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Mel Gibson

Actor to Pay Oksana $750,000

8/31/2011 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
has agreed to fork over $750,000 to his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva as part of their custody settlement ... TMZ has  learned.

According to the terms of the agreement, revealed today in court, Mel will give Oksana the money in 3 installments of $250,000 -- the first payment will be made when the deal is signed today.

The next payment will be made on Sept. 15, 2013 -- and the final payment will be made on Jan. 1, 2016.

Today in court, the judge in the custody case said the couple will have joint legal and physical custody of their daughter Lucia.

The judge also said the house that Oksana and Lucia are living in will be sold when Lucia turns 18 and the money will be placed in a trust for Lucia.

083111_oksana_v2_videoThe couple also agreed that no books can be written by either party ABOUT the other party. The judge also mentioned that neither party can hire a ghost-writer to write a book about the other party either.

If any repairs need to be made on Oksana's home, Mel is required to pay for the work -- up to $5,000.

The judge asked both Mel and Oksana if they understood and agreed to the terms of the settlement -- and they both replied, "Yes."

During the hearing, Mel addressed the judge and said, "Thanks for a reasonable conclusion."

Oksana also spoke ... saying, "Thanks to the judge for the tremendous help to resolve this matter."


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I think Mel is a vindictive woman-hating piece of ****. He verbally and physically abused this woman and isn't a decent enough human being with all his millions to give her a decent amount to live on. She is the mother of his child. And the part about when the kid is l8 the house will be sold is pure hate. I cannot see how the judge let this happen.

1119 days ago


Backfire -
You are completely entitled to your opinion about Mel Gibson. But I'm confused about the "pure hate" regarding the house. That house was bought by Mr. Mel for his daughter, a trust company holds it in her name. What is so hateful about that? When Lucia turns 18 and the house is sold, the money will go in trust for her. With a few years careful investment, she'll end up with more than the selling price.
Unless you believe Miss Oksana deserves to cheat the child out of that as well.

1119 days ago

Prof.H Mack    

The O Girl should have recalled the story of the dog with a bone who sees her reflection in he water and greedy for a bigger bone drops it in the water and loses all. Greed is a trap.
Kudos to Mel's LAWYERS.

1118 days ago


Okykakas body language, in the video where she thanks the judge, you can tell she is lieing through her teeth. She is not glad about any of it.And old Horotwpiss and Garpus stone faced looks. If looks could kill they would. Very unhappy bunch!!!!Wonderful,wonderful wonderful!!!!!


1118 days ago


You know what would be better? If a judge said, you can't afford to raise your child properly? We are removing custody, you don't get a "settlement" for not using birth control.
I am no fan of that drunken haggard hasbeen Mel, but I have to say, this fishwife has actually managed to make him look like the better half of this whole circus.

1118 days ago


I have never commented before but I am just so HAPPY for Mel! Does he still pay the $20,000/mo child support? 16 more years of support...that over $3.8 million.

1118 days ago


She settled because all the things she accused Mel Gibson of would be brought up in a court room custody battle, and she would be exposed as the hideous liar that she is.

Don't forget that SHE took credit for dropping the charges against him, disguising it as extending an olive branch, because she would be exposed in the court room. All of her editing and photoshopping and extortion evidence would be opened up and then she would lose everything, because she is guilty of all of it! She couldn't let that happen.

The reason for him to settle was to finally get the dog **** (OG) off his shoe and move on with his life free of this filthy, lying criminal slut. It's not easy to have a filthy lying criminal slut focusing on you day and night!

The authorities (DA) didn't prosecute her, for various, nefarious reasons of their own! So now a dangerous criminal who has gotten away with blackmail, extortion, bribery, lies and slander is still on the loose and he is taking steps to get her out of his life as far as possible.

And those of you who still hold a grudge against MG. GET OVER IT!!! What the hell do you want? You make yourselves look pretty piss weak, with your never ending, not a forgiving bone in your miserable sadistic, I am holier than thou bodies!

We are sick of your pathetic protests and complaints about him. Enough about you and your sensibilities being ruffled!! Get a life and throw your (self inflicted) chips off of your shoulders!!

This guy is now making you all look BAD! He has just been punished beyond what any of you could ever endure and come through it without whining like you idiots do. And it's still not enough for you.

You choose to focus on a couple of things he said in the heat of the moment and wish to destroy him, just the same way as the Russian whore wanted to destroy him, by harping on those things only. Your tiny petty minds cannot acknowledge anything good in him, because you keep screaming that you are offended by him saying some personal comments directed at a couple of people, in private, that none of the rest of us had any right to hear anyway! His few comments were not directed at you, but in your haughty superior judgmental unforgiving dredging up of these 2 or 3 comments, you seek to make it about you and propagate your hatred for MG into the masses.

You could learn a thing or two about forgiveness from this guy! He has been humiliated globally but a psycho bitch from hell. He has been dragged through the mud by the media because he has the balls to get things done that some people find offensive, like "The Passion"!

Box office showed that the masses loved it, BTW. He stood firm and didn't back down then, and he hasn't backed down now. He's come through unmeasurable attacks of hatred and abuse from you whining bastards dishing out your hypocritical abuse on him while hiding behind your flimsy cover of "poor me, I'm offended by him, and I WANT YOU TO BE OFFENDED BY HIM TOO!!!". You are behaving like ridiculous spoiled children & sore losers, who have just seen a heroic battle victory from someone who had all odds stacked against him and you are STILL grumbling about how you are hurt and offended! Get over it! Take a lesson from Mel. Could anyone possibly be as hurt, offended and attacked as he has been???? The answer to that is a resounding Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!
He is phenomenal to have come through this horrible experience. You "detractors" have been real busy kicking the crap out of him when he was down. Just stop now.

We get you! We understand that you judge your sensibilities being offended, and more important than anything else in the world!! WTF! Do the world a favor and Piss Off!

1118 days ago


I had major dentist work done in agony BUT this has made my bloody day Looney tunes gets what she deserves Nothing

The money Mel will pay her I bet you her 50 plus lawyers are asking to be payed,

What a glum c*&$t Karma is a botch Nice to see Mel gets 50/50 custody right now.

After the incident with Sasha and his arm They were fighting or in a heated argument, No wonder Mel gets custody She is not a fir mother Couldn't handle the situation with her son How can she look after a small daughter The Kid id better off with Mel

I bet you she is one pissed of person

Karma is a Bitch

1118 days ago


Cheryl A.: 4 days ago

Mel, you can pay me a one time payment of #250,000 and I PROMISE to never write about you, talk about you, bear your child or even think about you

You say this because deep down you want Mel Gibson, and you know he will never talk to you, write to you, or even want to make it with you.. to even get a child. Stay with your country punkin, you don't have to worry about those type of men, because no one else wants them.

1116 days ago


click click click.. goes Oksana. WOW.. is that golddigger mad or what? STOMP STOMP STOMPING MAD. LOL

1116 days ago


Well that's all well and good for Oksana. She got what she wants and Mel gave her what she wanted within reason. Good. Now Mel get back to making movies. PLEASE WE Miss you.

1116 days ago


PLUS Mel gets the 50/50 custody he wanted, she can't write a book or condone a book - about another party but she can about herself. There is always a way to walk around.

1093 days ago


I am sure the judge just endorsed and enforced the attorneys fees. Most of this money will go to cover the fees. Of course she's happy. I wish I were as smart as this woman when I was her age. I should've been looking for a Mel Gibson type to knock me up instead of looking for a job. Jobs come and go (damn employees) but meal tickets stay.

1093 days ago


Let's see who she'll marry next. So many stupid celebrities to choose from.. it won't be really difficult.

1023 days ago


And as of today, she is suing her lawyer saying she didn't understand she would not get the house when Lucia turned 18 and that she would be left with nothing more.

613 days ago
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