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"Big Brother" Shelly

Family Meets With FBI

Over Death Threats

9/1/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of "Big Brother" contestant Shelly Moore has met with the FBI to discuss the onslaught of death threats that were made to them after Shelly voted to evict a popular house guest last week.

TMZ has learned ... the meeting took place in Louisiana this week -- but after the agents reviewed the information, sources tell us the feds determined that none of the threats were "credible."

We broke the story -- a bunch of deranged fans bombarded the Moore home with frightening phone calls and emails after Shelly voted to evict Jeff Schroeder ... a fan favorite.

Sources close to the family tell us ... the threatening phone calls and emails have essentially stopped in the past couple of days -- so they're not too worried anymore.

We're told the family will not be taking any further action -- and simply hopes they can move on with their lives.


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D. Moon    

She's a drama queen and a dumb ass southern hillbilly hope she's voted off tonight.

1119 days ago


Shelly is getting evicted tonight anyway, but the irony is that, if people had subscribed to the live feeds, they would have seen a very different Jeff. He turned into a major league jerk! He was telling everyone what to do and bossing people around. He acted like he was Don Corleone! He's not very bfright. I was glad to see him evicted. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

1119 days ago

D. Moon    

Every time she opens her mouth I'm reminded of that old Aerosmith song Dude Looks Like A Lady.

1119 days ago


Reality TV needs to come to an end. Death threats and suicide over what?
It's a game people, why would you send death threats over a stupid game? You people need a life beyond Reality TV, most of which is scripted, in case you are not aware.

1119 days ago


I have watched this game show every season. Shelly played the game her way. That is all this show is A GAME. Sure Jeff and Jordan are pissed but they will get over it. It is not like the fans lost 500K. It made for good entertainment. If I was going to put myself in that house you better bet I am going to lie my rear end off to make it to the end. We are talking about half a million dollars. Go to the doctor people, you have been lost in reality t.v for too long. FIND A HOBBY. I watch a lot of it but you must realize even tho it is called reality t.v it is NOT suppose to be YOUR reality...

1119 days ago


Why would anyone want to harm Droopy Dog?

1119 days ago


I think the threats stopped after she gave back Rachel's doggie...And speaking of doggies? Where is the article on Kalia's doggie abuse? BB is casting Michael Vick type characters in the house.

1119 days ago


She looks like she smells of stale cigarettes and 80's perfume. BLEHHH!

1119 days ago


WTF!? It's a reality show people, what is wrong with the human race that a bunch of dildoes would utter death threats over the eviction of some dope from a f.....g reality show?

1119 days ago


People are taking these so called reality shows way too seriously. Get a life already!

1119 days ago


Once Sheldon has he/she's sex change operation they can move on with his life.

1119 days ago

Shelly Hater    

I know my comments aren't that relative BUT chick looks and acts like a DUDE. She is super fugly and I found r difficult to watch. Total phoney, I hate her but death threats are not required. She's an idiot, can't win a competition or veto. She's no threat in the game and I hope Jordan and Rachel sennhr ugl s akng. I kind of think its funny bout the death threats... she harrassed people in the house with her bull**** game play, noe she is getting it back. I dont take them serious, she isnt in any danger. She is however a dangerous liar. You can tell she does this all the time in her real life. She knows how to mantipulate and lie to some extend so she is not a first timer. She is an embarrassment to her job and family.

1119 days ago


Shelly WILL be evicted this evening!!
Bye Bye Smelly Shelly!
Don't forget to take your ciggy's with you!!
I'm sure Jeff is awaiting ``your arrival.
Game over ````````` and `` you lose 500K
~~ ☺
P.S. ``Bet there "WILL BE" security when she arrives to the Jury house!

1119 days ago


Of COURSE none of them were credible! Don't have to be the FBI to know that it was people (NON Jeff fans) trying to stir **** up AGAINST Jeff. Common sense goes a long way.
Glad Shelley's family on the other hand has peace of mind it is just too bad that people would do that just to try to stir **** up against someone who is a fan favorite and their fans when MANY other people dislike Shelley as well.
Kalia put Jeff on the block AND voted him out...where were HER death threats? Porsche's?

1119 days ago


who said that jeff is the fan favorite is it because cbs wants him to be i don't think so jeff was good on his season but his time has ended i wish cbs would stop putting people on these shows that already have played in the game unless it is a show where they have the all stars come back to play each other. please give it a rest already big brother and surivior

1119 days ago
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