad for Mr. Gibson and his family and especially his sweet daughter, Lucia. There has been so much ugliness from the start of this affair; one can't help but think that is how it will finish. All I can say is; God bless and keep them all; Mrs. Gibson, the Gibson children, grandchildren and little Lucia herself.

And you too! It's been fun cruising along the posts and seeing all the familiar and dear names. I'd like to give a belated, but no less sincere, thanks to all who posted and sent good thoughts my way. I feel as if I truly know each and every one of you. And I'm thankful this somewhat sordid site has given us all the opportunity to meet and appreciate one another. Even if we butted heads, irked, smirked or irritated each other; it was a fun year! And I've enjoyed laughing, growling at and being amazed by every poster's thoughts; be they informative, funny or just plain stupid. (at least in my opinion :o)

And to Mr. Gibson, if by chance you were to be so bored and possibly masochistic as to read these posts; forgive my prurient curiosity and foolish need to comment on your life. It is truly none of my business. I am ashamed, and yet sadly compelled to visit this place in search of news which is no doubt embarrassing and painful for you and those you love. Mea culpa. Truly; mea culpa.


1118 days ago


TRUCE? well, well well... it did not last long
and again ICON Trust is #1

Oksana Grigorieva mom: "I fear for the life of his daughter!"
Divorce Grigorieva and Gibson finished. Actor to pay pianist from Russia $ 750 000 [exclusive CP]
Rice Murashkina - 09/01/2011
Family scandal, followed by a half years and watched with interest in both Russia and America, has officially ended - the other day the famous actor and director Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend, a Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva signed a settlement agreement.

The Court of Los Angeles ordered to pay the Mel Gibson to his former girlfriend $ 750,000 . And he humbly accepted. In exchange for the right to conduct a two-year-Lucia Anna 50 percent of the time. In order to avoid a new wave of squabbling, the judge forbade Mello and Oksana to write a book about their relationship.

We recall that in January of 2010, Mel Gibson lashed out at Oksana, double hit her in the face, knocked out her teeth and dirty insulted her over the phone. Melo faced up to six years in prison, but after the public "just" in front of tens of cameras have changed the judges at the mercy of anger: the actor was sentenced to three years probation, fined $ 400 and 16 hours of community service.

Oksana Grigorieva in Larry King complained about Gibson
Immediately after the settlement agreement between Gibson and Grigorieva has been signed, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" had contacted Oksana's mother Lyudmila Chernukho:

- All these years and a half, until the courts were, I was not allowed to give interviews, because I was witness in the case of beating her daughter - says Lyudmila G.. - Mel Gibson has a journalist who has been on the payroll at his company "icon." During the whole time until the courts are directed by Mel lies and slander to Oksana. Without mentioning his name, he published it on the sites where replicated all around the world. My daughter could not afford such information or rebuttal. Court of Los Angeles have been banned interview. For that Oksana has gone on to Larry King program, the judge took away her portion of the amount of child allowance. Until now replicated the lie that Gibson hit Oksana hand over his face, because she was shaking Lucia (talking about the events of January 6, 2010-the year - Ed.)

The litigation between Gibson and beaten them, Oksana sort of ended.
Oksana is very calm and kind person, caring and loving mother. Does not suffer from hysteria and nervous breakdown, in contrast to Mel Gibson. She never shook Lucia. And there was no slapping. Mel beat her with fists on the face and head, puts the gun to his head. He tried to strangle her. Oksana was saved from the death by the eldest son Alexander (actor Timothy Dalton - Ed.) Sasha heard the furious roar of Gibson and hid behind the bed. But when he realized that his mother stopped crying and wheezing, he jumped out to Melo. Gibson witnesses were unnecessary. He was frightened. Oksana ran away. All the while she was holding in her arms Lucia. The girl screamed terribly.

- Many people have decided that Oksana blackmailed Mel outrageous audio recordings. They are a little too suspiciously leaked to the press?

- Cassettes came to the public from the court. That's right. We suspected in selling these recordings one of the lawyers for Oksana. We had a hard time, believe me. To hear these recordings is not only unpleasant for Melo, but Oksana and me. The scandal broke. At this point we were sitting in Los Angeles without any money. Food brought us friends and Timothy Dalton. Mel constantly replicates the lie that the tapes were fake. Oksana Lawyers published a paper, submitted to the court competent examination confirmed one hundred percent probability that the film - the voice of Gibson. Tapes are authentic. If Oksana did not do this record, she would, perhaps, be dead. Or sitting in a jail. Mel after skillfully faked her name around all sorts of lies and slander. I never cease to be afraid for the life of Oksana. Can happen anything. For example, a car accident or something else ...

Mel Gibson swears at Oksana Grigorieva [tin]
- Who is today close to Oksana?

- Ever since Oksana parted with Mel, she had no personal life. She almost did not come out of the house. Took care of children. Leisure time spent at the piano. On television there was a person who, without showing the face, said he was in touch with Oksana. Then came a conman by the name of Cook, who claimed the same thing. Who paid for false witnesses - it is not difficult to guess. Mel and his lawyers had launched an entire campaign to destroy the reputation of Oksana. The logic is clear: "If it is not as good as you thought before, so I hit it deserved. Please love me more, I'm not so bad ... "

- Oksana never engaged in extortion. Which was confirmed by the court in Los Angeles. In December 2009 she signed a do***ent and fully abandoned the legacy of Mel and his family - says Lyudmila G.. - During the divorce, Robin Moore (Gibson's first wife, they lived in wedlock 25 years, raised seven children - Ed.) Demanded that Oksana has signed an additional do***ent and agreed to the denial of inheritance Lucia firm "icon" (in this company are almost all Mel Gibson's assets). Oksana refused. Robin did not allow divorce. Still, Mel wrote his younger beloved daughter of the number of heirs. Oksana found out about this the other day, when it signed the settlement agreement. Each child of Mel Robin laid to the account to $ 10 million. And for $ 12 million owed to them from his company's "Icon". Originally Mel insisted that Oksana has confirmed its consent to the withdrawal of Lucia's inheritance from the company "icon." Oksana has not signed the treaty. He wanted to justify his dastardly deed in relation to the youngest daughter Oksana signature.

But Grigorieva stayed all in debt, and family are experiencing, how the rest of her life on ...
- My daughter did not require $ 15 million from Gibson. It's a lie. Lawyers Oksana acted legally, they asked for $ 9 million compensation. And 30 percent wanted to get to work. For non-pecuniary damage suffered lawyers are entitled to claim any amount. This is completely legal. And it is not called extortion. Mel offered to pay three lawyers Oksana on 350 thousand dollars. Then the daughter agreed to the 750 thousand dollars for moral damage. Nothing is demanding and extorting. Any reasonable person is clear: if lawyer Mel managed to find Oksana against the slightest evidence of guilt, it would have a period. In Russian there is no ceremony. Mel escaped serious punishment because he is rich. He kept a staff of lawyers, about two hundred people. Only one of his campaigns had ruined it for $ 10 million. Resource Oksana - lack of money. At the moment her personal duty counsel is 200 thousand dollars.

- Ludmila G., but because Mel pay child support?

- Alimony paid by Mel for Lucia - it's 20 thousand dollars a month. However, only utilities for living in his house cost in 5000 dollars per month. The house in which she a Oksanlives with Lucy , Gibson gave them for 16 years. As soon Lucy turn 18, Oksana and must leave the shelter house will be sold on the condition of the contract.

Gibson bought off Grigorieva, but Clooney does not envy Barack Obama

- Ludmila G., you think, Oksana and Mel eventually be able to forgive each other?

- Surprising phrase of Mr. Gibson, which he delivered during the PR campaign of the film "Beaver": "I'll tell Lucia, when she grows up everything!" What he will tell, I wonder? How abused and beaten was her mother? As Lucia is deprived of the inheritance and at the same time trying blame Oksana, having obtained her signature by fraud? Oksana - believer. She forgave Mel all. And he never apologized. Maybe Mel let the sins of his personal priest. But this servant of the Lord. And there is also a God above us ...
Rest on Russian girlfriend Mel Gibson

1118 days ago

little aussie reader    

Hi Debbie, em and Kathleen :o)

Kathleen, you said that beautifully and I agree with every word. I really hope you're not leaving - I'd miss seeing you and your adorable little monkeys.

1118 days ago

little aussie reader    

"Oksana is very calm and kind person, caring and loving mother. Does not suffer from hysteria"

Sure. That's why she calmly attended to Sacha's injured arm and didn't grab Lucia and run out into the street screaming.

"Ever since Oksana parted with Mel, she had no personal life."

Um - didn't she have an outing with Jimmy and how does that explain Herzog?

Well that didn't take long - Luvadamoolah is telling whoppers again.

1118 days ago


She ran out because the boy was angry and yelling and put his fist and arm through the glass. She ran because he scared her. He was probably trying not to hit her and hit the stained glass instead. MOre to this story than you know.

1118 days ago


new thread...and a funny one!

1118 days ago


Whole truth from RUTH HUOSTON

"... Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva will share joint legal and physical custody of baby Lucia who will be 2 years old in October.

Mel Gibson will pay Oksana Grigorieva $750,000 payable in 3 installments of $250,000 each.

The first installment is payable today after the agreement is signed.

The second $250,000 installment is payableon Sept. 15, 2013.

The third and final $250,000 installment is payable Jan. 1, 2016.

If Oksana Grigorieva violates the terms of their signed agreement (listed below) in any way, the settlement will become void and Oksana will forfeit the above mentioned funds,

No audio tapes that Oksana has of Mel can be released to the media, if Oksana releases any of the tapes, she will forfeit the $750k.

Both Mel and Oksana agree that no books can be written by either party about the other party.

Neither party can hire a ghost-writer to write a book about the other party either.

Both Mel and Oksana are prohibited from publicly discussing each other or their relationship.

Oksana Grigorieva cannot pursue a civil case against Mel Gibson at any time in the future.

Oksana and baby Lucia will continue living in the $3 million Sherman Oaks mansion, bought and owned by Mel Gibson, in which they currently reside, until Lucia is 18 years o****e.

Mel Gibson can visit the house anytime, as long as he has a designated person with him.

If any repairs are needed on the house, Mel is required to pay for the work -- up to $5,000.

When Lucia turns 18, the house will must be sold and the proceeds placed in a trust for Lucia.

Lucia will receive the same amount of money as Mel’s 7 children with soon-to-be- ex-wife Robyn... "

1117 days ago


Hopefully we will not see this disgusting creature


1117 days ago


Finally, a smart judge who sees agreed for what it is. Who did she think she was that she deserved $15 million for opening her legs. Now since he was stupid enough and willing to giver her that in the beginning, he should put it to good use by opening some sort of Made in America store and hire people to reduce the unemployment.

1117 days ago


Hello all. I just had a really wild THF. Does Oky really have primary custody of Alexander? I remember reading that Jessie James has sole custody of his daughter but has to pay his ex 5000 per month. Also Jon Cryer has custody of his children but the court allows his ex 8000 per month. What got me thinking outside the box is the speed that Oky went from demanding caviar and champagne to accepting government cheese and koolaid. 2 things happened right before she folded. Alexander had his "accident" and Oky demanded 500K for the suffering Mel caused Alexander during the "fight". I know we wondered what the hell was Timothy Dalton doing to allow his son to stay with Oky. But, we never really saw him with her. She's supposedly only receiving 2500 per month support from him, no residence, nada. Mel bought the Sherman Oaks home so that oksana would be closer to her son's school and not have to drive so far the week(s) he was with her. A school near Dalton's home. According to her Mel was jealous because she went to an event at his school and Dalton was there. Wouldn't she be attending most of his school events or was this unusual for her. Dalton stayed out of her mess with Mel until the emails about him abusing her and how Alexander yelled at her like his father did. We still did not here from Dalton directly but Horowitz released a statement about how Dalton was not abusive and was an excellent father. Perhaps Dalton has had custody of his son all this time and elected not to get in the middle of Oky and Mel's mess as long as his son was left out of it. Wasn't Dalton with the boy when we was interviews? IF he had primary custody, I think he put his foot down when Oky and her lawyers tried to used the boy for the "monetary". She may have tried to blackmail or extort him in the past. If it was along the same lines as with Mel, that would have been too much of a coincidence - but proof of her pattern of behavior. She couldn't afford to let that get out.

I remember Mel saying in his interview something about everybody had a dog in the fight but him and he felt for the families on all sides (or something like that). That struck me as strange at the time.

I've enjoyed my lurking and posting time here, but I hope I never get this involved with another case, LOL. What better way to leave than a TFH theory!

1117 days ago
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